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Winners (Quantity): 2001(4) 2003(4)
Winner (Quality): 2001
Winner (Favorite Movie): #3
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Taken out of the success initially, the success over time and the impact on movies forever. I was non-biased
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Winner: (Quantity): 1980(5)
Winner: (Quality): 1982
Winner: (Favorite Movie): Number 10
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Winner: Quantity: 1954 (4)
Winner: Quality: 1954
Winner: Fav Movie #8
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Winner: Quantity: 1960
Winner: Quality: 1968
Winner: Personal Fav: #2
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Winner (Quantity): 1995
Winner (Quality) :1994
Winner (Favorite Movie): No1 hands down
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Winner (Quantity): 1975
Winner (Quality): 1974
Winner (My favorite Movie) Hmm either #1 or #6
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a list of 50 characters
The best hero is last
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Please don't whine about my selections I did this completely from a third-party, non-biased point of view. Thanks for looking. If you like this one look at my 'The Greatest Movies of all Time?' list