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She'd rather light a candle than curse the darkness
16 January 2018
The title of the review is the epitaph Eleanor Roosevelt was given by her friend Adlai Stevenson. As true a one as ever given a human being who was a relentless optimist and saw only the good in people. She was the role model for an activist first lady who traveled the country and became the eyes and ears of her crippled husband. She was also the conduit for many who had no official voice in making policy.

Speaking for the voiceless was a mission of her's and this film Eleanor, First Lady Of The World and she's given a sinecure by her husband's successor Harry Truman when she's made part of the American delegation to the newly formed United Nations.

The post may have been window dressing, but she decided that she'd use it to further her own cause and give the United Nations a creed about universal human rights. It was her baby and despite a lot of opposition and some submarining by foes it passed. It certainly has been buffeted over the years and not always followed, but it remains a standard of universal decent behavior toward others.

It might surprise some to learn that this country has never ratified Eleanor Roosevelt's work. Some southern Senators who figured this might give civil rights advocates some ammunition managed to never let it see the light of day in a vote. Now I daresay a lot of rightwing yahoos would say it never was meant to include LGBTQ people. I think Eleanor Roosevelt would weep, but she would never lose her optimism.

Jean Stapleton is just wonderful as Eleanor Roosevelt. You will not see a hint of Edith Bunker in her performance. She really channeled Eleanor into her performance.

Others of note in the cast are Richard McKenzie as Harry Truman, Joyce Van Patten as her aide 'Tommy' Thompson, Gail Strickland as her daughter Anna, Jeffrey Marcus as her grandson Curtis who as an adult narrates the story, and E.G. Marshall as crusty John Foster Dulles who had to wait four more years to become Secretary Of State.

A wonderful biographical tribute to our greatest first lady in her widowed years.
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Barquero (1970)
The Man With The Barge
16 January 2018
Like contemporaries Charles Bronson and Lee Marvin, Lee Van Cleef did his sojuourn in European films mostlywesterns and graduated to leads. Unlike Marvin, Bronson, and others like Claude Akins, Neville Brand, and Jack Elam, Van Cleef never did explore a comic side. Maybe he just didn't have one. He's also one strange hero as he is in Barquero.

In this film Lee Van Cleef is the man with the barge who ferries people across a deep river. He doesn't even particularly like the settlers in the town on the river bank that has grown up. But when Warren Oates's gang of renegade cutthroats want to use that barge, Van Cleef proves to be the savior of the town.

Oates who usually plays with a comic twist either as a good guy or a bad guy is one deadly serious villain here. His gang massacres a whole town to leave no witnesses to a shipment of arms that they are robbing. Van Cleef knows well what they are capable of.

Forrest Tucker who can be comic here provides the comic relief as a mountain man. the last of a breed who proves to be Van Cleef's salvation. He rescues Van Cleef when he's captured by a couple of Oates's men who were sent to secure the ferry man for the gang. He has some sardonically funny scenes with John Davis Chandler, the captive.

Mariette Hartley is in this and she's the wife of a local storekeeper who is also a most pious reverend. When he's left behind and captured by Oates, Hartley makes Van Cleef an offer that an old time gentlemanly cowboy hero would never take up. Think of Clint Eastwood in High Plains Drifter, that's the kind of hero Van Cleef is.

This one is a must for fans of Lee Van Cleef.
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Murder, She Wrote: Alma Murder (1989)
Season 5, Episode 15
The old sorority
16 January 2018
This Murder She Wrote story has Jessica Fletcher going back to her old sorority house when she gets a call from Dinah Shore now the house mistress. It seems that their old professor E.G. Marshall has himself in a nice jackpot. He's been arrested for the murder of Kate Vernon, a coed with whom the old guy had been sleeping with.

Of course Marshall isn't the only one Kate's been diddling. Another of the faculty Jason Beghe also at one point confesses to her murder. We only see Vernon is flashback, but this was a gal who believed in doing it the old fashioned way for success.

For a solution here I would refer readers to the John Ford classic Young Mr. Lincoln and how Henry Fonda got his clients off in that film.

