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Behind the Eight Ball, 28 May 2016

After stabbing the matron, the seventeen year-old delinquent Jody Dvorak (Ann-Margret) escapes from a juvenile detention facility. She breaks in an empty house and sleeps in a bed. Late night, the prominent politician and future senator David Stratton (John Forsythe) comes home after a business meeting with his friend Grant (Richard Anderson) and wife. In the morning, he sees Jody and she tells a dramatic story of her life to him. David decides to help the young woman and goes to the town to buy clothes for her. Then he drives her to the bus station and gives some money to her. He meets Grant in a restaurant and when David is going to tell what happened to him, he sees Jody in the television and gives up. When David returns home, he finds Jody there. He picks up the phone to call the police and Jody threatens to accuse him of rape. Then three delinquents – the smart Ron (Peter Brown); the violent Buck (Skip Ward); and Midge (Diane Sayer) - come to David's house and afraid of a scandal, he becomes hostage of the situation. When Buck and Ron have an argument, Buck accidentally hurts Ron with a razor blade and Midge flees in their car. Now the delinquents want David to drive them to Tijuana to escape from the police. What will David do?

"Kitten with a Whip" is an anguishing film about a good and honest man that gets involved in a difficult situation that might destroy his career and personal life. Ann-Margret is a bipolar woman that controls the situation threatening the man with lies. The film is tense but David is too naive and has many chances to resolve the problem calling the police, especially after the arrival of Jody's friends. "Knock Knock" (2015) uses a similar storyline with a family man also "behind the eight ball". My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): Not Available on Blu-Ray or DVD.

I, Monster (1971)
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Retold, 28 May 2016

In the Nineteenth Century, in London, the psychologist Charles Marlowe (Christopher Lee) researches a new drug capable to release inhibitions and uses his patients as guinea pigs. He discusses the principles of Freud with his friend Dr. Lanyon (Richard Hurndall) and decides to experiment his drug in himself. He becomes the ugly and evil Edward Blake and his friend and lawyer Frederik Utterson (Peter Cuhsing) believes Blake is another person that might be blackmailing Charles. Meanwhile Charles loses control of his transformation.

"I, Monster" is another version of the classic story of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. The art direction is very beautiful and the great attractions are certainly Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "O Soro Maldito" ("The Damned Serum")

Delightful Romantic Comedy, 27 May 2016

The executive Stevenson Lowe (James Spader) moves to New York to work in the publishing house that has belonged to his family for generations. He buys an old townhouse to live alone, disappointing his girlfriend Julia (Polly Walker) that believed they would move in together. Soon he discovers that the house is haunted by two amicable ghosts, the former theater stars from the 20's Max Gale (Michael Caine) and Lily Marlowe (Maggie Smith). Further, they are married and argue most of the time. Meanwhile, Senator Will Dodge (Sam Shepard) woos Julia and she breaks up with Stevenson. His professional and private life turns upside-down, since the publishing house decides to accept to publish commercial and shallow books; his former lover Michelle Tippet (Marcia Gay Harden) hits on him; Julia travels to Washington to meet the Senator; and the two ghosts quarrels all the time. But he learns how much he loves Julia. Will he succeed to have she back?

"Curtain Call" is a delightful romantic comedy, one of those films that is pleasant to see more than once. The wonderful cast with James Spader, Polly Walker, Michael Caine, Maggie Smith, Sam Shepard and Marcia Gay Harden has a perfect chemistry and seems to have fun while performing their characters. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Adoráveis Fantasmas" ("Lovely Ghosts")

The Rebirth of a Woman, 26 May 2016

The rude, selfish and arrogant businessman Harry Brock (John Goodman) travels to Washington with his mistress Billie Dawn (Melanie Griffith), his adviser Ed Devery (Edward Herrmann) and his assistant JJ (Max Perlich) to have business meetings with senators. Billie is a former showgirl from Las Vegas and does not have culture, embarrassing Harry in the social events. He hires the journalist Paul Verrall (Don Johnson) to teach Billie that is an intelligent woman and soon she does not accept the treatment spent by Harry toward her. Further, Billie and Paul disclose dirty businesses of Harry and fall in love with each other.

