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Delusion and Parasite, 25 November 2015

The SG-1 finds a chamber with nine Goa'uld bodies inside and Teal'c identifies them as the rivals of the System Lords, Linvris. Daniel finds a device and while reading it, he is infected by an alien parasite. Back on the SGC, Daniel is delusional and Dr. Fraiser locks him in a cell while the SG-1 is kept in quarantine for observation. When Jack, Sam and Teal'c visit Daniel in the cell, his parasite leaves his body and infects Teal'c. Further, Daniel overhears Ma'chello's voice telling that the parasite was intended to kill Goa'uld. Will Daniel convince his friends that he is not mad?

"Legacy" is a good episode of SG-1 with well-written story and screenplay. The plot is also well resolved with the skilled Sam finding a means to save the SG-1 and Dr. Fraiser. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Stargate SG-1: Legacy"

Radioactive Zombies, 25 November 2015

In South Dakota, the survivors arrives at a warehouse in a nuclear plant and they are warned by a man called Wilbur Grady and his daughter Amelia that the glowing zombies are radioactive and they should neither have physical contact with them nor let their blood splatter on them. Soon they learn that the reactor core will meltdown destroying everything within five hundred kilometers radius. The group decides to team-up with Wilbur and Amelia to fix the reactor, but Wilbur fails and subsequently dies. Now their only chance is to convince the engineer Homer Stubbins, who became a hermit after the loss of his son, to help them to fix the reactor. Will they succeed in their intent?

"Going Nuclear" is a funny and entertaining episode of "Z Nation". The glowing radioactive zombies are hilarious and the bond between Homer and 10K is a good moment of the show. The name Homer is probably a joke with Homer Simpson, who worked at a nuclear plant. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Going Nuclear"

A Long Nightmare, 25 November 2015

In Utah, Mack and Addy expect to join the rest of the group and they stop by a creek. Addy is tense and disturbed by her daydreams and Mack tries to please her with their first date having dinner together using a few supplies. However Addy sleeps and he decides to rest. But soon he finds that he is trapped in a nightmare with a huge zombie.

The awful "Die Zombie Die... Again" is so far the worst episode of "Z Nation". The tedious story shows in the end that is nothing but a long nightmare of Addy. There is nothing much to say about this terrible show. Better off skip it! My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "Die Zombie Die... Again"

The Goa'uld System Lords, 24 November 2015

Sam is promoted to major and during Jack's speech, a beam transports him to a spacecraft where he meets Thor. He explains to Jack that the earthlings have called the attention of the Goa'uld System Lords after defeating Hathor and now they intent to attack Earth. However Asgard had proposed to include Earth in the Protected Planets Treaty and three Goa'uld System Lords will come to Earth to negotiate. In principle, they may accept the deal provide the two Stargates are returned to them. Thor also advises that Jack must be the negotiator of the planet. When the trio arrives, they prove to be intolerable beings and almost impossible to deal with. Teal'c and Cronos have a friction and out of the blue, they are found unconscious. When Teal'c awakes, he tells that he has not fought with the lord. Who might have attacked them? Will Jack succeed in his negotiation?

"Fair Game" introduces three Goa'uld System Lords (Cronus, Yu the Great and Nirrti) and the return of Asgard Thor. The plot is funny and Jack acting as the representative of the human race is hilarious. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Fair Game"

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The Only Thing That Keeps You from Becoming a Monster Is Killing, 23 November 2015

While the walkers eat Nicholas, Glenn sneaks below his dead body and hides under a container. Glenn stays there until the walkers leave the area, and then he seeks water to drink. Enid throws a bottle of water to him from the roof of a building and flees, but Glenn chases her. Then they walk together back to Alexandria that is under siege of a herd of walkers. Meanwhile inside the compound, Maggie waits for Glenn while Rick gives training of how to handle a gun to Ron. He also gives a pistol with the magazine without bullets to him. Then he has a conversation with Morgan about his behavior without killing the invaders. Rick tries to support the wall with additional braces and Tobin helps him. Spencer tries to reach the car outside the wall and Rick and Tara save him. Carol follows Morgan and asks who is trapped in the cell while part of the wall collapses.

"Heads Up" is another great episode of "The Walking Dead". Glenn has survived the attack of walkers and is alive as expected. The rescue of Spencer is breathless and a great moment of the show. Carol and Morgan and Ron and Carl provide moments of tension in the story. The conclusion with part of the wall collapsing is the climax of the plot and probably will not conclude on the next episode since it is a usual procedure of AMC. My guess is that Glenn will drive the car to attract the walkers and save his friends since he is outside the wall. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Heads Up"

Daydream and Zunami, 22 November 2015

The survivors have not eaten or drunk water for three days and they are dehydrated and weak to proceed. When they see the huge herd of zombies coming on their direction, they use their last effort to reach a morgue. However they are trapped inside and the only way to protect themselves is hiding inside the cold chambers. Meanwhile Citizen Z discovers a Russian pod from the International Space Station and soon he befriends the Russian astronaut Yuri. When he sees that his dog has not moved since the arrival of Yuri, he suspects that the astronaut has poisoned the dog. Murphy leaves the morgue that is crowded of zombies and finds a mother and her daughter hidden in a building. He steals their water and supplies and let their husband and father that has turned into zombie to get inside the building. Will Murphy abandon his group in the morgue? Who is Yuri and what did he do with the dog?

