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Growth (2010)
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Average low budget horror, 29 January 2010

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Have just watched this and I have to say I am surprised at the previous review. I found the story line quite weak, and although a few of the actors gave believable performances, most of the acting was rather hammy. The special effects were the sort I would expect to see on a made for TV movie, and made me feel no sorrow for the victims. The story was a little disjointed in places, and because we are shown the 'parasites' very early on in the film, there is no room to build any tension and the film almost plods along. I found myself checking to see how long there was left to go. Overall, I give this a 5/10, mainly for the few actors that managed to work their script into believable dialogue.

The Cell 2 (2009) (V)
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Don't waste your time, 5 June 2009

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Well, after reading some of the comments, decided to watch this movie. As previously mentioned, the acting was very poor for the most part. Plot holes everywhere, shoddy fx (there is a scene where a guy gets an axe in the back. As he leans forwards in pain, you can *clearly* see the fact that the axe is rubber, and the blade is bent at right angles to the guys back). The fact that this is left in the final cut should tell you something about the quality of this film.

The fact it was called 'The Cell 2' seems just a vehicle to get bums on seats. Whereas the first was an imaginary, well shot and directed movie with real suspense, and a feeling of dread; this movie is boring, predicable and plods along waiting for something to happen, but never does.

I'm sure one of the special effects used in this movie, is actually a superimposed screensaver from you-know-which software giant. Watch it, and I'm sure you will spot it.

Even if you have seen it many times, watching the first one again (or any other film for that matter) will be way more enjoyable than trying to sit through this waste of time.

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Definitely not a waste of time, 23 May 2008

Firstly, I would like to say that I have seen many, many zombie films.

A few of them were great, but most are poor, samey and just rip ideas from other films.

Last Rites of the Dead was completely different. The story line was like a breath of fresh air, and a completely new take on the genre.

There are a few scenes where the budget is obvious, but for the most part the f/x are quite impressive for an indie flick of this nature. (Although I will say look out for the bit of white fluff that is supposed to be something else!)

The acting was energetic and passionate, without being over the top or false, and the dialogue was quite realistic. A credit to the script writer, and whoever did the casting.

All in all, a good way to spend an hour and a half, and even if you are not a zombie fan, but have the stomach, it's worth watching as the film makes you think about how you treat people that are different to you.

An interesting and entertaining way to make important social commentary.

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A classy and thoughtful action movie at last ! **Possible Spoilers**, 28 December 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have just seen this movie, and so thought that I should comment on it.

It's been a while since I have seen an action movie of 'this type'. You know, where the 'hero' gets wronged and has go after the bad guys, regardless of the fact that he is one man, and he is going up against a well connected organisation. But this movie was very different, as the hero uses his brain as much as his brawn, accepts help albeit a bit reluctantly, and has a second reason for his quest.

The direction is very tight and classy - I commend Dolph as I can't even remember the name of the last film I saw him in - I just seem to remember that it was fairly awful.

The characters build well in this film - not just a bunch of bullet fodder, and although there are quite a few deaths you actually feel for some of the characters.

There is a lot of violence - the fighting scenes are well orchestrated and look very realistic -it's definitely not one for the kids, and being a fan of gore and splatter effects, I was pleasantly surprised to see that when people got shot, there was a real bloody impact in each scene, that didn't seem at all over the top like some squibs end up looking.

The acting was superb from all involved, although I do think that one scene where the rescued girl has a grizzle was a tad hammy, but it lasted seconds and didn't spoil my enjoyment or the flow of the film.

For what it was I would say this is one of the best films of its genre I have seen.

If, when you think of Dolph Lundgren, you only get a picture of him saying "I must break you" from the Rocky film, think again and check this movie out.

You'll be glad you did !

GhostWatcher 2 (2005) (V)
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Above average, low budget chiller, 2 November 2005

I have just watched this movie, and would have to say that I could think of much worse ways to spend the time it took to watch. I have seen hundreds and hundreds of horror movies in my time, from the sublime to the ridiculous and many in between. I consider this film to be an in between, but above average. The performances are fine in most cases, being that the actors are all quite new. The music helps to keep the suspense, although unfortunately, I didn't 'jump' once. The story is quite original, and it plays out at a good pace. I cannot think of any one particular moment I thought was great, yet it was compelling - I wanted to keep on watching and wanted to know how it played out. Definitely worth a watch if you have some spare time, but don't plan a whole evening around it...

Same old story, different actors?, 18 June 2003

Well, I was looking forwards to seeing this movie - its one of those films that you've heard nothing about, but it has a 'buzz' surrounding its name, so I settled down to watch with the view that I was for some good entertainment.

The film started quite promising, until people opened their mouths to speak !

The acting and dialogue were awful and even the 'action' sequences felt very staged and were unexciting - the quad bike chase was too long, as was the cage fight with Jet Li (we all knew he was going to walk away the victor - but then when you have 20 people standing around 1 guy, and they each come to him 1 at a get my drift. If you want to see more realistic fighting, watch The Transporter !)

Overall, I felt very let down by this formulaic movie which was just another vehicle for Jet Li and DMX to get into the mainstream once again.

4/10 - and I only awarded these point for Tom Arnold and Anthony Anderson who in my opinion were the only natural acting actors.