You'll like the guest stars here which also include Ralph Waite and Janice Rule.
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Laramie: Beyond Justice (1962)
Season 4, Episode 9
A fool for a client
16 January 2018
An interesting cast is assembled for this Laramie episode which includes none other than Margaret Hamilton the famous Wicked Witch Of The West from the Wizard Of Oz and Lyle Bettger one of the nastiest screen villains ever. Bettger continues in his nastiness as a crooked lawyer who may not have client David McLean's best interests at heart.

In fact Bettger is concerned McLean never see a courtroom lest he rat out Bettger and a number of dirty deals he's involved in. He uses Kathie Browne one of a group of traveling suffragettes under Margaret Hamilton's tutelage to affect one method of escape. Then he tries another and more direct approach.

I'm not quite sure who was worse, Bettger or McLean. One thing is for sure Browne sure finds out what a no good rat she's been wasting her affections on.

Besides the usual action and gunplay Margaret Hamilton makes this Laramie story a real treat.
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Laramie: Lost Allegiance (1962)
Season 4, Episode 6
Another old friend of Jess Harper's
15 January 2018
Rod Cameron must have had some affinity for Laramie as he made six appearances on the show during its run. This one has him as an old trail buddy of Jess Harper's in Jess's bad old days. During the run of the series Robert Fuller was always running into old friends and this one once saved him from a back shooter.

Now Cameron has gone into the rustling trade and he's been rusting cattle all over Wyoming territory from mostly small spreads like the Sherman outfit. While trailing Cameron, Fuller has a tree fall on him and he sustains some cracked ribs.

He's also strayed far enough from Laramie that people don't know him and some think he's one of the rustlers. Other than the beautiful rancher's daughter Myrna Fahey who nurses him back to health no one else believes him.

Cameron gives a nice portrayal of an outlaw who's just stayed too long at that game. Two of his gang are western veterans Harry Carey, Jr., and Lane Bradford. Reason enough to check out this episode.
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Homage to Treasure Island
15 January 2018
Anthony Quinn stars in A High Wind In Jamaica where he and first mate James Coburn preside over an unruly crew of pirates. This is a beautifully photographed film which I had a lot of problems with. It's a bit of a homage to Treasure Island with Captain Quinn bonding with several children who have been sent to the United Kingdom by their parents Nigel Davenport and Isabella Dean from Jamaica where the parents have become colonizers. It's for the kid's educations but they get quite the education when during a raid on their ship they wind up on the pirate ship.

In many ways A High Wind In Jamaica is Disney like, but there are too many grim scenes for this to ever be Disney type material. And in the end those kids, especially the oldest girl do not prove to be Jim Hawkins like.

I see the film got a lot of positive reviews, but I'm afraid I can't be one of them.
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Just to make Anne Bancroft an honest woman
15 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The Naked Street is narrated in flashback from the point of view of investigative reporter Peter Graves who gets both the story and the girl in the end. The story is that of Anthony Quinn one tough and ruthless gangster who like Paul Muni in Scarface is slightly overprotective of his sister. The sister is Anne Bancroft and she's gotten herself knocked up.

The doer is Farley Granger a local punk who is now on death row for killing someone. Quinn who has striven mightily to keep his gangster life away from his sister goes to some extraordinary and illegal lengths to get Granger sprung. But once the shotgun wedding has been concluded he treats Granger the way Sonny Corleone treated Carlo Rizzi his new brother-in-law. Granger actually tries at one point to go straight, but Quinn just hates him with a passion. It ends bad for both Quinn and Granger.

Anthony Quinn who in his career was one of those chameleon like players who could do just about anything is dominant in the story in whatever scene he's in. The hatred of Quinn for Granger is what drives the whole story.

As for Granger he recycled the part he did in Edge Of Doom where he plays the killer of a priest and another priest Dana Andrews brings him to accountability. It's like the fates were truly against him and due to Quinn's machinations comes to a truly ironic ending.

Others to note are James Flavin as a noted criminal defense attorney who Quinn hires for Granger and Lee Van Cleef who is unbilled and who becomes an unwitting pawn in Quinn's plans for Granger. Bancroft is showing a bit of acting chops herself, there's a glimmer of the talent that got her that Oscar for The Miracle Worker.

