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After reading "The 120 Days of Sodom" by Marquis de Sade, I wondered what movies would the characters enjoy if they lived in our times.

As a result, I've made this collection of the sickest, most brutal, bizzare, sadistic, depraved, perverted, sleazy, disturbing and disgusting movies I have ever seen, thinking these would be great substitutes for the book's stories. The majority of them are horror flicks, but there are also action, crime, thrillers and even porn (hard or soft, with a plot) in some occasions.

There is only one condition for a movie to be on this list: it must be fiction. I've excluded shockumentaries and mondo films because reality is always more shocking than fiction. Still, "Faces of death" is allowed because it is mostly fake. Also, there is no bondage, scat or other types of extreme pornography.

I do prefer to add movies that have little to no fantasy or supernatural elements. But I allow some, because they are either mean-spirited and disturbing (Evil Dead, Devilman etc.), ultra bizarre (Eraserhead, Valerie and her week of wonders) or gross (Evil Aliens).

For the goriest/bloodiest movies I've seen, please check my other list at
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Just a list with the movies that contain the highest amounts of blood and gore. The positions, with the exception of number 1, are random.

For the most sadistic, brutal, bizzare, gross, perverted and sleazy movies I have seen, please check my other list: "Movies for the Book of Sodom: disturbing, shocking and perverse cinema" at