"Zunami" shows Citizen Z completely deranged alone in the base with his dog. Murphy continues his transformation and now he is inhuman, killing a family of survivors. Surprisingly he decides to help his group but the last hope of mankind is changing very fast. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Zunami"

Gun Show and Zunami, 22 November 2015

The survivors cross the border of Kansas and have a problem with the truck. Warren is emotionally detached missing Garnett and Mack and Addy seek for help riding a motorcycle. However 10K fixes the truck and they drive through a different route. They arrive in the Fu-Bar where Doc finds an old friend that tells that there will be a gun show where the prize is a fantastic weapon. Warren goes to the Fu-Bar in crisis and drinks lots of booze. Murphy tries to steal a car and bites the owner. Meanwhile Citizen Z broadcasts advising that a Zunami is coming to Kansas.

"Welcome to the Fu-Bar" is an episode with good moments; however, Warren's crisis is annoying. Murphy is still a selfish character and he is becoming dangerous. Mack surprises with his attitude and what will be his fate with Addy now that they have split from the rest of the group. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Welcome to the Fu-Bar"

Le Sauvage (1975)
Silly but Funny, 22 November 2015

In Caracas, Nelly (Catherine Deneuve) is engaged of Vittorio (Luigi Vannucchi). However, after the engagement party with his family, she calls off the commitment and flees from him lodging in a hotel. Vittorio pursues her but the middle-aged French guest Martin (Yves Montand) helps Nelly. She seeks out her former employer Alex Fox (Tony Roberts), who owns a night-club and owes one-year salary to her, but he does not help her. Nelly steals a valuable painting from his office and heads back to the hotel, hiding in Martin's room. He gets a ticket to Paris for her and leaves her at the airport. Then he sails on his boat to an island where he lives alone. When Martin arrives, he finds Nelly waiting for him in his house. She explains that customs did not allow her to leave Venezuela with the painting. Soon his peaceful life of hermit becomes Hell on Earth, but they fall in love with each other. However Vittorio and Alex are still chasing her.

"Le sauvage" is a silly but funny romantic comedy. Catherine Deneuve is gorgeous and her devilish character is totally amoral. There is no reason why men fall for her but her beauty. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "O Selvagem" ("The Savage")

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The Best Episode So Far, 22 November 2015

In Province town, the survivors have difficulties to find supplies and are starving. Garnett decides to stop at a compound kept by his friend Major Williams. He welcomes the survivors and explains that the only condition is to leave their weapons at the front cabin since the place is absolutely safe, actually a self-sustained Utopian sanctuary. They accept the condition and are admitted in the place. At the same time, three persons that joined the Church of the fanatic and insane Jacob are re-admitted in the compound. While the group is eating, Warren and Garnett have sex in a private room. Out of the blue, the three readmitted persons commit suicide in strategic places and turn into zombies, biting the others and multiplying the number of the zombies. Without protection, the residents turn into zombies but the survivors succeed to escape with the help of 10K and Cassandra. However they are captured by Jacob that offers two options: to join his flock or turn into zombies. What will happen to them? .

"Resurrection Z" is the best episode of "Z Nation" so far. Just like in "The Walking Dead", the great problem for the survivors is the humans and not the zombies. The self-sustained sanctuary is totally destroyed by the insane Jacob and his cult. My question is: Was worthwhile the sacrifice of a human life for the selfish and weird Murphy? My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Resurrection Z"

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Terrible and Illogical Conclusion, 22 November 2015

In Illinois, the survivors are resting in a suburban house with electrified fence. Warren and Garnet are very close and bonding to each other while zombies are trapped in the fence. The weird Murphy finds that his hair is falling out and he becomes bald. Out of the blue, Citizen Z advises that they must seek shelter since a tornado with storm is coming. They also see a herd of zombies coming to the house. Warren decides to drive home since it is only two miles far and has shelter in the basement. However she regrets that she left her husband Antoine behind. They find a couple hidden in the house and the man is severely wounded in the head. The woman tells that a fireman has sent them to that house and Warren believes it was Antoine. She goes with Garnet to the firehouse to search for supplies and to seek out Antoine, but they find only zombies. Cassandra and 10 K seek for supplies and they are surprised by the storm. Doc tries to relief the pressure in the man's brain with a drill. When Warren and Garnet returns, she decides to stay outside the basement waiting for Antoine. Who will survive in the group?

"Home Sweet Zombie" is a reasonable episode with a weird story but terrible and illogical conclusion. The tornado throwing the zombies is very funny. Addy has flashbacks that are not explained. The connection of Murphy with the zombie shows that he may not be the solution for mankind since he is a hybrid between human and zombies. Warren's attitude is totally unreasonable since she is a survivor. Why did she decide to stay outside the shelter during the storm is stupid. Further, has Antoine accidentally protected her since wearing fireman's mask it would not be possible to bite her or was only a nightmare? My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Home Sweet Zombie"

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