The Naked Street didn't have any great production design touches, but the talented cast keeps you interested.
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Laramie: The Long Road Back (1962)
Season 4, Episode 5
Strange outlaw
15 January 2018
A stagecoach has been robbed and John Smith has the job of tracking down the bad guys. He gets a lead when during a poker game Jim McMullan flashes some new bills that could only come from the robbery. He makes an arrest and he is taking him back to Laramie.

For an outlaw McMullan behaves strangely including saving Slim Sherman's life. McMullan is the kid brother of a bad outlaw Gregg Palmer and it's him that John Smith really wants. Playing a part in all this is a real chatty Kathy type girlfriend of McMullan's, the future bat girl Yvonne Craig. Also around is old prospector Edgar Buchanan.

I think the behavior of some of these characters is a bit unrealistic given the circumstances of the plot as it developed. Not one of the better Laramie stories.
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KGB tell all
14 January 2018
Neither Kellie Martin and more so Clarence Williams,III can resist going to a book signing of Malachi Throne a former KGB agent who is writing a tell all expose sure to please Vladimir Putin. At the signing during a break Martin witnesses an attack on Throne and then she's injured badly when thrown into the path of an oncoming car by the murderer.

A syringe loaded with morphine is what does Throne in and Throne who was racked with cancer was dying anyway. With Martin in the hospital Williams is on the hunt and taking up the slack is their friend ADA Nina Siemaszko. Even police chief Casey Sander is a bit less irascible as they look for who killed Throne and injured Martin.

I will say this the goal is not what it appears to be when they manage to figure out what Throne's real intentions were.

See if you can figure it out.
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Mystery Woman: Redemption (2006 TV Movie)
Some remodeling
14 January 2018
The Mystery Bookshop is having some remodeling done courtesy of David Lascher and is crew and he's an old friend from childhood of Kellie Martin. But things seem to keep getting fouled up, but Kellie is indulgent blaming a lot of it on the loss of his father recently.

A stranger played by John Ratzenberger comes to town and after visiting Martin and Clarence Williams, III at the bookshop goes to a church that helps out alcoholics as their ministry. Ratzenberger is murdered and once again Martin and Williams are up against their irascible town police chief Casey Sander in solving it.

It all goes back to Vietnam and something these guys brought back from Cambodia. A most wealthy thing that they've elaborately hidden. Martin and Williams are reduced to following a lot of clues the late Mr. Ratzenberger laid down.

Not the best of the series, still has its moments.
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The battlefield is ideas
14 January 2018
No folks this is not about the Confederate general. Drop the middle initial and you have Dale Midkiff who teaches debate at a California high school and the kids who take it are looking for an elective to graduate. But the class itself and the class as constituted by the kids who take it are much more than that. Debate and Midkiff previously taught a class at a military academy sees it in military terms. It's war and the battlefield is ideas. To make sure of your position on any issue you must think and debate is to make you think.

I can see that a lot of people who simply accept facts and memes without question will not be happy with Debating Robert Lee. I can assure you it won't be shown at film night at Pat Robertson's Regent University.

Some nice performances by Midkiff and his young cast. I'd single out Beau Bridges and Melinda Dillon as his parents and among the kids Daniel Letterle and Billy Kay.

This one is worth a look.
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Rawhide: Incident West of Lano (1959)
Season 1, Episode 8
Four shapely sharpshooters
13 January 2018
Eric Fleming as trail boss usually was all about business during Rawhide's run. Get those cattle to market whatever the cost. But when four shapely women are found with a brokedown wagon and half a team on the trail, Fleming is nothing if not a southern gentlemen. The women are Abby Dalton, Jacqueline Mayo, Mary Hadley and in charge is Martha Hyer.

In addition to beauty they are a traveling act of sharpshooters. And Gil Favor finds himself looking on with favor on Hyer.

Unfortunately the trail herd comes to a river there is only a narrow crossing and on the other side is Robert Harris with several wagons of hides he wants to get to his market in Galveston. He also as gunman James Anderson to enforce his will.

I'm in agreement with the other reviewer about the climax, could have been written better.

