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Excellent movie, and comments on all the bad reviews, 27 August 2017

I was really surprised at all the bad reviews on a movie that has all the right elements for a good action movie: good actors, good direction, a reasonably good script, and that pinch of magic that turns all of these into an actual entertaining movie. And entertaining it is, as show its box office figures - unless you are one of the following types of reviewer:

1. "Boring" in the title: we get it, you are a rock star who is secretly a CIA operative, fighting crime, doing high speed pursuits, exploding stuff and killing bad guys with assault rifles. But keep in mind most of us live more mundane lives and thus your incredibly exciting lifestyle can't be used as a reference that's useful to the rest of us.

2. "Insult to your intelligence" in the title: okay, so you're both a Nobel prize and Oscar winner, we get it. You're so intelligent that to you the rest of us are like a bunch of apes. WE GET IT. Now if you would please let us apes enjoy our monkey movies that we find entertaining, that would be swell, thank you very much. Next time you write a review though, it would be best if you put a disclosure somewhere saying it's only for people with an IQ above 200 or something.

3. "Your hate cliché here" in title: lots of reviews giving bad ratings for various different reasons, but interestingly all of them in sequence, effectively burying the good reviews under a number of pages of bad ones. What could this be? An organized bunch of people upset with the success of a movie whose hero is a tall, lean, beautiful Jewish woman who does not hate all males, perhaps? I wonder who these people might be.

So to sum things up, if you have an agenda or an ego the size of Connecticut, you're probably not going to like this movie, well, at least not admit to it. But if all you're looking for is an entertaining, heart warming and even uplifting movie, definitely go watch it. On a side note, I have always liked superhero movies because they portrait the decision of an individual who, despite having super powers and being able to use them to do pretty much anything he/she wants, still chooses to use them nobly and for the good of others. Personally I would not trust a person who fails to perceive and appreciate the beauty of that kind of attitude.

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Horrible, 18 March 2017

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Plot holes, annoying characters, crappy fight scenes - this one's got it all. But what really sets it apart from other shitty shows is that it's full of characters who are supposedly following this or that oriental philosophy and training martial arts, but still behave like idiotic spoiled rich kids who throw a tantrum whenever things don't go as expected. Ask any martial artist with years of training if they'd behave like that and out of 100 of them you'll hear 100 "no"s. And did I mention how *bad* the fight scenes are? They did use the harnesses that allow them to do those crazy flying-like stunts, but without proper combat training and more importantly, good editing, it looks even more ridiculous. On the bright side, Jessica Henwick is very cute and Tom Pelphrey is one of the best actors I've ever seen, he literally steals the show, honestly and makes it worth it if just for the acting lessons.

Passengers (2016/I)
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Uplifting, 3 March 2017

A successful movie, like any form of art, is one that gets an emotional response from the audience, and Passengers does that very competently.

Even though the long space travel time in such a distant future seems a bit romantic it's not a deal breaker for the immersion experience that a movie is supposed to be.

I've once read a quote from some director on what's the secret to a good movie: "good actors", he said. Jennifer Lawrence makes me wonder how someone so breathtakingly beautiful can be so incredibly talented, probably her best acting so far that I've seen.

The special effects are absolutely amazing, the swimming pool scene (that's also in the trailer) is one of the most incredible CGI scenes I've ever seen, maybe not so much for the technical part but for the idea itself.

Like others said, it's more of a love story than a sci-fi flick, and honestly I did not see that coming, but I thought it was brilliantly executed and there's little I could have wished for to make it better.

It's funny how I'm usually anticipating movie plots while watching them, often bored and disappointed. During this movie I was *hoping* for the plot to unravel like I was predicting and cheering when it did. Not many movies did that for me.

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Why spend this kind of money and make such a poor movie?, 18 October 2013

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I'll confess, I'm not a huge fan of Superman, but I liked the first 2 movies with Christopher Reeves A LOT. In fact I liked the second one so much (coincidentally the one with General Zod also) that I was curious to watch what I thought was an improved remake of the old one. What a colossal disappointment, character development was non-existent, the plot wasn't interesting or enjoyable, there were lots of useless scenes which should have been deleted but weren't (like the scene at the bar with the trucker, or the one where Clark steals clothes from the trunk of a car), an awful lot of plot holes and endless, painfully boring fight scenes - and I usually like those! I give it one star in order to help put this movie's score where it belongs, which is around 5, not 7.

Bottom line is: even with special effects from 30 years ago, Superman II is infinitely better than this abomination. A good movie needs a good story, and that story needs to be well told, period. That didn't happen in Man of Steel unfortunately, not even remotely.

Prometheus (2012/I)
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Ridley Scott must have directed the entire movie drunk, 24 June 2012

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I'm a huge sci-fi fan and also an admirer of Scott's work, but I'm probably not going to watch a movie solely because it was directed by him anymore. This was probably one of the worst movies I've seen in the past few years, including a few that were made for TV.

The screenplay seems to have been written by a 13 year old school kid. The plot has so many holes it's ridiculous, I was annoyed and deviated from the movie to the plot holes less than 10 minutes into the watching it, which is saying something. Here are some of the highlights that weren't mentioned in the reviews I've read:

1. It's a trillion dollar mission and basically no one in the crew knows what the hell they're doing there until after they reach their destination.

2. As soon as the crew gets out of their suspended animation chambers, one of the members starts showing an attitude towards mission command during their first briefing. Not in a million years would anyone with a dysfunctional personality be allowed in the most trivial space mission, let alone an important one.

3. It's important to decontaminate a specimens collected from the surface of the planet while in the lab, but the "scientists" don't wear their helmets while collecting it making the decontamination in the lab completely useless.

4. The reasons / motivations for basically anything in the movie are not plausible or believable leading to deep annoyance and boredom during the torture that is watching this movie.

5. The characters have either idiotic or psychotic personalities, some times both. Even in real life astronauts are usually extremely intelligent and able to cope with and keep their cool under stressful situations.

6. The plot development is painfully slow and a lot of the time doesn't make enough sense to be sufficiently believable that the spectator can get into it and forget about the plot holes.

My advice is, honestly, stay away from this movie at all cost. I know a lot of people won't be able to, and out of curiosity will watch this monstrosity anyway. But remember: you have been warned.

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Worst movie I've seen in a LONG time, 19 February 2012

Seems anyone can be a movie producer / director / screen writer these days. One of the worst stories I've ever seen in a movie, crippled by awful directing and poor acting even from Nicolas Cage, of whom I happen to be a fan. The movie is a complete disaster from beginning to end, failing to capture the spectator because of a weak storyline, bad timing and management of tension and viewer expectations, and action sequences that besides not having the impact the film maker wishes they had, look pretentious and anti-climatic.

About the lines written for the characters, all I can say is: if *I* was invited to work in this movie as an actor (and I'm not an actor by any stretch of the imagination), I'd still be embarrassed to say them and ashamed that other people would watch me doing it.

The fight scenes are not believable at all, seems like people are waiting to be punched in the face, shot or whatever it is that's going on at any given moment. The reasons given for the outcome of any conflict in the movie seem like the ones a child would come up with while playing with his little friends.

I went to see the movie in a 3D "XD" (Extreme Digital) movie theater and even that didn't compensate enough how bad the movie is that I wouldn't be anxious to get out by 3/4ths into watching it.

Now here's something I definitely don't get, how can Stan Lee let such a horrible, horrible, horrible abomination like this thing be released under the Marvel name?