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My favorite ladies of film. A few are crushes, a few I've actually met, all have earned my respect for their craft.
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These are some of my favorite actors that don't always get a lot of recognition for their work, maybe just because they've never starred in a blockbuster or aren't incredibly handsome or whatever.

Some of them I like just because they aren't as widely known. I didn't put them in any order.

I also included a quick sentence describing the defining quality of each that I respect them for.
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Movies I think look good. Personally. Which means your opinion does not matter.
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A list dedicated to a series of horror films that have been released over the past few years. All of the films listed feature involvement from Mr. Jason Blum. It shows.

They generally revolve around a suburban house and family that find themselves the targets of dark forces invading the quiet sanctity of their home.

The films combine low budget, quality filmmaking, and a high scare factor. These three elements are tied into a repeating color scheme of black, white, and red.

For each film I have included the premise, the filmmakers involved (and their past projects), other films they resemble, the budget, and my personal rating.

When in doubt, these movies will keep you up at night.
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Listing the TV shows I'm watching after my move out to LA. Given that I don't have as much time or access to a TV, I'm not getting to watch as much as I used to. I've had to narrow down the list of shows I watch to the ones that I really can't live without.
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Year Two of keeping track of all the films I see during the year.
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Someday, I'd love to have all these guys together in a project. They've given me so many nightmares, I'm indebted to all of them.

This list is restricted to actors/actresses whose movies I have seen. It's not meant to be all-inclusive.
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TV and Movie people in my local area. By local, I mean my hometown/state. I'm not going for everyone on imdb who's local, just some that stand out to me.
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These characters each blew me away for their own reasons.
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Upcoming movies I have very little faith in.
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Notable crime movies that take place in the Boston/Massachusetts area.
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A list of actors known for cultivating the above image. An a$$hole with seemingly no regard for whether or not people like or approve of his behavior. Such characters have no concern for the consequences of their actions, and the goal for the character is that we laugh enough to forget about or otherwise ignore said qualities.

Some ups, some downs. This is just a character I've been seeing on TV and in movies a lot recently. I thought it deserved note.

For each character, I write whether I think the character works (up) or doesn't (down).
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These are the shows I've been watching while in college. Some I've liked for a while, others I'm just getting into. Regardless, I will defend my opinion of each show to the death.
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I separate this list from my other Favorite Characters list because I think it would just feel odd putting someone like Oleg from 2 Broke Girls in with Amon Goeth or Billy Costigan.

Whatever, these are characters in TV that I personally enjoy. If you don't, I don't care.
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My favorite movies to watch. Not all great movies, but all movies I enjoyed greatly.
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This is not a list of my choices for all the Oscars this year. I haven't seen enough of the films that will probably be nominated, so instead I'm just judging for Personal Oscars. I think if more people did this, there would be far less savagery during Oscar season. Judge what you've seen, leave the rest.

Also, I have a few more categories than the usual Oscars.
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My choices for the best films (that I have seen) this year. Please note that I am only judging the films that I HAVE SEEN this year. I don't feel qualified to review films I haven't seen. Again, I am only judging films that I SAW this year.
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Going to keep track of the films I see each year. I'll try and write a little for each.
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As an aspiring director myself, these are the men and women who inspire me. Each of them create films with certain qualities that inspire me to make my own mark on the world of movies.
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I have to get my hands on these movies at some point or another; but whenever I go to Newbury comics, I always forget what I'm looking for.
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Some people are just masters of comedy. Their material is sharp and refined and has enough work and effort put into it that when you finally get to experience the fruits of their labors, you can't help but laugh until it hurts.
This list is NOT about those people.
This list is about people who I just find to be inherently funny. No script, no character, no problem. These are just people that I feel have an instinctive talent for laughing and making other people laugh. It isn't about material as much as just the feeling that if you went out for a drink with these people, you'd laugh the night away with them.
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Know those people who can just make anything funny? Forget about screenplays or good writing, these are the people who could make funny if you threw them a lemon and said "go".

These are the masters of comedy. Or so I think.
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This is not a list in the usual sense. Here, I plan on posting the movie that is coming out that worries me the most. I say "worry the most" because otherwise it would probably go on my "looks like crap" list, which isn't necessarily what I'm going for. This is the movie that I am most worried will turn out badly. It will be updated often, and I only plan to have one movie on this list at a time.
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My opinion of actors is as such: There are 3 ways to become a great actor; looks, talent, or dedication.

However, Talent can be based largely on opinion, and Looks even more so. But Dedication is the one quality that cannot be undermined. You have to admire someone who commits themselves to the work of an actor, knowing that they may or may not ever see something accounting to recognition for it. Mr. DiCaprio is an actor who I believe has been blessed with all three qualities.

Do I consider him one of the greatest actors of all time? No, he's 37, he has a LONG way to go before anyone can consider that. But I do consider him an actor who strives to one day be regarded as such. Looking through his resume, he is a guy who has since the beginning done roles in an attempt to be taken seriously and regarded for his dedication and acting, as opposed to just his looks.

He doesn't do stupid films that only strive to make money, he is in this for the long run, which can be seen most clearly by his choice of films. Every film he chooses is a serious role (Catch Me If You Can may be an exception, but it has its share of serious moments). He pairs himself with many of the best directors of the age. Here is a list of reputable directors Mr. DiCaprio has worked with in his career.

Note, This isn't a list of every director he's worked with.
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These are some of the people (comedians mostly) who are quick-witted and funny, but at the same time, make a LOT of people angry with some of their material. They're funny people, but I'm really worried someone will try to kill them some day.
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These are the movies that scared me the most.
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Don't you hate these people? No, you probably don't really. You hate them because other people hate them. You hate these people because it's popular to hate them. Make your own decisions and judgements, people.

Yes, I agree that several of these people have done things deserving of a bit of bashing, but if you're going to bash someone, come up with your own reasons to bash it, not just what other people say.

Stop the hate.
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The Werewolf, The Wolfman; and icon of horror movies and monster stories. But of the hundreds of interpretations of this legend, which are the best?
I don't know. But here are my choices.

*Note: I have one other addition, but if I include the character, the movie, or the actress, it will ruin the surprise. So I'll just give her little review here. Second greatest transformation scene ever. Brilliant old-school creature effects, and eyes like the Dark Lord Sauron.
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Movies that are not worth the time for me and/or movies I never plan on seeing; ever.