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The Creator and the Creature, 1 August 2014

Dexter watches videos of Harry consulting Dr. Vogel about him. The ten year-old Dexter had just visited a crime scene with Harry and his stepfather visited Dr. Vogel seeking help for his stepson. Dr. Vogel discloses to Dexter that she prepared Harry's Code with his stepfather to satisfy Dexter's urge for blood. Dr. Vogel has received the missing part of the brain of a man and she believes that the killer is one of her former patients. She asks Dexter to find and kill the serial-killer as a sort of favor for her. Deb goes to a store expecting to recover the jewels stolen by Briggs, but El Sapo unexpectedly arrives and beats up on Debra. The police find another victim with brain and skull sliced open and Dexter finds a clue. Then El Sapo is murdered and Dexter discovers who has killed the hit-man.

"Every Silver Lining..." is not among the best episodes of Dexter. There are good dialogs and great performances but the plot is weak. Dexter is not following Harris's Code any longer and Debra is completely lost and wasted. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Cada Fresta de Esperança..."

Better and Better Than "Sadako 3D" But Is Still a Messy and Illogical Story, 1 August 2014

The outcast four year-old girl Nagi (Kokoro Hirasawa) does not have friends and is bullied at the Yuki kindergarten. She misses her mother and is raised by her aunt, the student of psychology Fûko Andô (Miori Takimoto), who is the sister of Takanori Andô (Kôji Seto) that works at the Asakawa General Hospital. There are weird deaths in Tokyo and Nagi makes drawings of the crime scenes before the happenings. Fûko is concerned with the creepy drawings and shows them to her professor. However she tells that Fûko shall not worry since she is projecting her own feelings on the drawings since her mother committed suicide.

Meanwhile the police inspector Kakiuchi seeks out Mr. Koiso that tells him that the responsible for the deaths is Sadako and Akane Ayukawa (Satomi Ishihara), who was possessed by Sadako. Nagi continues to make drawings showing the deaths and Fûko is scared. She brings Nagi to a session with her professor and Nagi scares the psychologist, but she does not disclose her feelings to her student. Fûko tells her fears about Nagi to her brother and asks him if Nagi is his daughter with Akane but he does not reply the question. Kakiuchi meets Takanori and asks questions about Akane and Nagi. Meanwhile Fûko visits the criminal Seiji Kashiwada in the prison and finds the truth about Nagi. When Fûko meets Takanori, he reveals that Akane is alive but in coma and holding Sadako in her body. Fûko meets Nagi and the girl asks to see her mother. What will Fûko do?

"Sadako 3D 2" is better and better than "Sadako 3D" but is still a messy and illogical story with a terrible conclusion. Akane is alive but Sadako is not trapped in her body, since she is in a crime spree. The girl Kokoro Hirasawa has an impressive performance in the creepy role of Nagi, but her character is confused, beginning the movie as a frightening clairvoyant that becomes an innocent little girl near to the end before Akane is murdered. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "A Invocação" ("The Invocation 2")

Waste of Time, 30 July 2014

In1846, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the area known as Donner Pass, a starving man kills three others to eat their flesh during the winter, but a boy witnesses the murders and flees.

In the present days, the teenagers Kayley (Desiree Hall), her boyfriend Mike (Colley Bailey), her cousin Nicole (Adelaide Kane) and the outcast Thomas (Erik Stocklin) travel to the house in Donner Pass of Thomas's parents that are in Europe. Thomas recommends his friends to be careful with the house since his parents do not know that they are spending the weekend there. They learn that the police are hunting down the criminal James Michael Epstein (John Kassir). Out of the blue, the troublemaker boyfriend of Nicole, Derek (Dominic DeVore), comes with his friends Brody (Antonio Trischitta), Valerie (Krystal Davis) and A.J. (Brandon Morales) in his SUV to stay with Nicole, despite the protests of Thomas. Soon their beer runs out and Brody drives the SUV to buy some more in the town. Brody goes missing and soon Mike, Kayley and Thomes find his body eaten. Meanwhile Valerie is murdered near the house and the car has flat tires. Who might be the cannibal that is attacking the group?

