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How to Spend 88 Minutes of Your Life Watching a Comedy without Laughing, 20 January 2017

In the 90's, Kevin Smith became an icon with "Clerks", "Malllrats" "Chasing Amy" and "Dogma". Unfortunately along his next works, he has never reached the same success again.

"Yoga Hosers" is probably the bottom of his career, with an unfunny and annoying story. His daughter and Johnny Depp's daughter acting are terrible and they only had this chance because of the influence of their fathers with the producers. The name of Johnny Depp is embarrassing and used to lure the viewers. In the end, "Yoga Haters" is a means to spend 88 minutes of your life watching a comedy without laughing. My vote is one (awful).

Title (Brazil): Not available

Mandatory for Any Fan, 20 January 2017

In 2015, Leonard Nimoy passed away at the age of 83 in Los Angeles after a successful career especially in the role of Mr. Spock, the science officer and first office of the star-ship Enterprise from the original Star Trek series. His son, the unknown director Adam Nimoy, sees the chance to show to the fans a little of the history of his father through interviews of various fellow actors, actresses, directors, personalities and fans of Star Trek and Spock and footage of home videos. The documentary is mandatory for any fan and gives nostalgia from the period when the series was broadcast for the first time. It could be shorter since the participation of the cast of "The Big Bang Theory" is excessive and uninteresting. In the end, "For the Love of Spock" is a great homage to the beloved character and cult-actor. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): Not available

The Shadow Man, 20 January 2017

When a shadow touches a man at home and he turns into dust, his wife panics and the Fringe Division is assigned to investigate. Philip Broyles recalls similar cases he was involved and obsessed a few years ago. Senator James Van Horn tries to persuade Broyles to stop the investigation and deliver the case to the CIA and Russian government but he does not accept. A patient is murdered in a hospital and while investigating the surveillance cameras, Olivia sees the shadow. Soon the Fringe Division finds the responsible for the death and what the shadow is. Will they succeed to stop the entity?

"Earthling" is another intriguing episode of "Fringe" that recalls "X Files". The plot is not well resolved and "Earthling" is one of the weakest episodes so far. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Earthling"

Manipulation and Consequences, 19 January 2017

The unemployed Howard Tyler (Frank Lovejoy) is desperate for a job since he is married with children and his wife Judy (Kathleen Ryan) is pregnant. When he meets the "bon vivant" Jerry Slocum (Lloyd Bridges), the stranger offers a job position to Howard. Soon he learns that Jerry is a small-time thief and his job would be to drive the getaway car after the heist. Howard improves the life of his family and tells that he is working in the night shift of a factory. Meanwhile, the journalist Gil Stanton (Richard Carlson) that works in a tabloid is assigned by the owner to promote the thefts to increase the selling of newspaper. When Jerry kidnaps the son of a millionaire, he brutally kills the man and forces Howard to help him to dump the corpse in the sea. Then he asks for ransom to the family. When the boy is found, Stanton incites the population telling that the abductors are monsters. When Howard and Jerry are arrested, a mob threatens their lives in front of the police station. How will the police officers protect the prisoners?

"The Sound of Fury" is a film with a simple storyline and an impressive conclusion. The manipulation of the masses by the "brown press" (tabloid) to sell newspapers is impressive and the consequence is scary. The reaction of the uncontrollable violent mob is the best part of this movie and shows the power of the free press, for the good or for the bad. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Justiça Injusta ("Justice Unjust")

Road House (1948)
Unrequited Love and Obsession, 18 January 2017

When the Chicago singer Lily Stevens (Ida Lupino) arrives at the Jefty Road House hired by the owner Jefferson T. 'Jefty' Robbins (Richard Widmark), the manager Pete Morgan (Cornel Wilde) gives a cold reception to her. Jefty asks Pete, who is his best friend, to drive Lily to the local hotel. However Pete drives her to the train station instead and asks Lily to go back to Chicago. She refuses to go and her performance is successful in her debut. Soon Pete changes his opinion towards Lily and the accountant and cashier Susie Smith (Celeste Holm) informs that the public has increased not only in the roadhouse, but also in the bowling alley. Jefty feels attraction for Lily, but when he travels, Lily and Pete fall in love with each other. When Jefty returns, he brings a marriage license and proposes Lily; however she dumps him and Pete and she decide to travel to Chicago and leave the town. However Jefty frames Pete and reports a hake theft to the police. Pete is arrested and found guilty by the jury. However Jefty proposes to the judge that Pete continues to work for him instead of going to the prison. What is the intention of Jefty?

