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Noah (2014)
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Noah's Ark, the Spoof by Hollywood, 12 July 2014

Noah's Ark is a very well known story in several religions, including the Judaism, Christianity and Islamism. God decides to destroy the world with a great flood because of the human evilness. However he spares Noah, who is a good and fair man, and asks him to build a wooden ark to save his family and one male and one female of each animal and bird.

Hollywood decided to make a spoof of the Noah's Ark, using other movies as reference: "The Neverending Story" combined with "Transformers" give The Guardians; "The Shining" for the behavior of Noah in his Ark; "Gladiator" has inspired Noah's personality. In addition, there are other stupid moments, like Noah trying to kill the babies; or Ham helping the intruder; or the period that they stay in the Ark. I saw this movie with family and friends and we have laughed a lot. I would never expected such a mess from Darren Aronofsky. My vote is two.

Title (Brazil): "Noé" ("Noah")

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A Day to Be Remembered by Debra, 12 July 2014

Dexter is raising Harrison as a good father but his dark side needs also to be fed. When he sees the regenerated criminal Brother Sam at the Miami Metro giving his testimony about Omar Rivera, he does not believe in his rehabilitation. Sam claims that he has found strength in religion and he hires ex-cons to work at his repair shop. Dexter targets Sam as his next victim. Meanwhile Quinn unsuccessfully proposes Debra to get married with him. At the Miami Metro, Tom Matthews tells to Debra that she will be promoted to lieutenant and she replies that Angel should be the next lieutenant, but Matthews does not accept her suggestion. Debra tells to Dexter the news and on the next morning, she invites Angel to drink coffee with her and he supports her. Travis and his mentor James Gellar continues to prepare something evil. Dexter intentionally hits his car to go to Sam's repair shop. Soon he finds the truth about Brother Sam.

"Once Upon a Time" is an episode with a day to be remembered by Debra. Dexter is doing his best to raise Harrison without his problems. Angel is a great character and despite his frustration, he supports the promotion of Debra. Masuka is the relief of this show with his silly behavior. What is the scheme of Travis and Gellar is the question of this season. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Era Uma Vez..." ("Once Upon a Time")

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Promotions, Reunion and Religion, 12 July 2014

Angel's sister Jamie is helping Dexter to take care of Harrison. The atheist Dexter is also looking for a Catholic school for his son following Jaime's recommendation. Dexter is invited to the 20th anniversary reunion of his high-school class. His only friend, Janet, died three years ago apparently committing suicide, but Dexter believes that her husband Joe Walker killed her and he wants to collect his blood sample to be sure. Angel and LaGuerta have divorced and she is promoted to Captain. But she recommends the lieutenant position to Angel. Debra and Quinn are living together and he wants to propose her to get married with him. When the intestine of a fruit street vendor is found on his scale, the Miami Metro detectives do not have any clue. But soon his body is found on the beach with seven snakes inside his corpse.

"Those Kinds of Things" is a good beginning of this season and shows a different scenario for Dexter and his friends. Sonya apparently left Dexter and now he hired Angel's sister to take care of Harrison. Debra and Quinn living together; LaGuerta and Angel are divorced. Now the serial killers seem to be two fanatic religious men. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Essas Coisas" ("These Things")

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One of the Best Movies by Jess Franco, 12 July 2014

The teenager Melissa (Agnès Spaak) travels from her small town in Austria with the Spanish Juan Manuel (José Rubio), who flirts with her, to the creepy castle of her uncle Dr. Conrad Jekyll (Marcelo Arroita- Jáuregui) in Holfen to spend Christmas with him and her aunt Inglud (Luisa Sala). Melissa's father Andros (Hugh White) has mysteriously died at the house of his brother Conrad sometime ago. Now she has just reached majority and Conrad intends to transfer the inheritance to her. Melissa is received by the servant Ciceron (Manuel Guitián) and she meets the strange Inglud. Then she meets Conrad in his laboratory, where he secretly carries out a sinister experiment. Melissa wants to get information about the death of her father but she is ignored by Conrad and Inglud. In the past, Andros and Inglud had a love affair and Conrad surprised them and killed Andros. Now, Conrad has turned Andros into a killer zombie controlled by ultrasonic radio wave and uses him to kill women with easy life. Inspector Klein (Pastor Serrador) is investigating the murders but has no clue. Will Melissa find the truth about her father?