Still I like what Eric Fleming and Martha Hyer had in the way of chemistry.
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Laramie: The Fortune Hunter (1962)
Season 4, Episode 3
They call you Coquette
13 January 2018
Both Slim Sherman and Jess Harper during the Laramie series run very rarely got too seriously involved with women, both guys were about getting whatever job was at hand done. But in this story John Smith is courting the very coquettish Carolyn Craig who is the daughter of Overland Stage supervisor Parley Baer.

I think Slim was wasting his time here and probably after giving it some thought would have passed. She decides to make John Smith jealous and uses the courtly Ray Danton as a foil.

But Danton is a dangerous man, a fast gun who really hates the female species if you read between the lines. He and a partner Peter Whitney have a love 'em and extort the father kind of scheme going though the story never really makes clear what Whitney's part is other than act as a brake on Danton's occasional bad impulses.

I think you can understand where this one is headed, certainly not to the altar for Slim Sherman.
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I, Tonya (2017)
What did Tonya know and when?
13 January 2018
Comparisons come to mind when thinking of both Tonya Harding and this excellent film about her life and that notorious incident that led to her disgrace and banishment. The film is done almost as a homage to the faux documentary style that Gus Van Sant used in To Die For which was based on the Elizabeth Smart story. Both even had Australians as protagonists, Nicole Kidman for the Van Sant film and gloriously memorable Margot Robbie for I Tonya.

I racked my brain trying to think of a sports figure like Tonya Harding and the closest I came up with was Shoeless Joe Jackson who came from a similar trailer park background that Harding did. He too listened to the worse angels of his nature and got himself banned for life in his sport. Jackson had far less education than Harding did, in fact he was almost illiterate.

One thing about Jackson though his choice of life partner was a good one. By all accounts his choice of life mate was inspired as Katie Winn Jackson stuck loyally by him and was never a bad influence.

That could not be said for Jeff Gillooly who had the same kind of trailer park background that Tonya did and who let being the husband of a celebrity just totally go to his head. Sebastian Stan whom I consider one of the best actors around today plays Gillooly with an explosive intensity. As the sports press built up this rivalry between Harding and Nancy Kerrigan, Gillooly tries to think of ways he can make himself indispensable to his wife.

Thus was born the knee capping incident which gained both Kerrigan and Harding a celebrity status far beyond the world of women's figure skating. It was done by a man hired by a dim bulb friend of Gillooly's played by Paul Walker Houser. The scene with Houser being interviewed by the FBI is laughable and the expressions on the faces of the agents just says it all.

The investigation went almost Watergate like up the ladder until the real target was reached by law enforcement and public opinion. It's such an incredibly plaintive scene as Harding begs the Figure Skating Association not to be banned. It's all she knows. The film is purposely vague as to how much Tonya did know.

Best of all is Allison Janney and while the cast is great and many might get Oscar consideration Janney I think is a sure bet for a nomination as the monster of a mother that Robbie has. Still alive she denies the child abuse allegations. I kind of doubt it. Janney is unforgettable.

Two scenes are also real keys to Harding's character and how it developed. One is early on when Harding berates the judges. She knows she outskated everyone, but they remind her that form and presentation count big for them. And later on she's told she's not the right image. Figure skating champions have to be pristine princesses as they have from Sonja Henie to today. She does make the effort to clean up her image.

She almost does and a scene that will break your heart just before the fall is her leaving an arena and being asked by a little girl for an autograph. In that moment with dignity and class she shows herself the role model sports figure she was expected to be. Poignant all the more because the audience knows the fall is coming.

More than would be figure skaters should see I Tonya. It's the sad story of an American tragedy.
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Murder, She Wrote: The Search for Peter Kerry (1989)
Season 5, Episode 11
Jessica Fletcher doesn't dupe
13 January 2018
It surprises me that three previous reviewers did not recognize that this Murder She Wrote story was based in large part on the classic film Anastasia where Ingrid Bergman an amnesia victim is passed off by Yul Brynner as the heir to the Romanoff crown.

Only in this story the Anastasia part is played by Marc Singer, the grandson of William Prince whose aide Mason Adams has supervised a missing persons investigation for 20 years.