"Donner Pass" is a terrible slasher with an awful gore story of cannibalism and one-dimensional characters. The explanation for the anthropophagy is ridiculous and most of the characters are non- charismatic. In the end, watching "Donner Pass" is a complete waste of time. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): Not Available

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Everybody Knows about Dexter, 30 July 2014

There is a memorial service for the sixth month of LaGuerta's death and many things have changed in Miami Metro since then. Angel has returned as lieutenant and Tom Matthews as deputy Chief; Debra has quit the police and now she is working as private investigator. Dexter tries to contact her, but she avoids him. Debra is involved with a drug dealer and thief and is sort of crazy. The police are investigating the death of a man that had part of his brain removed and the psychopath expert Dr. Evelyn Vogel joins the team to help them. Dexter meets Debra expecting to protect her in an unfortunate encounter. Then Dr. Vogel meets Dexter and talks about Harry's Code, showing that she know about Dexter.

"A Beautiful Day" is a strange beginning of the last season, with Debra completely out of control. Out of the blue appears a new character, Dr. Evelyn Vogel, knowing Harry's Code. Does everybody know about Dexter? I did not like this beginning of season. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Um Lindo Dia" ("A Beautiful Day")

Search and You Will Find, 29 July 2014

Dexter meets Hannah in the prison and she admits that she tried to kill Debra. Dexter and Hannah are in love with each other, but they do not trust in each other. Hannah calls Arlene and asks her something. LaGuerta arrests Dexter at home, but the evidence was planted by Dexter as part of a scheme to discredit her. Hannah goes to the court and he does not feel well and is sent to the emergency of a hospital; then she flees. LaGuerta summons Debra and shows a DVD that Mike Anderson has collected in a gas station showing her buying gas. Dexter finds Estrada and Debra tells him the findings of the Captain. Angel gives a New Year party in his restaurant and Debra notes that neither LaGuerta nor Dexter are there. She goes to the container where Dexter is forging a crime scene showing that LaGuerta and Estrada killed each other. Debra has a surprising attitude.

"Surprise, Mother**cker!" is the last episode of this season with a great twist in the end. Maria LaGuerta becomes obsessed to find the Bay Harbor Butcher since she has found the blood slide. She insisted to try to prove the innocence of Doakes and prove that Dexter is a serial- killer. In the end, search and you will find. Let's see the behavior of the unstable Debra in the next season. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Surpresa, Desgraçado!" ("Surprise, Mother**cker!")

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No Future, 29 July 2014

It is near Christmas and Dexter starts to think about the future with Hannah, growing old with her. Then he learns that the last killer of his mother, Hector Estrada, will be put on parole. Angel finds Arlene Schramm and she decides to press her to testify against Hannah. Dexter meets Matthew and he discloses to Dexter that LaGuerta believes that he is the Bay Harbor Butcher. Arlene meets Hannah and tells that Debra is decided to take her children from her if she does not go to the court against her friend. Hannah meets Debra and proposes peace between them but Debra tells that she will put Hannah behind bars. Dexter plants evidences against Doakes and Matthew is convinced of his innocence. Then he meets Estrada posing of drug dealer with the intention of killing him. Debra faints and has a car accident and she believes that Hannah has poisoned her. Dexter finds a bottle of water in Debra's car and sends it to be analyzed in the laboratory. Dexter meets Hannah and despite their love for each other, they break up. Dexter prepares a killing room inside a container at the harbor and when he is ready to kill Estrada, he learns that LaGuerta was the responsible for his parole. Dexter understands that he was set up by LaGuerta. He also discovers that Hannah has poisoned Debra and later he delivers to Debra the evidence she needs to arrest Hannah.

"Do You See What I See?" is the best episode of this great Season. Dexter was set up by LaGuerta and now it will be difficult to hide his secret. The relationship between Hannah and Dexter was interesting but unfortunately it will end. My vote is ten.

Title (Brazil): "Você Vê o Que Eu Vejo?" ("Do You See What I See?")

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The Phantom Arsonist and the Dark Rider, 29 July 2014

Miami has a new serial-killer that burns his victims to death and is called the Phantom arsonist by the media and the police. Dexter suspects of the Fire Inspector Phil Bosso, but her promises Debra not to interfere in the police investigation. Dexter and Hannah have a conversation about his urge to kill when they are surprised by Hannah's father Clint McKay that has just left prison and tells that he would like to apologize to Hannah for being a bad father. But he asks for a loan and when Hannah tells that she does not have the money, he turns into a disgusting creature. Dexter finds that Bosso is not a criminal since Masuka finds a clue of the Phantom in the security footage of the bus burnt by him. LaGuerta makes a deal with Matthew to help her to investigate the Bay Harbor Butcher that she believes is Dexter. Quinn learns that George will send Nadia to Dubai and he goes to the club and kills the mobster; then he forges the crime scene. Dexter finds the Phantom but he leaves the arsonist for Angel and Debra. Clint blackmails Hannah and Dexter and he learns that her father was the one that tipped Sal with information about Hannah. Dexter brings Clint to a boat ride with no return.

