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While our world still struggles with LGBTQ equality--picture making has been able to give the community and its supporters a voice. Most of the movies and moviedocs listed are ones I've seen in my lifetime. Some of the films are either very LGBTQ centered or mild--some are critically claimed and others are down right campy. Overall each gives one carries a since of pride.
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Since the age six, I been a fan of soap operas. I started watching CBS and some ABC with my late mother and sister. When I entered my teens, I continued to watch some of the CBS lineup but by 1997 I added Days of our Lives to my watching and been a huge fan since. While the soap in industry has lost several favorite soaps in the 2000s the actors and actresses who then and now continue to keep the genre watchable for me. I dedicate this list to all my favorite actresses and actors whom I've watched in 24 years.
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Just to start off -- I am born, raised, and lived in Memphis all my life. While Memphis seems to get a bad wrap because of social and economic struggles, but on the flip, we Memphians do have a lot to be proud of -- especially when it comes to the talent! This list is dedicated to all the great talented stars that has come through this city. Hopefully there will be many more in the near future to add to this list!
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My list of my all-time favorite teen/preteen films! All genres will from: romance, teen horror, drama, adventure, fantasy, and comedies. Hope you like the list!
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List dedicated to all my favorite mental illness/deranged/psychopath films! This list will only keep growing as more of these movies are made in the future.
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A list of all the great and enjoyable films where women either dominate their roles or centered around romantic interest! All the genres range from: dramas, musicals, mystery-suspense, romance, romance-urban, romance-comedy, romance-musical, romance-suspense, and romance-drama! Get ready to see a lot of your favorites in these type of films from Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Diane Keaton, Meryl Steep, Cameron Diaz, and many more. More movies will be continuously added to this list.
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The following list will be dedicated to all my favorite reality TV shows! While it is understandable most of these, if not all, are producer mixed, scripted/staged or beyond fake - they are simply good entertainment and I choose to take them all with a grain of salt. Enjoy the list, feel free to comment, like, and thanks for stopping by!
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Here this will be a mega list of all my favorite black/black-mixed actors & actresses who have graced film & tv. Enjoy the list!
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This list is dedicated to my favorite reality TV show female personalities that I've watched on mainly VH1/Bravo/Oxygen/WE/Lifetime. Their over-the-top characters, potty-shady mouths, intriguing/funny talking heads, and memorial reunion show episodes makes them the shining star on their respected TV shows. Hope you enjoy the list!
***Disclaimer - List will be updated regularly!***