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This is my list of what I think were the most important cartaoons ever. I've tried to remain neutral. That means i'm not cocusing on how much I like a show but the impact the show had and its general quality. Please tell me what you think...
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Even though the festival is officially finished, this list still isn't done yet. I am still planning to see: American Translation (Just doing this one for the list), The Assault, False Trail, The Holding, In Your Hands, the Inkeepers, No Trespassing, Perfect Sense, Point Blank and Sex and Zen (YES! I'll put myself through the misery of this Chinese-bizarro-flick Just cause this list is doing so good.). I also want to rewatch: Kill List and Snowtown. So those 2 may get a rerating.

UPDATE: The Veteran
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NOTE: I didnt watch or rate 13 Assassins because Samurai movies arent my thing... So i dont really feel qualified to rate it!
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Yes... The Crazy Haircut Scene. We see it mostly in newer french horror movies. In these horrific scenes someones hair is cut and it either seems bizarre or totally out of place. Just like this list itself... (This list will continue to get updated. If you think a movie deserves to be included in this list, please leave a comment and I will watch it.)