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A list of my top 100 favorite order. The list will be updated and will probably change throughout the years as I see more films worthy of my list. I know some films on here are generally hated by critics while some are cult classics and loved by many, I have an odd choice of favorite films.
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My opinions of the best films of 2012
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I never cried like a baby. But these are movies where I had shed a tear and felt emotional and felt the pain of the characters. However I am busy alot so I am not even done with the list. I barley cry over movies but alot make me sad, But its gonna take a while to remember all of them
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This List will be updated daily
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No offense to these movies i enjoy them very much but people are obsessive and act the films on this list are the greatest films ever people need to calm down with these films in this list. I am not saying they are bad but the way people look at these films are like we have to see these films before we die (will be edited at some parts more will be added)
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A list of all the movie i cannot wait to see in 2011
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This is my list of my top favorite cartoon shows (NOT FINISED YET)
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Majority of the films in this list have bad reviews but i differ because the films on this list are actually pretty good. This list will be updated daily and the order doesn't matter its just a random order