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I'm Gilda (2016)
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Perfect tribute to one of the icons of Argentine music, 21 September 2016

For those who do not know, Gilda was a renowned singer of "Cumbia" - which is a popular rhythm in Argentina - who at the peak of her career suffered a terrible accident that ended her life, but even after her death, she is still revered, recognized and remembered by all hearts of Argentine people. The film tells what was her musical career, from its beginnings to its peak, with scenes from her childhood to help understand their motivations. The performances are excellent, Natalia Oreiro who personifies Gilda, performs this role with commitment which is evident in every gesture she makes, and the tone of her voice in the songs, which was typical of the singer. The film is emotional, it is difficult not to be moved so that the protagonist lives, even that never appealed to low blows, the making of the film is as exquisite as effective. For those who know Gilda, this will be the best tribute that could have been done, but those who do not know her, yet can enjoy a superbly performed drama, at the height of any Hollywood biopic.

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The desire, the masterpiece that was lost, 31 July 2012

2004, after the stunning success of "Resistiré", Telefe producer opts for a story that goes far beyond its predecessor, the Argentine prime-time is invaded by spectacular show so rich in details that will surprise you , a work of art from the first chapter extremely careful in every way, without letting any way. The story, super intriguing, a small, quiet town where life comes on smoothly, however, hides a dark secret behind this screen, a secret that connects each of the many characters in the story. Loaded with sensuality, adult story, serious, in a short time uses comedy, to give a very dark character throughout the show. Also a story ready to put no limit to the reality, (like its predecessor "Resistiré" which showed the depths of the human being as well as sexual and ambiguous desires) goes into the perverse pleasures of man without fear to bring out the diversity in sexuality. As for the cast, is a luxury the quality of actors involved, impeccable performances, as well as unique style of each character. Most impressive is the direction of photography, and design of each stage and presentation titles, the whole aesthetic of the program is comparable to that of a movie. Special mention deserves the soundtrack, so carefully sought, fits well with every scene and every moment of history, that would be happy just to hear the program and yet I would be satisfied. Despite all the good in this production, the Argentine public (as open minded as to enjoy other such controversial programs as "Resistiré", "Tiempo final", "Disputas", "Sangre fría" among others) did not know appreciate the magnitude of this story and the care that was performed allowing only 60 chapters, a lower figure when considering the 230 episodes of "Resistiré". To those who want to enjoy an excellent TV show, I recommend "The Desire", you will not regret it.

Manuelita (1999)
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Emotional movie, perfect for all family members, 26 April 2012

Manuelita is a proof of animated Disney movies aren't the only good ones, with such a sweet story about a little turtle who wants to fly and travel the world, this film will surprise you with the lovely songs, characters, scenarios, and an atmosphere of tenderness that leaves a pleasant sensation. In every way, this is a recommended movie for all audiences and the little ones love it. Is admirable quality of the animation, as well as that of the characters denoting that have been the result of hard work as each of them have very specific characteristics that make them special. Another point to highlight is the story, where a small turtle becomes a model in Paris, and will have to go through tough situations but after all this will leave a teaching in the audience. Maybe it's something very different from what kids are used to seeing, but still that's what makes it so special to this film, because it shows an adult world from a vision adapted for children. Also as a guarantee, this is a film of Garcia Ferre which is like Walt Disney in South America, so do not hesitate. A film of great quality that you can not miss, give it a chance, u will not regret!

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Awesome movie, 23 January 2011

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This an excellent Argentinian movie, for those who think that good movies is just on the united states this a really good example of that's not correct. The movie has everything, beautiful actors, awesome songs, comedy, romance, dramatic scenes. Its some parody bout religion n church, if u r such a believer or homophobic this wont be nice at all, but if u are not Im sure its going to be really nice. Watch it! I forgot, when you watch this movie you wont realise that this is not a Hollywood movie. Some people said that the movie had bad acting but thats not true at all. Well, what else can I say? Try to find it on DVD, make pop corn, n have a great time watching this movie!