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Pretty much in order.I am not saying they're the best, just my favourites.
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Honorable Mentions;Cinema Paradiso, Ghandi, A Streetcar Named Desire, The House of Sand and Fog, The Prestiege,
Memento, Avatar, The Fighter, The Road, RocknRolla, Snatch, On the Waterfront, Road to Perdition, House of Flying Daggers, Vertigo, The Lady Vanishes, The Wrong Man, Various Ed Harris movies.
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This is just my opinion I'm not saying it's fact. I welcome any disagreements and will gladly participate in debate. What I will not allow is hate and trolling, go back to youtube to spam, justin bieber fans and twilight lovers. This is a site for lovers of the Art of Cinema.
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120 films of essential viewing. For a basic understanding of most genres.
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These are my favourite 100 movies, i'm not saying they're the best, just my favourite, they're not necessarily in order either because it's just too hard, i love them all.To be honest i could name another hundred easily.
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this is a favorites list, please don't tell me what should be in the list. I'll take recommendations though.
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just to clarify this is a favourites list, i'm not saying this is fact and my order is only a rough guideline
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