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This is a list I have given a lot of thought to and spent considerable time on. The list starts out in order but then around number fifteen it is no longer organized in any way. I have included a quote from each character, I chose quotes that I thought showed the character's personality. I also did my best to avoid quotes that the characters were synonymous with. I didn't take how much I enjoyed the movies that these characters were in into account. These are characters that I find both enjoyable and memorable no matter how small their part is. I hope you enjoy this list and agree with some of my picks, but not all of them... where's the fun in that?
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Let me introduce my list by letting you know how I define an anti hero. To me, an anti hero is anyone who does the right thing for the wrong reason or at the very least someone who does the nice thing in the not so nice way. I don't consider Mickey Knox, Tony Montana or any straight up bad dude who's never done nothing for no one an anti hero, I just don't. Most often it comes down to good deed becoming an obstacle in a bad dude's path. Now, I'm not going to define cool because, well, who can?
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