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Awesome movies with amazing sword-fighting action!

Only the movies I have seen are on this list, so if there are more you think I need to add, SPEAK!
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Movies that are both great and based around true events and/or situated in events that happened in our history.

The movies on this list are my preference only; Including, but not limited to: being enjoyable, thought provoking, exciting, technically smart, having fine-honed costuming/props/set pieces, and/or having engaging dialogue. These movies are, for me, the reasons why I keep watching cinema.

side note: Only the movies I have seen are on the list. As I watch more, I will update accordingly.
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#1 priority is that they're movies I enjoy
#2 priority is that they're determined great movies when put under the lens by film critics and the like (most movie buffs are critics in their own right).