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Decent and Original Low-Budget Vampire Movie, 14 June 2017

When the hemophilic twelve year-old Tate (Trevor Stovall) is bullied at school, he breaks his nose and is sent to the hospital with internal hemorrhage. His father Aaron (James Martinez), who raises Tate alone since his mother died, is desperate since his son needed a transfusion. Despite his lack of faith, Aaron seeks out Father Kane (David Castellvi) that stays at the hospital chapel and they go to Tate's room where Father Kane prays for the boy. During the night, Tate recovers and improves his vision and senses. Further, he has no appetite and becomes sensitive to the sun. Soon Aaron learns that his son turned into a vampire and seeks for help to f ind the blood donor and to save Tate from his fate. Will he succeed?

"Aaron's Blood" is a decent and original low-budget vampire movie by the unknown Tommy Stovall. The story is indeed a father and son drama and fans of gore and horror will certainly be disappointed. The acting of the Latino cast is reasonable and the screenplay is not bad considering the budget, keeping the tension but with a quite disappointing conclusion. The use of nightmares to keep the tension is repetitive, but in general the film works on video. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): Not Available

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Premonition, 13 June 2017

The SG-1 meets a civilization that is slave of Lord Mot and based on an ancient prophecy, their leader asks for help to get rid of the Goa'uld. Out of the blue, Jonas has a premonition and faints. Dr. Fraiser finds a brain tumor and Jonas suspects of Nirrti's experiments with him caused the tumor. She decides to remove his tumor, but Jonas asks to postpone the surgery since he is seeing that his friends are in danger and he needs to be sure how to act to save them.

"Prophecy" is a full of action episode of "Stargate SG-1", with Jonas' premonitions that may or may not happen. The story is well-resolved in the end. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Prophecy"

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Touching and Heartbreaking Reunion, 13 June 2017

When Saunder's squad arrives at a small French town, Pvt. Paul Viller asks to seek out his estranged father that lives in the town. Paul is authorized to look for him with Sgt. Saunders and soon he meets his father, Dr. Emile Viller, and his aunt Claire Brouchard. Sgt. Saunders leave the family together and Paul sees members of the French underground accusing his father of collaboration with the Germans. Saunders returns to take Paul back to the front but he is wounded by the Germans and Paul brings him to the house of his father. When they overhear a conversation of his father with the German Col. Hoffman, he suspects that Dr. Viller is indeed a collaborator. Would he be?

"Reunion" is a touching and heartbreaking episode of "Combat!" with the story of a soldier that had lived with his American mother since he was four that returns to France in the war and meets his French father. The chemistry between father and son is immediate but the deception is huge. The sad conclusion is never corny but a great redemption. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Reunião" ("Reunion")

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The Price of an Information, 11 June 2017

Sgt. Saunders and a seriously wounded private are the only survivors of a patrol sent to find the position where the Germans will attack. Lt. Hanley asks Saunders to participate of a briefing with their captain and he is assigned to join the patrol commanded by Sgt. Jenkins since he knows the enemy field. Saunders warns that there are snipers and mines on their way but Jenkins ignores since he does not want Saunders in his squad. Soon he loses two soldiers and takes more care with the enemy. Saunders and Jenkins find a millhouse and while inside, the Germans arrive to use the place s a command post and kill to the other soldiers that where on watch. They are trapped inside the millhouse while they plan how to give the important information to their command.

"Cat and Mouse" is another great episode of 'Combat!" by Robert Altman, The story is tense and the conclusion is heartbreaking, with Saunders learning that the information that cost the lives of many men is unnecessary. How Saunders retrieved his boots is a mystery. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Gato e Rato" ("Cat and Mouse")

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The Colonel, 11 June 2017

While working as runner for Lt. Hanley, Braddock accepts to serve as the driver of the boastful and noisy Col. Clyde. He asks Braddock to have a shower and wear clean clothes, and he forgets his identification tag in the bathroom. The colonel decides to drive the jeep in high- speed and Braddock sneezes. Col. Clyde gives his coat to Braddock but soon he has an accident. The jeep falls off a bridge, the colonel vanishes and Braddock faints on the road. A German patrols finds Braddock and mistakenly takes him as an American colonel. Braddock first discloses the truth but the Germans do not believe him / Braddock decides to pose as a colonel to have a better treatment for him and other privates. Meanwhile Col. Clyde returns to his base while the Germans propose to exchange Braddock per a German colonel captured by the allied forces. What will happen to Braddock?

"The Prisoner" is a witty episode of "Combat!" directed by Robert Altman. Braddock steals the show posing as a colonel and enjoying the privilege of an officer even as a prisoner. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): ("O Prisioneiro")

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Bizarre and Weird, 11 June 2017

In New York, a middle-aged executive of a financial company has a fatal heart attack while working after hours in the office. The board of directors indicates the young and ambitious executive Lockhart (Dane DeHaan) to assume his position and assigns Lokhart to bring the CEO Roland Pembroke (Harry Groener) back to the company to sign a merger. Further, the company is under investigation of the government and the directors intend to blame Pembroke for dirty business. Pembroke moved to an expensive spa in a castle located in a remote location in the Swiss Alps. Lockhart heads to the place by plane, train and a limousine driven by the local driver Enrico (Ivo Nandi). On the arrival at the spa, the attendant and the director Dr. Heinrich Volmer (Jason Isaacs) do not let Lockhart speak to Pembroke and ask him to return later. Enrico drives Lockhart back to the village but there is a car accident and he returns to the spa to recover a broken leg. Soon Lockhart meets and befriends the weird teenager Hannah (Mia Goth) that drinks a liquid from a blue bottle; and an old patient that tells how the castle was built on ruins of the castle of an evil baron that wanted to marry his sister to have a pure blood child two hundred years ago. When he discovers that his sister is infertile, he uses the local residents to find a cure for his sister that was killed by the dwellers. Lockhart suspects that Dr. Volmer is performing experiments with the interns and decides to investigate the clinic.

