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In MY OPINION Most of the people you will find are the old g's of Hollywood, when Hollywood took on people that had talent and not because of they look like another actress,actor,model or singer. Models can't act, they can barely walk, Celebrity kids can't act..Talent is rarely passed down through genes. Musicians can't act.. they just stand on stage sing and play an instrument MAYBE and that's a big maybe. When did Hollywood stop being true to themselves, sold out to make a quick few extra bucks.
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This is my list of Celebs that look alike or has reminded me of one another. List is in order by comparison. You only get to be famous and celebrated only if you look or remind someone of someone else already in the game. This is how one gets to get the big breakthrough in today's biggest Hollywood careers. You ain't nobody unless you look like someone else.
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In my opinion these ladies have looks to kill for. List is not in order but inside will be my number 1 choice to look like. This was a fun list to do.
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I would like to see these films remade and brought back with the right cast and to be just updated and for the fun of it. Please feel free to add some of your thoughts on what films you would like to see updated as well.
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In MY OPINION.. I check for most well and naturally delivered comedy.. Over the top is just not funny at all to me.
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In MY OPINION. Most of these people are just over the top silly and i feel that they have to act out a lot to be considered funny. I think that there are 2 types of comedians. One is a conveyor and the others are Deliverers.

Conveyors: Funny in films only.. only because someone else writes the jokes.
Deliverers: They can be funny on stage and in films. They do well acting out their comedy on stage for example.. impressions and things.
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In my opinion. Most of these men are polished and with tans. Honestly, i do not think White men with tans are good looking it just makes them look dirty, sunburned and just not natural looking. Apparently you can polish turds.
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In my opinion.