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Movies that make life worth living, in no particular order.
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Some of the superhero films I consider worth watching.
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This is a list of good love stories played by actors with the right chemistry between them.
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Movies worth watching more than once
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Movies with characters that are physically disabled.
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Films that have character(-s) that have (or just seem to have) a mental disorder of any kind. Try to guess, who's sane, who's crazy, or who's just dreaming!
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This list is not only about the movies that tell us about what real war was, but about great directors and actors that could show the life of a soldier and a civilian during war.
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Young and old, in the beginning or at the end of the career. They get the job done.
This is not a list of actors that I've noticed in some movie and remembered the name. These people proove their talent again and again.
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films with characters that dress so they can appear to be a person of the opposite gender
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Questions about religion are discussed in these films. I'm an atheist, but I can appreciate them still.
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Movies dedicated to musicians, music history etc., including dramatisations.
This list doesn't have musicals or such (if the story itself is not about music).
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