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A list of international films you must see (this is not a rank)
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The purpose of this post is to invite some people to separate from the prejudices and to become receptive viewers.

BECOMING A RECEPTIVE VIEWER (Fragment Taken from the book The Art of Watching Films)

Before we begin our analysis, we need to consider obstacles to objectivity and maximum enjoyment that we create through our prejudices and misconcep­tions and by the particular circumstances in which we watch the film.

Each of us reacts in a unique and complex way to internal and external forces that are beyond the filmmaker's control. Although these forces lie outside the film itself, they can have an effect on how we experience a film. Awareness of these forces should help us overcome them or at least minimize their effect.

One of the most difficult prejudices to overcome is that which leads us to dismiss certain categories of films. Although it is natural to prefer some types to others, most of us can appreciate or enjoy aspects of almost any film. We should keep in mind that not all films will fit our preconceived notions. For example, a person who dislikes gangster movies might stay away from Bonnie and Clyde; another, who dislikes musicals, might shun Chicago, and a third, who dislikes fantasy movies, might ignore Tbe Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. All would lose a memorable film experience, for those three films are
more than simple formula pieces.

Others may reject worthwhile movies because of their unwillingness to venture beyond the norm. Some may stay away from black-and-white films, always preferring color.

Others may shun foreign-language films because they
dislike reading subtitles or because they are bothered by dubbing that is not perfectly synchronized with mouth movement.

Excerpt from the book The Art of Watching Films, Seventh Edition. By Joseph M. Boggs and Dennis W. Petrie.
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Movies that left me a bitter taste, maybe some of you will consider good movies nobody knows and just because are included in this list it doesn't mean that they are bad films. I just not will see it again.