"Road House" is an engaging film–noir with a storyline of unrequited love and obsession. Ida Lupino has an impressive performance, singing with a wonderful husky voice. The first performance of the famous song "Again" is the soundtrack of "Road Movie" sang by Ida Lupino. This film is also the third appearance of the outstanding Richard Widmark and his insane smile on the cinema. Cornel Wilde and Celeste Holm complete the dream cast of this unknown gem. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "A Taverna do Caminho" ("The Tavern on the Way")

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Full of Action Episode, 17 January 2017

Daniel does not poison the Goa'uld lords because he wishes to save Sarah; however Selmak warns him the importance to kill the System Lords at the summit. When Daniel is ready to release the poison, he learns that Sarah is indeed the representative of Anubis that was supposed dead many years ago. Daniel contacts Selmak again and tells that if he kills the System Lords, the evil Anubis will be free from any opposition. Meanwhile, Jack, Sam, Teal'c and Lieutenant Kevin Elliot open tunnels using Tok'ra crystals and try to broadcast a distress signal expecting to contact a Tok'ra's spaceship. Will Daniel, Elliot and the rest of the SG-1 be rescued?

"Last Stand^is the full of action conclusion of "Summit". Daniel should have killed the System Lords and Lt Elliot could stay in the show for a longer period. But the episode is engaging and never disappoints. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Last Stand"

Tension (1949)
Great Film-Noir, 17 January 2017

The timid pharmacist Warren Quimby (Richard Basehart) works hard in the night shift of a drugstore to give a good life to his promiscuous wife Claire Quimby (Audrey Totter). When Claire leaves him to live with her lover, the liquor salesman Barney Deager (Lloyd Gough), Warren plots a scheme to kill Barney. He creates a new identity of a man called Paul Sothern and moves during the weekends to an apartment, telling that he is a traveling salesman to explain the absence along the week. He creates evidences that Paul Sothern wants to get rid off Barney, but soon he falls in love with his next door neighbor Mary Chanler (Cyd Charisse). One night, he goes to the Barney's house by Malibu beach but he gives up killing him; instead he tells Barney that he will divorce Claire. He goes home to move to Mary's apartment but out of the blue, Claire returns and tells that Barney was murdered. When Lieutenants Collier Bonnabel (Barry Sullivan) and Edgar Gonsales (William Conrad) come to his apartment, Warren provides alibi to Claire. However the smart Lieutenant Bonnabel proceeds his investigation and finds that Warren Quimby and Paul Sothern are the same man and Warren is arrested. Will Bonnabel finds the truth?

"Tension" is a great film-noir, with an excellent story of a meek cuckold that is humiliated when his unfaithful wife moves to the house of her lover and plots an intelligent revenge plan to kill his competitor. Richard Basehart and Audrey Totter are perfect in their roles with excellent performances. He calls off his scheme but the man is killed anyway and he is forced by his wife to provide alibi to her. The "modus operandi" of the cynical detective Collier Bonnabel building tension among the suspects and his final action telling to Claire that the furniture in Paul's apartment had been replaced is unique. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Tensão" ("Tension")

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The Dream's Thief, 16 January 2017

In an office, a man called Greg Leiter sees that his coworkers are demons and kills his chief with his briefcase. The Fringe Division goes to the hospital and Olivia and Peter interview Greg; out of the blue, he has an attack and dies with acute exhaustion and white hairs. While Dr. Bishop performs the autopsy of his body, Olivia and Peter visits Greg's wife and learns that he had sleep disorder but was under treatment. Meanwhile there is a similar incident and Dr. Bishop finds a chip connected to the thalamus in both corpses. The Fringe Division visits Dr. Nayak, who had implanted the chips, and suspects of his assistant Zach. But when Zach is found dead in his room and Dr. Nayak receives a note with an intimidation since he is collaborating with the FBI. But soon the Fringe Division believes that Dr. Nayak is addicted on the dreams of his patients.

