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Quite an episode, 25 July 2003

I think this show is quite interesting and I have been watching Primetime for quite somewhile. I watched the Primetime episode about the young adult film stars that aired 1/23/03. I thought Belladonna was both sad and quite pathetic. If Belladonna(I) wants to leave, leave and never look back. The porn industry is quite a waste and diseased. Who would want to work in a line of work that can give you AIDS? If you want to pay for college or whatever, ask your parents or get financial assistance.

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SPOILER!!!, 17 July 2003

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I saw Howling: New Moon Rising on Sci-Fi. I'll save you the trouble of sitting through this bore. SPOILER!!! The werewolf turns out to be one of the female characters. Ted, who was a drifter, was originally suspected. This movie has a happy ending when the bar patrons apologize. He gets up and sings country music. The only thing for it was the happy ending. Laughable all around.

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This movie has an 80s feel. I watched this movie on Sci Fi and the only thing going for it was the dated soundtrack. I thought the acting is non-existent and sophmoric. The female appears to be bored half the time. I would not waste my time with this. I'll watched the Howling II before I'll sit through this non-related sequel.

Hostage (1992)
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Sorry Sam Neill, You Can Do Better Than This!!!, 12 July 2003

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As a longtime Sam Neill fan :), I'll say this film is absolute tripe! Usually, he is a high-caliber actor but in this production he is an absolute rip-off of James Bond. Sorry, Sam Neill, I'm not beating you down but you can do better! Watch for "True Lies" villain Art Malik playing a good(?) guy. SPOILER SPOILER: Just to save you time and money, Sam Neill, despite his character being a crude, gets the girl in the end. ** stars out of ***** stars.

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My grandfather was a police officer in this film!!!, 12 July 2003

I thought this movie was an alright re-telling of an important civil rights' movement in the movie. My grandfather, was in the movie and he played a police officer. My family and I are really proud of this film. I give it **** out of *****!!!

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The talent in this "western" has went south!!!(*SPOILER*!!!), 11 July 2003

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This movie is a waste of time! Kevin Kline is the only one who can truly act. Kenneth Branagh is overacting and miserably hammy! If it weren't for Kevin Kline, this would have been another vehicle for Will Smith's "talent". The original show was better. SPOILER ALERT! At the end, West and Gordon are on Lovelace's spider! What an inanely stupid remake of a better show! Overhyped drivel. However, the special effects, even thought they were good for a western, drowned the story. If they ever remake the story, focus more on plot and character developement.


This was better than the original. Dawn of the Dead has better gore and violence. This movie is an apocalypse but with zombies who take over a shopping mall. I liked the whole film from start to finish. It is the type of movie that didn't need computer generated effects (which are fake and phony) to startle and scare. I nearly got sick while I was having dinner whilst watching--hey, don't ask me why! I give it ***** stars out of ***** stars!

Hellraiser (1987)
Gory classic, 11 July 2003

I though this movie was mind-numbing and gory. I thought it was scary when I saw the edited TV version. You should see the "Birth" scene of Frank Cotton. Clare Higgins was appropiately evil and icy. I became a fan of Andrew Robinson after seeing this. Great makeup effects

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Okay, but something was missing., 11 July 2003

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This movie is inadequate. First, where were the other 6 knives used to kill Damien. And if he were the Anti-Christ, isn't he supposed to be afraid of holy relics? Remember the first OMEN? I did think Sam Neill was quite handsome then. ** out of *****. SPOILER: Second, does anyone know who played Jesus? I would appreciate it if someone could tell me.

Had a made for TV feel, 25 June 2003

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I kinda liked this movie. The special effects were slightly bloodier than "Friday the 13th" (sorry F13 fans!). The lead actress Jenny Seagrove was attractive and so was the scenery. Despite this review, I thought the movie had a made for TV feel and the actors were somewhat amateurish. I give it 2/4 stars **/****. SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT: the owl at the end of the movie looked like it knew what was going to happen next. Maybe a sequel, perhaps?...

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