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A movie list to feed your children. These movies address kids as clever human beings, sending messages of life, death, love and worlds beyond. These movies are good not because they are beautiful or have the coolest CGI images, but because they have great stories with embedded messages that are multifaceted and universal. Some of them might need parents' supervision. An ongoing list, randomly ordered.
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Although there are terrific film soundtracks and songs out there, many of them are not fit to listen to on its own as they lose their power as stand-alone music when you are travelling.

The OSTs included in this list have a lyricism that allow you to enjoy the new landscapes and cultures you visit, and immerse yourself in them. They are especially good when you are seating on a car, bus or train watching the scenery. To me, for an OST to be suitable for travelling, has to be a mix of lyric and fun, with no overpowering sounds, as when you travel you write a diary, watch the scenery, talk to other people, or have a nap, so listening to songs or music with deep letters or numbing sounds does not work... to me.

You also need of some old tunes that are fun and heart-lifting to sing along.

The OSTs in this list are my favs and indeed in my MP3player, and I rotate them depending on my mood when travelling or where I am travelling to.
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I will include here a list of complex films, in which the editing, script and/or the narrative of the film are unconventional. Movies in which you really have to watch with intention, concentration and an open mind because the editing is tricky. Movies that are surprising in the way they play with the camera or approach the story. Movies that deal with unusual themes and stories.

In short, movies for attentive watchers and movie lovers not for movie consumers.

A mix of weird, difficult, different, original, and fantastic movies, shorts, animation and documentaries.

An ongoing randomly ordered list
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A list of movies with a script that poses an ethical or moral dilemma to the viewer. There is a mix of film genres, and different sorts of philosophical questions related to our daily life to ponder about. I comment on some of them, just to give a few examples of questions that can be found in movies apparently hollow. An ongoing, randomly ordered (at the moment), list
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Movies that I've watched plenty of times and enjoyed every time. Like comfort food for my eyes
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Movies that show what matters to be "you" is the physical, personal and emotional freedom to be who you are or who you want to be, i. e., that inner freedom (of the body, mind or the spirit) is sometimes what matters the most. Freedom, identity and self-identity are intricately linked, from a philosophical point of view. And here is a list of movies that shows just that.

An ongoing list randomly ordered.
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To understand this list you have, first, to understand what the American Dream is and what ideas support it. I think a visit to the Wikipedia will refresh your memory:

The (Anti) American Dream is just the opposite. The Non-American-Dream. The ugly face of the American Dream. The flawed American Dream. The American Dream lies to you, if you prefer.

This list intend to include movies that can be used to demonstrate that the ideas behind the AD are flawed, are unrealistic, and can actually take you to hell. The movies I have included in this list tell stories of people who fail in life no matter they do what the American Dream says you have to do to succeed. Movies that show that America's way of life and the ideal of the American Dream are just an impossible fantasy and show the flaws of the AD ideal. Movies that show that getting the American Dream does not equal becoming happy inside. Movies about people who tried to pursue the American Dream and failed. In short, movies that show a more real America than the over-sweetened version that Hollywood portrays.

If you want to make a suggestion, please remember that, for any movie to fit in this list has to have a negative or uncertain ending, but be a story that shows that the whole system affects the individual in a bad way, that the individual's hopes and dreams that feed the American Dream are unrealistic (even if you are socially competent, a good person, hard-working, well educated, etc.), because fighting hard for what you want does not equal success, no matter your intelligence or human qualities. What is more, even if you achieve it, a dream of success, of economical and social success, does not equal happiness or inner fulfilment. On the contrary, stories of struggle and surmounting tragedies successfully are indeed part of the core of the American Dream, so not fit for this list.

If you like this list, you might be interested in my I have an ethical dilemma for you. Free entry :D
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This is a list of films where food is the star, where food has a prominent unforgettable role in the movie, or where there are food themes or scenes that are important to the script. Movies for foodies. Food Movies. Documentaries that make you think on food from a different prospective.

An ongoing list, randomly ordered.
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Movies in which onirism and dreams are an important part of the script. Relations between reality and the oniric world and vice versa. Daydreaming. Borders between daydreaming and dreaming. Science of Sleep.

Some movies that deal more with insanity and its limits with reality are not included here, or those focusing on the effects of hallucination.