"El secreto del Dr. Orloff" is one of the best movies by Jess Franco in the earlier stage of his uneven filmography. The story is simple but makes sense; the acting is not bad but unfortunately Marcelo Arroita- Jáuregui is weak for a villain; and the black and white cinematography and the camera angles are top-notch. The music score by Daniel White is perfect for the atmosphere of this film. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "As Amantes do Dr. Jekyll" ("The Mistresses of the Dr. Jejyll")

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Unfunny and Boring Spoof, 10 July 2014

The clumsy Ramira (Alexandra Jiménez) is hired by Laura (Sílvia Abril) to work as housemaid and nanny of her two children Simeón (Oscar Lara) and Ofendia (Laia Alda). On the arrival, Ramira locks Simeón in the sun but the boy has photo dermatitis and dies, burnt by the sunlight. Ramira hides from Laura what she did to Simeón. Meanwhile, she meets Laura's paraplegic brother Pedro San Antón (Carlos Areces) and they fall in love with each other.

I like brainless spoof movies and I had great expectations of laughing a lot with "Spanish Movie" since I have watched most of the movies used as reference, such as, "El Orfanato" ("The Orphanage"); "Mar Adentro" ("The Sea Inside"); "Abre los Ojos" ("Open Your Eyes"); "The Others" ; "El laberinto del fauno" (Pan's Labyrinth"); and (REC). These movies are Spanish or directed by Spanish directors. Unfortunately "Spanish Movie" is unfunny and even boring and does not satisfy the fans of this genre. The conclusion with the spoof of "Superman" is totally out of the context. My vote is two.

Title (Brazil): "Todo Mundo Hispânico" ("Everybody Hispanic")

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The Dark Passenger is Gone, 10 July 2014

Dexter is seeking out Jordan and Lumen but out of the blue, his family returns from Orlando to celebrate Harrison's birthday in Miami with him. The he is summoned to investigate the crime scene of where Stan Liddy was murdered. LaGuerta suspects of Quinn and arrests him since he has a blood stain on his boot. Meanwhile Jordan takes Lumen to an old camping area that belongs to him and where his victims have been tortured and murdered. But Dexter locates the real estate that belongs to Eugene Greer and he heads to the spot. Debra follows another lead and drives to the same spot. Dexter finally subdues Jordan and he and Lumen kill the last criminal But Debra arrives in the crime scene while they are still cleaning the knives and the place. Will Debra disclose Dexter's dark secret?

"The Big One" is another stunning episode of this Fifth Season. Jordan Chase is a weak serial-killer, comparing with the others that Dexter has faced in the other Seasons. Debra crosses the thin line between right and wrong following her romantic theory and without identifying the killers, in a great conclusion for the barrel girl's case. Dexter clears Quinn's name in a great conclusion for Liddy's investigation. Unfortunately Lumen's dark passenger is gone in the sad but necessary conclusion of Dexter's love affair. His character would end with human feelings if he stayed together with Lumen and fortunately the author did not kill this suffering character. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "O Mais Difícil" ("The Most Difficult")

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The Vigilante and the Surveillance, 10 July 2014

Debra and Quinn go to Jordan Chase's office to interrogate him. Dexter and Lumen try to figure out how they can get Jordan and Lumen suggests to come out as bait to attract him. Dexter finds the surveillance cameras from the Miami Metro and he believes that Quinn is the responsible and he investigates him. Debra has a romantic theory that the 13th victim might be a vigilante helped by her lover to kill the rapists. Debra and Quinn visit Dan's wife and find the connection of Jordan with the missing rapists. Dexter is lured and abducted by Stan Liddy that dopes and takes him in a van. Emily summons Lumen following Jordan's instruction and is murdered by him. Debra gets a court order to arrest Jordan.

