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This list is basically all the XBOX 360, DS and GBA games I've completed and ranked in order from best to worst. This list only includes games I've completed at one point so it doesn't include the many games I'm currently playing.

Games I've currently playing (rating so far)
Mass Effect (9/10)
Metro 2033 (9/10)
Far Cry 2 (8/10)
Naughty Bear (8/10)
Duke Nukem (8/10)
Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare (8/10)
From Dust (8/10)
Ninja Blade (7/10)
Darksiders (7/10)
Assassin's Creed 2 (7/10)
Dead Rising 2 (7/10)
Battlefield 3 (7/10)
Rayman 3 HD (6/10)
Left For Dead 2 (Undecided)

Completed XBOX live arcade games without a IMDb page:

TOY SOLDIERS - A great tower defense game that lets you control a variety of planes, tanks and turrets in your quest to defeat the Germans during WW1. It's quite challenging, addictive and uses good pacing to make the game interesting throughout the campaign. It does get a bit repetitive as it comes close to the end but it's still a fun game to play. 9/10

TRIALS - Addictive and challenging racing game that uses a simplistic control scheme to guide the player through a seemingly endless amount of tracks. It does get quite complicated as you go but it just makes it that much more satisfying to successfully complete a level. The XBOX version is also the visually improved HD version so it looks great as well. 8/10.

Completed DS games without a IMDb page:

A great game with superb writing and a interesting game style. You have to prove people are lying using evidence you collect while exploring crime scenes and talking to people before the trial. The writing is funny and the way the game is presented also lends itself well to a lot of humor, however it's still quite suspenseful at times and the twists and turns taken during trials are amazing to watch unfold. It looses a bit for a repetive style during trials but still an awesome game. 9/10
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100 movies I consider to be my favourite movies. Top 3 is in correct order but after that it gets a bit more jumbled up. It's pretty much in hierarchical order but probably some variations depending on mood and such.
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A list of directors I enjoy watching (in no particular order). This is not a judgement of their directorial ability. This is simply mentioning people who have directed movies I have enjoyed watching. Please suggest any additions in the comment section if you feel the need to do so.