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My opinion on a remake is to make a film better. So why make a film that is already good? I always thought they should remake bad movie or movies that aren't as good as they can be.
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Let's get over the whole idea that remakes are inevitable, their pointless remakes like The Day the Earth Stood Still, War of the Worlds, etc. I have seen good remakes like the Dawn of the Dead, King Kong (2005), etc. But then their should be movies that are never be remade.
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I was born in the twenty-first century, so I wasn't able to see in theatres.
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Yeah...The summer of 2010 wasn't a very good one, I kind of like Sex and the City 2 and Iron Man 2. Their were disappointments like Jonah Hex, Takers, and that spoof by those cinematic satists that won't be named. But their have been a few good one, some may not like these, but I thought they were good, and maybe even epic...(cough)Robin Hood(cough)