"A Cure for Wellness" is a bizarre and weird thriller in a nightmarish atmosphere with strange characters and a long and predictable storyline. The plot is a little confused but the cinematography and sets are wonderful and the performances are great. With a more concise screenplay and a better plot point, "A Cure for Wellness" could be a little masterpiece. But it is worthwhile watching this film. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "A Cura" ("The Cure")

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Pillage, Unconditional Love and Honor, 10 June 2017

Pvt. Jackson is driving a Jeep looking for a hospital for the wounded Lt. Masters, Bradock and Cpl. Cording that are under care of Doc. They get lost and stop at a château, where they are received by the owner's daughter Gabrielle de Gontran that tells that there is no hospital in the area. .Her aristocratic and wealthy father Count de Gontran tells that they can stay for two hours and then leave his property. Soon Jackson warns that Germans are coming to the château and he drives the Jeep to attract the Germans attention in another direction. But he is killed and the Germans head to the château to become a command post. Doc and the wounded American soldiers surrender to the Germans and are locked in a room. Meanwhile the commander Maj. Richter pillages the paintings and silverware from the château and put the eye on Gabrielle, who is the pride and joy of her father. What will happen to them?

"The Château" is an episode made for the support cast since neither Vic Morrow nor Rick Jason participate. The wounded lieutenant is not Hanley and only Doc and Braddock act in the show. The story of unconditional love and honor of a daughter that sacrifices her life to revenge her father is dramatic and well resolved. The conclusion is ironic with the end of the expectation of de Gardon family. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "A Mansão" ("The Mansion")

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Touching Episode, 10 June 2017

Saunders' squad is resting in the destroyed town of Avranche when they receive the new replacement. The famous baseball player Del Packer joins the Company K and is worshiped by Pvt. Billy Nelson. When Saunders goes on patrol with Del Packer, Kelly and Billy in a truck, they are surprised by Germans with a machine gun. Saunders attacks the Germans with Del Packer and sees one soldier flanking Kelly and Billy. He asks Del Packer to kill the German soldier while he destroys the machine gun. But Del Packer freezes and the German shoots Billy before Kelly kill him. What will happen to Billy and Del Packer?

"The Celebrity" is a sad but never corny episode of "Combat!". For a child in the 60's, it would be a full of action show, but it is indeed a deep and touching drama. It is beautiful to see in 2017 the moral values of characters such as Del Packer and his choices. The behavior of Sgt. Saunders is also impressive for a veteran leader that does not accuse his soldiers. This is certainly one of the best episode of this magnificent series. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "A Celebridade" ("The Celebrity")

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Flawed Episode, 10 June 2017

Hanley survives an attack behind the German lines and becomes prisoner of the Germans. He is interrogated by an officer and Gen. Von Strelitz takes Hanley with his driver. The general surprisingly kills his chauffeur and asks Hanley to wear the clothes of the dead man.Later he explains that he wants to defect Germany and surrender to the Allied since he was part of the plot to kill Hitler that failed. Von Strlits wants to bring his daughter Maria with him. Along their journey, they are hunted down by the Gestapo. What will happen to them?

Directed by Robert Altman, "Escape to Nowhere" is a flawed episode of "Combat!". Hanley does not speak any word in German and the scenes in the club are silly and unbelievable. The graveyard scene with the boy shooting the priest does not work well and it becomes funny since Hanley and Von Strelitz never get wet. Anyway, the father and daughter drama is not corny. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Sem Escapatória" ("No Escape")

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The Civilization that Forgot Their Past, 10 June 2017

During the maiden voyage of the Prometheus, there is a friction between Col. Jack O'Neill and Commander Colonel William Ronson. Out of the blue, the hyperdrive fails and Ronson ejects the reactor out of the ship. The reactor blows up in the atmosphere of a planet that sends missiles to the Prometheus. However Jack succeeds to explain their problem and the missiles are aborted and the Prometheus lands on the planet. While the SG-1 makes contact with the amicable leader Chairman Ashwan, his adviser Commander Kalfas does not accept. The SG-1 explains that they need to find a Stargate to bring parts to repair the Prometheus. Ashwan allows the SG-1 to search for a hidden Stargate in the planet but Kalfas arrests Teal'c, Jonas and the scientist and workers that are seeking out the Stargate. What will happen now?

"Memento" is an interesting episode of "Stargate SG-1" about a civilization traumatized by their past the destroyed the register of their history that is forgotten. The idea of learning with mistakes does not work for this society. The behavior of Commander Kalfas is very similar to the suspicious Jack O'Neill; therefore there is nothing strange with the alien commander. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Memento"

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