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Easily my top 5 Minder episode, 24 October 2007

A truly great episode. Jimmy Nail is perfect as the head of the gypsies. I totally love his 1st conversation with Terry.

Q: You want to fight me? I've taken on 10 like you". A: Then 1 shouldn't worry you then".

The episode has it all. Great script and plot. Seedy bad guys. A very young and thin Ray Winstone and a fantastic fight scene.

The episode to me really captures early 80's inner London living, with dodgy characters, rain drizzled, broken and uneven footpaths, and people willing to do anything to survive in (to quote the Young Ones) "Thatcher's bloody Britain".

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What a joy!, 7 August 2005

After tolerating the last few years worth of zombie films in the current revival, all true horror fans were hoping/praying that one person would get to make another zombie movie. He did.

I loved it from go to whoa. No one does the end of the world like Romero. The bigger budget has allowed him to use more elaborate sets and shots, without over taking the production. I found the use of experienced actors worked much better than the usual amateurs Romero uses.

The story itself was fairly interesting, the set pieces fantastic, and the FX simply awesome. The only major complaint i have is the running time. I could easily have sat through Land if it was double the running time.

Special mention must be made of the 3 "lead" zombies. They give character to their parts so well, as opposed to the generic cannibals from movies like Resident Evil and the Dawn of the Dead remake.

The political and social undertones of Land are there too, yet not fully in your face. That is the beauty of Romero's zombie films. They can be different things to different people.

As much as i have enjoyed some of the other zombie films in the recent past (Shaun of the dead, Undead) there is simply no comparison to Romero's vision. He's delivered a classic film that fits right in with his other installments. It's also very cool to have an Australian as the lead! The film has divided fans, and so-called fans, and may continue to do so for some time. But, in years to come, this film will be recognised for the brilliant film it is.

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80's classic, 7 April 2004

A good example of the early 80's rebirth of porn, mainly due to the VCR becoming popular. One of Traci & Gingers early films. Both look fantastic. All fluffy hair and thick make up. Tom Byron is at his skinniest, and dorkiest. Still, that is much better than his biker/heavy metal dude personna of the late 90's. Eric Edwards is as smooth as ever. A class act. The highlight however is the "all holes filled" scene with Sherie St Clair. She clearly loves being double penetrated. It is a scorching scene and easily the standout. The production values are good. There is not one scene that is under lit, which was a problem for this era. Rating: 7 out if 10.

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Compilation of some of RR's scenes, 7 April 2004

Not a totally satisfactory compilation. Hosted by the now dead (suicide) Trinity Loren, this film shows Rachel Ryan, the original MILF porn star, in some cobbled together scenes. Rachel was a glorious porn star. It was obvious she loved to do what she did, but most of all, she loved anal sex. In fact, preferred it to the normal way. Alas, what is lacking in this film is the many double penetration scenes she has done. Along with Ginger Lynn, Rachel is a master at DP. A definative compilation of this forgotten star is still to be made. Some of her best DP scenes show her actively enjoying the act. SHe doesnt just take what is given to her, she moves in time to the thrusts. Rachel has also done DP scenes with black men, and that is sadly missing from this compilation also. As far as giving blow jobs, Rachel is up there with the best.

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Sensational surreal fest, 5 April 2004

Acting, production values - nah, you dont need any of that stuff in the very last days of hippie-ness. Think open air sets, glorious hammy over acting based on silent movie principles and a "hip" cast (for 1971 anyway). This movie seems to be almost 100% based on a stage production. I dont know if it was originally a play. But, you can just imagine the cast performing this at Berkely, or maybe off, off Broadway. Cindy Williams went on to American Graffiti, then to sitcom heaven through out the 70's and early 80's. Ben Vereen made a career as well, and surely this is close to his 1st movie. For lovers of alternative culture, college type movies that were so cool back then. Put it this way, they dont make movies like this any more. Depending on your view, that could be a good thing, but i love the naivety and exuberance.