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Stuff that kept me easily engaged, kept my attention, touched, entertained, taught, sucked me in. Some I really, really liked.
I created a Watched & Liked Enough list for the ones that didn't make this list but more than the eh, got bored. This way I don't have to worry about the organization of the lists so much.
If any of these sound like something you might enjoy then check them out cause I would recommend them for the reasons I stated above.
This is a recent list that will change several times daily (been watching A lot of movies lately) & unless I backtracked to watch something older I had previously not seen then older movies will not be here.
Something to note about me is rarely do I watch a movie more than once. Those that I do will be in a separate list.
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Shows that I'm not sure if I want to watch but maybe I will. There are most likely better shows out there but this one caught my attention for some reason yet not enough to stick it on the Watchlist.
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Future Releases to Watch. Will need to Edit often.
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Some may have subtitles & some may not.
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at my convenience since it isn't listed. I don't remember if I seen some of these & others I know I haven't.
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Some shows really take you back; back in to a thought, a feeling, place or time.
Some make you genuinely laugh, cry etc.
Some just really suck you in making you forget the world for a brief time.
Some keep you on the edge of your seat.
This is that list for me.
I have watched these shows more than twice & each time is very good.

Even though some might have a low rating now (due to time most likely) give them a shot because once upon a time they had higher ratings.
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Movies one of us own..
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Personalities that I've seen their work & want to add to my other lists to see more of. Figured I'd go through their IMDb pages in order to checklist the ones I've seen & maybe find a few gems that I've not yet seen.
This list is in no particular order, is incomplete, is under construction & will change often.
If you have a suggestion please feel free to add it. :)
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To get rid of a bookmark on my browser because I ran out of time in the moment.
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Watchlist for when they come out on DVD..or I can't find it anywhere. Trying to clean WL up.
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Title really says it all, I rarely watch a movie more than once. Definitely might want to give these a go even if one of the genres isn't usually your cup of tea.
Most of the TV ones includes other Seasons/Years of release but I think we all get the idea that they would be watched & enjoyed on repeat as well & for most already have.
This list won't be updated as frequently as the others but I will update it from time to time.
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Seems unfair to have TV Series & Made for TV Movies in the same list but here it is.
Just because a Movie is under a series doesn't exactly mean I enjoyed the Movie less..just keep that in mind I guess. I think I shall just keep the movies under the series & list that way. I just don't feel like I need to have a separate list for series & movie at this time.
Matter of fact, some I have watched are not listed in IMDb that aren't here & were enjoyable too. Some major examples that stand out would be: National Geographic, Discovery or Animal Planet stuff. I enjoy many of those & many are not listed in IMDb.
As far as most of the TV series they include other Seasons/Years of release but I think we all get the idea that they would be watched & enjoyed on repeat as well & for Give these a shot as I did enjoy them, eh or got bored here & you are bound to find something you may like!