"The Dark… Whatever" shows Dexter changing completely his profile and not following Harris's Code anymore. LaGuerta is insisting in her investigation and will certainly collide with Dexter, in a difficult situation for both of them. Poor Hannah, it is easy to understand her instinct of preservation having a scum like Clint as father. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "O Passageiro...Tanto Faz" ("The Passenger… Whatever")

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One Problem Goes, Another Comes, 28 July 2014

Dexter takes Hannah in a boat ride, but she receives a message and has to return to work. Meanwhile, Isaak and Yurg discover that the Koshka Brotherhood has hired two professional hit-men to kill him. Issak breaks into Dexter's apartment and proposes him to be the surprise element to kill the killers. Dexter turns his proposal down and Jurg kidnaps Hannah to force Dexter to help Isaak. Dexter discloses the situation to Debra and tells that he will help Isaak to save Hannah. LaGuerta visits Matthews on his boat to tell her theory about the Bay Harbor Butcher and after an initial rough dialog, Matthews proposes an arrangement to help her. George forces Nadia to have sex with him; when Quinn learns what happened with his girlfriend, he punches George on the face several times and takes Nadia out of the club. Dexter helps Isaak to kill the killers, but Isaak is mortally wounded by George. Meanwhile Hannah tries to escape from Jurg and is wounded by him.

"Helter Skelter" is a great episode where Dexter gets rid of a great problem, Issak Sirko. However a greater problem is coming, with the investigation of LaGuerta. Quinn is drowning in the mud that he got into. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Apressado" ("In a Hurry")

Different Types of Love, 28 July 2014

Dexter has breakfast with Hannah and then he visits Debra to tell that he will not kill Hannah. Further, he tries to convince Debra that she would regret if he killed Hannah. Dexter receives a message telling that Cody and Astor will come with Harrison to stay with Dexter since their grandfather needs to be submitted to a surgery. Jamie goes to Orlando to bring the children and Dexter asks Debra to stay with them and to withdraw the surveillance on Isaak. Debra opens her heart to the astonished Dexter and tells that she was in love with him. Meanwhile George calls the Koshka Brotherhood and convinces them to get rid of Isaak. Dexter visits Isaak's apartment and kills a hit-man that was hired to kill Issak. George blackmails Quinn with an audio of their conversation and Quinn is forced to transport drugs for the Ukraine mafia. Dexter follows Isaak to a gay bar and learns the relationship between Isaak and Viktor. LaGuerta continues her investigation and now Dexter is in her list of suspects.

"Argentina" discloses different types of love among the characters. Dexter and Hannah are in love with each other; Debra discloses her unrequited love with Dexter. Quinn is in love with Nadia and has crossed the line between right and wrong. Isaak discloses to Dexter that Viktor and he were lovers. It seems that soon Dexter will have problem with LaGuerta. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Argentina"

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Checkmate, 27 July 2014

Dexter spends the night with Hannah and he brings her home in the morning, promising not to see each other again. However Sal Price is stalking Hannah and blackmails Dexter to give information to him about Wayne; otherwise he will destroy his career telling that he forged the blood report to protect his love. Price also forces Hannah to meet him to tell details about Wayne's crimes and she accepts too protect Dexter. Price also meets Debra and tells that his technician does not agree with Dexter's report and believes that Hannah killed her husband and her former boss with poison. Isaak is released from prison due to the lack of the blood evidence and the crime scene in the bar is totally destroyed with sewage by the Koshka Brotherhood. Angel finds that Quinn was the only one that had been in the evidence room in the last 72 hours, but Quinn tells that he has nothing to do with the disappearance of the evidence and Angel believes. Then Quinn lends ten thousand dollar to Angel for buying the restaurant. Dexter plots a scheme to incriminate Sal Price and stop his blackmail with Hannah and him. However, Sal Price has a heart attack and dies in Dexter's apartment. Dexter visits Hannah and they spend the night together again. In the middle of the night, Dexter receives a phone call from Debra with a strange request from her.

"Chemistry" is another episode where Dexter violates Harris's Code in the name of love (or chemistry). The dangerous Isaak Sirko is back to the streets and George still hold Nadia's passport and freedom. Quinn uses the bribery from the Koshka Brotherhood to help Angel but this attitude does not exempt him for what he did. Dexter is in checkmate now with Hannah. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Química" ("Chemistry")

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