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I'm a film student and I just recently got around to actually ranking my 30 favorite films of all time. I just figured I'd share it on IMDB because it's always really interesting seeing what opinions everyone has. So please do comment if you feel like it, ask questions, recommend other films.

P.S. Rage is always welcome if I end up offending someone else's opinions on a movie, I can understand that feeling.
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Hi there, this is my list on all the movies and tv shows that I own and have seen. I'll leave a little summary on a few of the movies that personally stood out to me. If you have comments regarding the movies I listed or a comment about movie suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment, opinions and suggestions are always welcomed! (Oh! and if I seem to fall out of alphabetical order it's because one of the movie's came in a box set and I'm listing the following few movies under the box set just to save time)
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My own personal list. For the top ten films in the list I will give a brief summary of the movies and why I picked to help make my point. Please enjoy, and give feedback whether you liked or not. Also feel free to put any movies of this category that you enjoyed that you thought should have been on the list.