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It is not easy to pick only 100 films as India produces more films than what other countries do. It has many film industries in many languages like Kollywood, Bollywood, Malayalam ...the list goes on. I have picked many great Indian films i have some across.
Films are based Cultural/Artistic Impact, critical acclaim, Films which shows Indian values,family sentiments , melodrama ( yes some elements are part of Indian cinema), also some great comedies, romantic drama/comedy, art house movies. Some film genre may be popular in Hollywood but when it is made for first time in India as a bold experimentation needs some credit.

Not rated yet as list is still under development. Need to add more movies. But you will find more 100 movies that are worth your time.
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Best Ganster movies not in order (movies released after 1970)
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Stille need to edit
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Some movies need to be ordered. List starts with Hollywood movies follwed by movies i liked from other countries. Still need to watch some movies and will add more good movies. Added more than 100 now. Mention if i missed any good movies.
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Not rated yet just. Still under development need to add more movies.
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These actors in my list have mesmerized me with their acting. At times i wonder how good they are and what makes these people act so well. Why even bad actors exist. Why cant they learn by just watching their movies. A young actor does not need acting course he just need to watch these great actors and learn. I may have missed some If i missed any let me know.
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