An ongoing list.
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Guilty pleasures for me.
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The discussion on the noble savage or romantic primitivism vs rational thinking and anti-primitivism has been going for a couple of centuries now. It all comes down to a vision of what the inner nature of humans is. Is it essentially good or evil? Can a civilised man return to its primitive state and forget civilization and become a feral animal? Or perhaps to a state of primitive goodness an innocence? Can a wild uncivilised person integrate in society? Can a person grown in the wild become as civilised as those already 'civilised'? Is there anything that qualifies human nature in all humans? Can we even speak of human nature?

This is an ongoing list on films that depict these two opposing views, sometimes confronting both views in the film, some others presenting just a view of one of them. There is a majority of films about the noble savage and not as many showing anti-primitivism approaches.
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Not your usual cute animated short film, more the challenging, odd, weird, experimental, conceptual, surreal and thought-provoking animation. A selection for the daring viewer. Not for children. All of them are available for free on Vimeo and/or YouTube.
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My fav movies of all times. This is an eclectic selection of movies I love, not a list of the best movies in the world.
My fav Animation movies are included in another list. Randomly ordered. An ongoing list
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This list does include movies whose main subject is the filming of a movie or making of a theatre production within the movie. Movie within a movie!

It does not include stories on Hollywood actors biopics, or movies whose main characters/subject are actors/the movies.

An ongoing list.
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My favourite animation feature movies and shorts of all times. Plus my fav shorts recently seen.
Randomly ordered. I love them all.

My fav non animated films are listed in another list called I love them! Check them out!
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The concept of the butterfly effect is that a minor change in circumstances can cause a large change in outcome. A little butterfly moving its wings in the middle of the ocean can generate a hurricane. Our actions have repercussions in the lives of other people when something out of the ordinary happens. The butterfly effect is especially put into view when there is time travel, as it becomes more obvious to the eye, but it is everywhere around us, we being the actors. There is serendipity in the butterfly effect, but more action and consequences in the latter, and more drama! The movies in this list just show that.

An ongoing list
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Movies whose leading characters and stories revolve about deceased people who are still living with us. This list does not include paranormal, zombie movies or haunted houses movies unless the ghost "lives normally" among humans.
The order is chronological.
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Movies that I love watching in Christmas, over and over. They are Xmas movies infused in Xmas spirit and good-hearted magic, so not every Xmas movie makes it to the list.
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Movies whose main characters are insomniacs or were proper insomnia is relevant.

Other movies related to dreams an sleep-related themes are included in my other list Dreamology.

Randomly ordered, ongoing, list
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Shorts from year 2000 onwards. Randomly ordered. Mostly independent and young animators from schools of animation. A few conceptual pieces, too! Most of them are silent, in English or have English subtitles but a few are in their vernacular language. Different genres, styles and stories, mostly for adults. If you find any broken link or anything out of the ordinary, please let me know! I hope you enjoy the shorts!
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I used to LOVE, some of the movies in this list. I guess it was the moment, the circumstances, my age at the time of watching them, or what they meant to me then. Now, some of them don't speak to me at all or I don't find them as interesting or enjoyable, no matter their quality. My taste has changed, I'm more demanding and pickier in a way, more relaxed in another. This list does not relate to the quality of the movies, just to my changing in film taste. More movies to come, as soon as I remember them.

Randomly ordered
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A list about sex as a way of communication and human relation, as a builder of intimacy, or a destroyer of the same. This is a very hard and difficult topic that always hits against Puritanism and the double morals that our society lives in, on one hand, and against the obsession with sex and porn in the same society on the other. There are titles relating straight and gay relationships, sensual movies, very erotic movies, transgressive movies, and some interesting docos.

An ongoing list.

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Biopics or life recreations about remarkable women in history, who shone because of their artistic, intellectual and scientific achievements, but also because of the way they lived their lives. Great thinkers, great scientists, great writers, great dancers, great actresses, great painters, great singers, great philosophers, great pioneer politicians and human rights fighters.

Bear in mind that this list does not include any biopic re queens or noble women famous just because of their social position. If they did not show any artistic capability or activism of any sort they are not fit for this list.

An ongoing randomly ordered list
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Movies, docos and shorts featuring the Internet and social networks relevantly. No utopian or dystopian stories.
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Serious documentaries on sex issues
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Movies about stage magicians, illusionists and old-school escapism shows. This list does not include magicians=wizards.
Randomly ordered. Ongoing List.