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In my opinion of course. This is such a strict list. I have had it all in my head for such a long time.
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I love pretty men ^_-
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I have seen so many horror movies since I was a child. All kinds of them and here are my absolute favorites. And these are movies I would be happy to watch again and again which is very rare for me because I don't like watching a movie twice. It has to be really good for me to watch it twice. Some of these may have low IMDb ratings and I take IMDb ratings seriously and usually don't watch a movie if it's under 5.7 but I assure you these movies are great. Some movies can be rated low for stupid reasons such as people having bias views on the cast.

oh and all these movies most likely pass the bechdel test because I generally dislike movies that don't.

Please recommend me horror movies you think I would like!
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In no particular order just by which I remember first
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