"Dream Logic" is an entertaining episode of "Fringe" with the storyline apparently not connected to the parallel universe. Peter's dream in the end of the show is the most intriguing part since he recalls when he was abducted by Walter. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Dream Logic"

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Entertaining Adventure, 15 January 2017

In the beginning of the Twentieth Century, the magician Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) comes to New York City. While listening to the speech of the non-maj Mary Lou Barebone (Samantha Morton) telling that witches and wizards are dangerous, he lets a Niffler escape from his magical suitcase. Newt tries to capture the creature in a bank, but he stumbles upon the non-maj Jacob Kowalski (Dan Folger), who is a cannery worker unsuccessfully trying to raise a loan to buy a bakery. Newt captures the Niffler but he accidentally swaps his suitcase with Jacob. The former Auror Tina Golstein (Katherine Waterson) arrests Newt since he has not registered as a wizard in New York and brings him to the MACUSA. However, when she opens his suitcase, she finds only donuts and baked goods. Newt is released but his creatures flee from his suitcase at Jacob's apartment. When Newt and Tina find Jacob, Newt wants to obliviate his memory but Tina decides to bring him to her apartment since he is wounded and confused. She introduces her sister Queenie (Alison Sudof) to Newt and Jacob, and Queenie and Jacob feel immediately attracted by each other. During the night, Newt brings Jacob with him through the magical suitcase to help him to search for the creatures that are missing. However Tina takes the suitcase to the MACUSA and they are arrested since she believes one of Newt's creature is the responsible for killing a senator. However the wizard Percival Graves (Colin Farrell) accuses Newt of conspiracy with the notorious wizard Gellert Grindelwald and Newt and Tina are sentenced to death. What will happen to them?

"Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" is an entertaining adventure with a flawed story. For example, why Newt needs to travel by ship if he may move using his magic? The cast is excellent, highlighting the cameo of Johnny Depp. The CGI is top-notch and despite the running time, the viewer does not feel bored. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Animais Fantásticos e Onde Habitam" ("Fantastic Beasts and Where They Live")

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The Great Storm Is Coming, 15 January 2017

When the shipment of cryogenically frozen heads is stolen by a mysterious man, he shots the security guards and one of the guards helps him to kill the guards but is also killed by one of the guards. When Dr. Bishop analyses the corpse, he discovers that the body has blood and mercury; therefore the man is a shapeshifter and Walter concludes that the nurse killed at the hospital was human. The Fringe Division finds an intact device with the shapeshifter and Olivia gives it to Nina Sharp in order to help the Massive Dynamics to find the identity of the shapeshifter that tried to kill her. Meanwhile, Dr. Bishop recalls his former patient Rebecca Kibner (Theresa Russell) that was able to identify shapeshifters with the power developed by the drugs. He brings her to the laboratory to help the investigation. Out of the blue, Olivia faints and recalls her meeting with William Bell in the parallel universe and his warning about the great storm that was coming. She heads to the Massive Dynamics and schedules a meeting with Nina Sharp, but Charlie stops her telling that Nina Sharp is the shapeshifter. When Olivia meets Charlie, she tells the secret disclosed by Bell about the location of the device hidden in a frozen head. Will Olivia learn that Charlie is the chased shapeshifter before it is too late?

"Momentum Deferred" is one of the best episodes of Fringe. Olivia recalls her conversation with William Bell and finds the truth about Charlie. It is good to see the mature Theresa Russell still a beautiful woman in the role of a youngster submitted to the earlier experiments of Dr. Bishop. The intriguing conclusion indicates that the next episode might be fantastic. Looking forward to see the great storm that is coming. My vote is nine.

Title ("Momentum Deferred")

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