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Funny, 17 November 2013

Although very short and likely lesser-known, I really like it. The short length might actually be one reason why its tolerable, but I did find myself wanting them to be longer.

The green screen and models are obvious at times but actually makes the scenes even funnier. There is one scene where you can tell there are stunt actors and some miscalculations on compositing, but it's minimal and I did remember that this was for laughs. The hilarity of everything really is pretty darn awesome. When I watched the previews before the premiere, the comedic timing was little awkward and was unsure how this would turn out. But, upon actually watching it's a good one. Ed Helms and Zachary Levi make an interesting and funny pair

Meet Dave (2008)
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Well, given the plot line, it was actually good., 17 November 2013

It's a strange little movie and it's a little hard to believe no one would notice the aliens in some scenes. There are some obvious cgi and compositing, but if you are the type like myself that gets a kick out goofs you might actually like it anyway. As for the humor itself, I liked it and did laugh out for some parts. If you were to make-believe what an experience for tiny people would be like, the situational writing is quite good and understandable. Ed Helms is interesting to see as the uptight and funnily named Number Two and he might be a surprise to some who might not have remembered that he was in this.

I'm not promising you'll like it, but perhaps if you read more on the flaws before expecting anything great, it might be more tolerable. Seems to work with me.

Okay....., 14 March 2013

Well...Nice to know some people appreciate it, in that case it doesn't matter what someone says, it was worth it for them. I was so-so. It is a decent and cute idea, I didn't find it too cliché like some supposedly said, and I don't mind too much if it was, if done right...I don't know much about baseball to keep this movie in check on facts so I can't/won't discuss that. I just didn't feel that much chemistry between the lead actors. The progression of the story to me spent little time in the childhood and connection of the characters to really understand why he loved her so much, besides that he just never tried to find anyone else. At it's core it is a humble story which makes it nice and not trying too hard, but then I feel they could've done just a bit more. It's reminiscent of Forrest Gump if no one minds that comparison, but not by any means as good. I say if it's good to you,just ignore other people and if you hated it, go ahead. I never see a problem with people who can appreciate something for what it is. But I guess my tastes just didn't match....