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Applause (2009)
A marvelous film, 1 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Recently I watched the marvelous film, Applause. I felt this was a simple film, but with incredibly deep characters. Even though it was in full-color, the image looked like black and white with a number of smoky images in the bar scenes and the cloudy Danish weather. I liked the way the soundtrack was used, as it was really minimal and didn't distract me from the actor's performances. You don't see a lot of US movies like this one - to me it was fresh and I realized how much I missed watching European films. The movie looked deep into Paprika Steen's character (Thea) of a mother, ex-wife, and actress. I enjoyed how Paprika acted the two sides of herself, a mother's sweet love for her children and her madness. I really thought about idea of marriage and having children because people always change over time depending on their situation and the environment that they live in. Thea's character was powerful, dynamic and so realistic.