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Love wins out, 11 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've watched every episode of Twilight Zone since it was first broadcast. I've always enjoyed watching it many times over. I even put up with some of the stinkers.

"One for the Angels" is my all time favorite. Partly this is because of Ed Wynn in the role of Lou Bookman. He is a pitchman (salesman) who is visited by death and is told it is his time. In a moment of selfishness, he convinces Death that he should be spared. But, Death can not be denied. He must take someone. That someone is a young girl whom Lou is fond of.

As the girl's time approaches, Lou begins a pitch to Death. A pitch to keep Death from realizing the time. A pitch that Lou knows will cost him his life. But, he is willing to make the sacrifice in order to save the girl's life. Lou makes his big pitch, One for the Angels.

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Wile E. Coyote live, 31 August 2006

Kirk Douglas, playing the title character of Cactus Jack, demonstrates his great ability to work in a comedy as he becomes the personification of Road Runner's nemesis, Wile E. Coyote. True, lovers of Road Runner and "Beep, Beep" will be left out because he isn't there. But, for those who watch just to see Wile E. get his comeuppance time after time, this is hilarious. This has all of the gags that have made it so much fun for us "older" folk watching the old cartoons. In fact, my 16 and 10 year old daughters love watching this one over and over.

A plot line is added with the beautiful Ann-Margret vamping like mad with Arnold Schwarzenegger as they are pursued by Cactus Jack. You should consider being with your kids when they watch this. It is full of innuendo and Ann-Margret definitely shows off her ample endowment and even a brief display of her legs.

Mel Tillis is the telegrapher. Here, he gets paid for what he worked so hard to eliminate - his stutter. Foster Brooks does his inebriated schtick as the bank clerk. Paul Lynde is the chief of one of the most inept tribes of Native Americans ever filmed. They can't even keep the blankets on their saddles. Finally, Jack Elam puts in a short piece and is his usual dastardly self. For my money, Jack was one of the best western character actors to grace the screen.

Murder 101 (2006) (TV)
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Worth watching for Dick, Barry Van Dyke & "Diagnosis Murder" fans, 16 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was essentially a remake of "Diagnosis Murder" minus Victoria Rowell, Scott Baio & Charlie Schlatter. Dick is playing a college professor who teaches Criminology 101 and can't even find his own classroom. Barry is now a private eye, not related to Dick. This lets Barry shoot at guys speeding away from him, which a cop can not do. Barry still gets the girl in the end. Tracey Needham portrays the girl. She is the prime suspect and Dick and Barry believe she's innocent and prove it. That's all the spoiler you get. The ending is sufficiently unexpected that you don't already know it half way through the movie.

Don't take it seriously. Don't critique it. Just sit back and enjoy Dick and Barry Van Dyke.

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Better than 1937 original, 21 June 2003

This version of "Captains Courageous" is far better than the original starring Freddy Bartholomew and Spencer Tracey.

The main credit for this goes to Karl Malden who plays Capt. Disko Troop of the fishing packet "We're Here." In the role of Manuel, played by Tracey in 1937, is Ricardo Montalban. Jonathan Kahn reprises the role of Harvey Cheyne and does an excellent job. Neville Brand and Fred Gwynne, two wonderful character actors, provide great support to Malden and Montalban. This version, unlike the original, follows the book far better than the original.

If you can find a copy of this movie, grab it. It aired as a TV movie on ABC and they do not have a copy any more.