"Born Yesterday" is a remake of the 1950 film with a storyline inspired in "Pygmalion" (1938) and "Educating Rita" (1983). The romance is entertaining and funny and the gorgeous Melanie Griffith shows a great chemistry with her husband Don Johnson. John Goodman completes the cast with great performance. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "O Renascer de Uma Mulher" ("The Rebirth of a Woman")

Unfunny and Weird, 26 May 2016

In the small town Shemerville, the vandal Robin (Alessandro Nivola) breaks the front window of a store in the middle of the night and is arrested by Deputy Ernie (Bruce Norris). Sheriff Quinn (William Sadler) locks Robin in a cell while Ernie wants to have sex with his mistress Donna (Karen Sillas) in the police car along his shift. The inhabitants of Shemerville and Quinn blame Robin for the death of Quinn's nephew Danny (Norman Reedus). However Robin recalls the night when he was drinking with his friend Danny on the side of the river and Danny challenges him to cross the river. Danny does not accept to go but Danny decides to swim alone and drowns. Robin succeeds to steal the key of his cell and along the night, he sneaks out from the police station to break other windows of the same owner with a great alibi. Later Quinn discovers that Robin's true intention is to call the attention of his high-school girlfriend Lise (Brooke Langton) for whom he is in love.

"Reach the Rock" is an unfunny and weird low-budget film. The story has many subplots that are easily resolved. Sheriff Quinn accepts Robin's word; his vandalism to call the attention of his former girlfriend is silly; the easy way that he escapes from the Sheriff's office is unbelievable. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): "Nadando Contra a Corrente" ("Swimming Against the Stream")

The Queen Bee, 26 May 2016

After a successful treatment of cancer of the girl Jaime Roland (Talia- Lynn Prairie), the former hacker Stephen Roland (Billy Wirth) is convinced by Dr. Caine (David Jean Thomas) to let her be submitted to a MRI scanner by the specialist Dr. Colleen O'Brian (Maeve Quinlan) to check that she is totally cured. During the examination, Jaime has seizure and dies. Stephen has a meeting with the Director Dr. Jamison (Michael Ensign) and requests explanations about the death of his daughter. He claims malpractice or malfunction of the equipment and Dr. Jamison tells that only after the autopsy it would be possible to know the true cause. Further, he introduces the responsible for the experimental MRI equipment Al Bercovicci (Philip Boyd) that explains that the equipment is working perfectly. After the autopsy, Dr. Jamison accuses Dr. Caine of malpractice and tells that the girl had several tumors in her head. However Stephen does not buy the story and teams-up with Colleen. He uses his computer knowledge to investigate and finds a complex of power and economical interests involved to approve the scanner and buy it.

"The Drone Virus" is a thriller with a good story but poor screenplay. The plot begins with the testimony of relatives of patients' victim of cancer that have no association with the story. The screenplay is confused with plot points and despite the unexpected last one, it could be better and better. The gorgeous Maeve Quinlan is an attraction of this film. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Contaminação" ("Contamination")

Hard Times (1975)
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The Mysterious Street Fighter, 25 May 2016

During the Great Depression, the mysterious drifter Chaney (Charles Bronson) befriends the promoter of illegal street fights Speed (James Coburn) and they go to New Orleans to make money fighting on the streets. Speed is welcomed by his mistress Gayleen Schoonover (Maggie Blye) and invites his former partner Poe (Strother Martin) to team-up with them. Meanwhile Chaney has a love affair with the local Lucy Simpson (Jill Ireland). Speed has a huge debt with the dangerous loan shark Doty (Bruce Glover) and borrows money to promote the fight of Chaney and the local champion Jim Henry (Robert Tessier), who is managed by the also promoter (Michael Mcguire). Casey wins the fight, they make a lot of money but Speed is an addicted gambler and loses his share in the dice table. But Doty wants his money back and Speed's only chance is Chaney accepts to bet his own money that he is saving and fight a winner that Gandil brought from Chicago. Will he accept the challenge?

"Hard Times" is a good film by Walter Hill with the reconstitution of the period of the Great Depression in New Orleans. Charles Bronson and James Coburn have top-notch performances in the role of a mysterious street fighter and a promoter of illegal fights respectively. The character Chaney is not developed and his origins and plans are not disclosed. Did he learn to fight in the prison? The question is not answered and the viewer only knows that he is an outstanding street fighter and loyal friend. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Lutador de Rua" ("Street Fighter")

