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The McAllister Family Moved To California Cause They're Single Mom Got A New Job The Kids Go To School At Park View High School
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Drama, Dugs, Making Friends, Boyfriends Coming Out
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A Ordnary Family Moved To Wichita Kanas They Had To Move Out Of Washington D.C. Cuz Their Father Got Another Job In Kanas The Kids Had To Leave Their Friends & Schools Their Oldest Daughter Kayla Is Deaf
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2 Best Friends Runway From Home Too Start A New Life In Montana And Start A Girl Band And Holding Auditions To Find 4 Girls To Fill The Spots And 1 One Of The Girls Fond The Perfect Boy At River Side High School
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Sidney Is Done With Her Book Tour & Gale Got Pregneat And Kirby Is Back
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The Movie Opening Song: We're The Stars
The Movie Ending Song: Let It Go
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Taylor's Dream Is Winning The Gold For Gymnastics It Has Her Been Dream When She 6 Years Old Taylor's Sister Winnie Won The Gold For Gymnastics At Age 10 Until She Spraned Her Ankle On The High Beam And Taylor Has Dreams About That Day
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4 Girls, All Their Secrets Are Coming Out And Their Best Friend Allie Is Missing
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It's Their Summer Vacation School's Out They Left Their Best Friend Saylor Hartley And Her Brother Hudson Back Were They Lived In Miami They Have The Money To Fly Her To Florida Were They Live Just For The Summer