"Hop a Freighter" is the best episode of this Season. Dexter follows a wrong investigation regarding the cameras and is surprised by Liddy. Peter Weller performs the real scum and his character is irritating. Debra's theory of the vigilante is very romantic. Will Dexter loosed his better half now that he has found Lumen? My vote is ten.

Title (Brazil): "Sob Vigilância" ("Under Surveillance")

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The Thirteen DVDs, 10 July 2014

Dexter sends Sonya and Harrison to Orlando to protect his son From Jordan. Liddy chases Dexter and Lumen. Dexter discovers that the blood in Jordan's vial belongs to a woman named Emily Birch. Cole becomes prime suspect again but he is missing. The police investigation finds thirteen DVDs in Cole's house showing the torture of the girls. Meanwhile Lumen and Dexter visit Emily Birch but she refuses to talk with them. Soon Lumen returns to her house and learns that Emily was the first victim of Jordan Chase and his friends. Further, the real name of Jordan is Eugene Greer and the fifth teenager in the photo is Alex Tilden. Dexter and Lumen plot to kill him and prepare a kill room. Later Emily receives an unexpected friend.

"In the Beginning" is another great sequel of this excellent season. Angela "May" Bettis joins this series in the role of the mysterious woman that has survived the rapists. Debra will certainly be affected by the content of the DVDs. But the greatest surprise is the reunion of Emily and her visitor. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "No Começo" ("In the Beginning")

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Take Care, Lumen, 10 July 2014

Dexter becomes close to Jordan and trains with him to investigate his life. He sees a necklace with a vial with blood in his closet. Lumen calls him because someone is breaking into the house. Soon Dexter discovers that the invaders are the rebel Astor her friend Olivia and they are drunk. Quinn and Debra are sort of in love with each other. Angel summons Debra and tells that he will support her. Debra is assigned to work at the archive department. She snoops the documentation and finds other DNAs in the barrel girls' case. Dexter steals blood from Jordan's vial. Lumen calls Dexter and tells that the girls are missing. The neighbor reports a van around Dexter's house and a man is arrested. Soon he is identified as Olivia's father. Lumen discovers marks in Olivia's body. Debra confronts LaGuerta, and she tells that Quinn was not on vacation, but suspended by her to protect her brother, affecting their relationship. Dexter threatens Olivia's father, telling him to leave her family. LaGuerta reopens the barrel girl's case. Lumen receives a frightening phone call.

In "Teenage Wasteland", Debra proves again that she is a very efficient detective. The strong personality is one of the greatest attractions of this show. But she seems to have the gift of falling for the wrong guy. It is impressive how Christina Robinson has grown up. But the relationship of Dexter and Lumen is probably the best part of this season. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Adolescentes" ("Teenagers")

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Scape Goat, 10 July 2014

Dexter participates of Jordan's Chase's seminar and is invited to visit him in his suite. LaGuerta does not assume her mistake and Debra becomes her scape goat. Lumen receives an unexpected phone call and meets her ex-fiancé in a restaurant in Miami. Dexter plans a scheme with Lumen to catch Cole in the hotel and he asks Lumen to buy plastic and other stuff. Liddy forces a car crash at the parking area of a supermarket to get Lumen's personal data. Dexter is forced to go to Jordan's stage to tell what he felt when he found Rita dead. Meanwhile, Cole sees Lumen and she flees to her room. However Dexter saves Lumen and their room becomes Cole's kill room. While leaving the hotel, Dexter meets Jordan and makes an important discovery. Later, Liddy takes photos of Dexter and Lumen in the boat dumping Cole's remains in the water.

In "Take It!, Dexter gets rid of another rapist and finds a clue of who might be another attacker. Debra is used as scape goat by LaGuerta. Dexter's secret life is in danger with the snoopy Liddy. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Vá Pegar" ("Go to Take It")

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