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Hold the Door, 23 May 2016

Sansa receives a sealed letter from Littlefinger and she meets him with Brienne. Sansa discloses the treatment of Ransay and despises her former friend. Arya continues her training in Braavos and Jaqen offers another assignment to her to kill an actress. Bran discovers the origin of the White Walkers in one of his visions. On the Iron Island, Theon supports his sister Yara to be the Queen; however their uncle Euron Greyjoy arrives and claims the throne for him. In Vaes Dothrak, Jorah shows his greyscale to Daenerys and discloses his love for her and Deaenery commands him to find a cure to his disease. In Meereen, people are in temporary peace and he has an encounter with a Red Priestess. Bran disobeys the Three-Eyed Raven and has a vision alone of the White Walkers. Out of the blue, he is touched by Night's Kings with tragic consequences. Sansa, Jon and Davos plot an alliance with other Houses from the North to retake Winterfell.

After the excellent "Book of the Stranger", the overrated "The Door" is only a reasonable episode of "Game of Thrones". Sansa wants to overtake Winterfell and she plans a possible alliance, but does not tell to her stepbrother what happened to her. Every fan is probably looking forward to see the despicable Ransay defeated and destroyed. Yara and Theon's decision to leave the Iron Islands with the fleet will certainly lead to another fight; but why did they do it?. One good moment of the show is the reaction of Daenerys when Jorah discloses his love for her. The emotional response of Daenerys is heartbreaking. Aria is stalled in the same stupid condition since the first episode of this season. Tyrion has the most imbecile attitudes and there are viewers that enjoy. Bran's attitude cost the lives of his friends including Hodor. The explanation for his alias (Hold the Door... Hodor) is senseless. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "The Door"

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Disturbing with Potential to Be Great, 23 May 2016

In Hollywood, the Big Taters'waitress Sarah Walker (Alex Essoe) is an ambitious aspiring actress that suffers from hair pulling disorder. Sarah does not respect her boss Carl (Pat Healy) or her job since she believes she will be a great actress and this job is temporary only to pay her bills. She shares an apartment with her roommate Tracy (Amanda Fuller) that frequently discloses her secrets to their selfish friends Erin (Fabianne Therese) that likes to humiliate Sarah and steal her roles; Danny (Noah Segan), who is an aspiring director that likes Sarah; Poe (Shane Coffey) and Ashley (Natalie Castillo) that are indifferent to her. When Sarah is invited to an audition of the film The Silver Scree from the company Astraeus Pictures, their auditioners do not show any reaction to her performance. When Sarah leaves the audition, she goes to the toilet room and has an attack, pulling her hair and crying. Immediately after, the casting director (Maria Olsen) invites her to return to the room and repeat what she did in the bathroom for her assistant (Marc Senter) and she. Sarah is invited again to an audition with the producer (Louis Dezseran) and when he insinuates to have sex with her, she refuses and goes home. However her ambition prevails and she returns to his house and has oral sex with him. He tells that she wants to be famous, she needs to die and reborn. When Sarah returns home, she finds that her body is deteriorating and she needs to murder her friends to complete her transformation. What will she do?

"Starry Eyes" is a disturbing horror film with potential to be great. The story is a sort of gore version of Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray", where the body of the lead actress deteriorates instead of her body, with "Faust". Alex Essoe has a top-notch performance and the gore scenes are impressive. The plot has flaws, without any explanation about the cult or how the deaths could be explained to the police, families and landlords, maybe because of the low-budget. The conclusion does not show Sarah famous but she probably might be. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): Not Available on Blu-Ray or DVD.

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Entertaining Adventure, 22 May 2016

The nerd teenager Reed Richards (Miles Teller) has been researching teleport since he was a kid, helped by his best friend Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell). During a high-school scientific fair, he is invited by Dr. Franklin Storm (Reg E. Cathey) to join his research team in his institute in New York. Reed teams up with Dr. Storm's son and daughter Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan) and Susan "Sue" Storm (Kate Mara) and the outcast Victor Von Doom (Toby Kebbell) and they succeed to send a monkey to another dimension. Soon they learn that the institute has an agreement with NASA to send astronauts to the other universe. However they decide to go by themselves to be the first humans to reach the place. However there is an accident and they are all affected by the power in the planet. Further, they achieve super-powers, but Victor is left behind. What will happen to the researchers?

"Fantastic Four" is an entertaining adventure with a story that explains the origins of the abilities of the four heroes. The film is underrated at least for those that are not fans of the cartoons. There are many points that are not well explained, specially the relationship of Reed and Ben with their families, but works OK with decent special effects and acting. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Quarteto Fantástico" ("Fantastic Four")

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