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Season 2 over., 8 February 2014

Having being thrilled, shocked and enthralled by the first excellently written and acted season of "The Bridge", I wondered how and if "The Bridge 2" could ever measure up.

I am happy to say that having just watched the last episode of "The Bridge 2" on the BBC (bless them), I am staggered at the ability of the writer to engage our minds and tap into our emotions so easily and skillfully. But the writing would be nothing without a core of actors able to turn those words into a believable and passionate story, and boy do they! The two main actors are of course the heart of the story, but this is a true ensemble piece.

For lovers of adult drama, well written and well acted, which keeps you both visually entertained as well as mentally entertained, then watch season 1 first and then move on to enjoy a spectacular Season 2.

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100% Flawless TV, 8 July 2011

An amazingly strong cast of Britains best actors and actresses work alongside some of their quality Stateside fellows. A strong script taken from a well loved series of books, weaves and creates a place populated by real people where the cut and thrust of normal life plays alongside the Epic nature of the Royal and Knightly families. Scenery, wardrobe, CGI, etc all maintain the highest of HBO's standard.

I am sure there are some, aka the "Twighlight" type audience, who will find this story too complex, too "wordy" and too epic to grasp. But those of us who loved HBO's "ROME" and the screen epic "LOTR", watch this series with wonder and a big smile on our faces.......Raymond E Feist's "Magician" next please.

All at HBO take a bloody well deserved bow.......

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Dumb and dumber.........., 24 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have watched all the episodes so far (and commented on 3). i decided to watch the next few before posting a comment again.

The biggest problem i have with "Outcasts" is that it does not know what it wants to be. It is certainly a "personal issues" soap opera. I find the characters very thin and lightweight, the plot, dull and plodding with easy to guess story lines and how the next few episodes and the internal "political conflicts" will go. So episode 2 we have the "bad" guy, who by episode 4 is going to "take over", yawn.

It is SciFi in as much as it is on an Alien World.

But those who see mankind's first colony as a great story for the exploration of this new world, mapping and traveling this strange land will feel let down. No strange animals, no maps of the land (well not seen on screen), no outposts, no farming of the land, no economy that we can see, no roads or tracks, no vehicles, no aircraft, no wells, no wind or solar power plants etc etc etc People seem to live in the town and drink in bars, walk around and well....thats it.

The idea that the "ACs", a large group of genetically engineered clones are somehow hidden from the thousands of colonists is a stretch. But now they live a la Mad Max, like some hip and trendy cult outside the town. They live in and on the land, they know where water is and how food can be got, yet the people in Forthaven seem never to go outside and have no idea of their local surroundings.

And so we find in episode 5 that the first man to land on the planet is not dead, but alive. He wanders into the town, sprinkles diamonds on the bar and the place goes crazy. So the town starts to fall apart in five minutes flat, muggings take place as diamonds are sought,society crumbles......A lazy and more dumb piece of writing i have yet to see. And then we throw in a "touching" scene of finding the perfectly formed bodies of a "human like" man, woman and baby fossilized by the sea in the sand rich with thousands of diamonds.

The BBC are moving it to a late night Sunday "Dead spot" from now on. I am sad to see such a chance lost, the story has been weak and slow from day one. If the story was better, the characters better written and the plot more believable, then maybe it would not be the flop it is.

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Episode 3 (very minor spoilers), 15 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

So that was episode 3 then? The question is, what is "Outcasts" supposed to be? It is based on an Alien world, so its placed into the Sci Fi slot, but apart from that, it is really about people and "life situations".

Now i do enjoy good, structured and interesting writing, i really do. But when we have a man due to get married the next day, setting out to fix a transmitter before the "killer" sandstorm arrives, only to get trapped before it! Will he be saved, will he get to the ceremony on time? Well, i tell you what. Lets send the ex of his wife to be, to save him! Seriously!!!

The killer "Sandstorm/Whiteout" is a sloppy tool to get the "Wunderkind" involved. A Mega scientist writes dozens of sheets of complex formula and hands them to his wife before she escapes the crashing spaceship.....and only he can sort them out!Oh, and as a gift for "helping", he gets to use the machine that allows him to see his sisters he left behind on earth. Cue, soft music, four sisters and him as a small boy racing through the fields and through the trees like some hair product commercial in slow motion, fade to him crying....end credits.

I love the BBC and admire its vision and quality and i am proud to have it here in the UK. But i find "Outcasts" a let down as a Sci Fi fan. It is simply being used as a tool to have some "Soap Opera" family drama and "situations".

I want it to be more than it is, or more like i would want it to be.

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Episode 2 - (very minor spoilers), 8 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Just finished watching episode 2 on BBC TV. Same as the first, it talks about "issues", flawed personalities and the problems within relationships. Any "action" seems thrown in just to keep you following this soap opera.

But tonight i find myself wondering "why?" a lot.

For instance, we have an ex child "prodigy" who, now get this, when they chose him to travel for 5 years to the new planet brought along about a hundred Vinyl LPs (Records) and a turntable and speakers. Now i am sure that i might be just getting picky, but one assumes that mankind's first colony ships would be quite full with more vital items than a 12 year olds music collection?

I hope you are fit and healthy in the new future? Well you need to be! Half a dozen crashed life-pods scattered through the alien landscape.....then lets walk. What, no motorbikes? No 4x4? No Helicopters? No Remote control aircraft? Hmmmm, the future looks bleak for the petrol heads.

When the survivors are rescued from the life pods and brought to their new alien home, and after 5 years in space, is there a smooth reception system ready to care and look after them? Are there groups of doctors, medics, social care workers and family members there to ease them into a new life? Well, no actually. People seem to wander around, are offered some fruit and the settlers smile at them. Oh, and one of the rescued might be a peadophile/religious/power mad killer with "followers"....oh dear oh dear.

After 2 episodes I feel let down by the usually excellent BBC, and can only think that "Outcasts" seems to be a missed opportunity.

"Outcasts" (2010)
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Episode 1 (very minor spoilers), 8 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK, its the BBC and i do enjoy the quality production values etc etc.

But Episode 1 of "Outcasts" failed to deliver a watchable or interesting story. Everyone, and i mean everyone, we met in this episode had "problems" or were dealing with life "situations". A slow, even dull, plodding underlying tale, dotted with one dimensional characters.We had a psycho "Ranger" type thrown in to keep us interested. I did not care if he killed anyone or killed himself. And how can you make the arrival of new settlers and the potential explosion of the craft carrying them into such a slow and boring segment of the story....well they managed it! There is no SciFi Techie stuff to keep the geeks happy, everyone carries pistols and rifles. No aircraft/helicopters/flight vehicles to be seen, no Aliens, no strange creatures/animals etc.But they might all be along in later episodes? It has obviously started by going for adult "gritty human tales" in this strange new world, rather than Star Trek/Galactica action or feel. I await episode 2 tonight........