Quite by accident Angela Lansbury is having lunch with Michael Beck who was the roommate in college of the grandson and he hears a pianist playing a melody he recognizes as a song written by the grandson.

Here the story does not follow the film though as Beck in the Yul Brynner role is murdered. It seems as though the idea was to make a dupe out of Jessica Fletcher who doesn't dupe so easily.

It's not too hard to figure out who murdered Beck. Still it's a fun story.
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Murder, She Wrote: Prediction: Murder (1989)
Season 5, Episode 8
Unnerving predictions
12 January 2018
Dale Robertson who was an Air Force buddy of Jessica Fletcher's husband and part of the previous episode prevails upon Angela Lansbury to visit his Arizona ranch. He's got matrimony on his mind, but other concerns come to the fore while there.

His son Michael Spound lives there with his wife Lisa Pelikan. For a night's entertainment they acquire the services of a clairvoyant, the Great Francesco who does mind reading in his act. He makes some unnserving predictions for Pelikan that come true. Later on Pelikan is involved in a fiery car crash after she is kidnapped and held for ransom.

This episode breaks the Murder She Wrote mold in a few ways but I can't say how lest I reveal something. I will say Robertson is rejected as Jessica Fletcher isn't about to leave Cabot Cove.
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Good cast for a ridiculous story
12 January 2018
Angela Lansbury's late husband Frank Fletcher becomes the target of a criminal investigation by the Air Force. Back in the day he and his crew bailed out of a jet that crash landed in the snow. The plane was recovered and intact, so intact it was actually flown to California at the behest of Richard Roundtree an Air Force JAG officer. His investigation is criminal because the body of one of the men who was missing was found with a bullet in his back.

A number of the survivors of the crew are gathered together who include Dale Robertson, Martin Milner, Clifton James and a general who had a jeep on this cargo transport plane Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.

The writers came up short here. The premise is preposterous, but Angela Lansbury gathered a good cast for a ridiculous story.
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Law & Order: Foul Play (2002)
Season 12, Episode 21
"Some pop in that bat"
12 January 2018
This episode truly shows the corruption that can set into sports, even youth sports. The only really innocent ones are the kids and they won't stay innocent in this day and age. Where are the Chip Hiltons of today?

Jerry Orbach and Jesse Martin catch a case of a former detective now turned PI found shot to death in an abandoned apartment in Washington Heights. They actually spend a lot of time running down a false lead from one of the deceased's cases. However indirectly that investigation does send them in the right direction.

Which is concerning a youth baseball league where entrepreneur Larry Joshua could be seeing his empire collapse. Another rival league hired the deceased to investigate ringers and they find one in young Orlando J. Torres who is 14 and not 12 and using his cousin's ID. Joshua brought him and his father from Honduras because of the kid's talent. All Joshua needs to do is discover a potential Alex Rodriguez and he has it made.

I won't go into the details but Joshua is not the actual shooter. But Sam Waterston and Elisabeth Rohm feel there's culpability there and try him. He's a slick article pretending to be the savior of inner city youth.

The deceased was a man doing his job. But I really did like the way Jesse Martin put down the head of that other league when he sanctimoniously talks about cheating. These kids from Harrison, New York are shall we say more insulated.
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Law & Order: Helpless (1992)
Season 3, Episode 6
A gynecologist's jollies
11 January 2018
One of the slimier perpetrators that Law And Order ever dealt with his Paul Hecht playing a gynecologist who gets more than intimately acquainted with his female patients. One of them confided to police consultant Dr. Elizabeth Olivet who persuades her to make a report. When that doesn't get any action Carolyn McCormick goes into Hecht's office and is given a paralytic drug and is raped.

Still as someone who works for law enforcement she gets accused of entrapment. I kind of thought they were really being hypertechnical here. Hecht needs all the help he can get, good thing he has Danielle Melnyk working on his behalf. As Law And Order's number one feminist defense attorney her presence alone as Hecht's lawyer is a help.

Without telling the outcome you will see Michael Moriarty and Richard Brooks go an extra two miles to see justice done. And Carolyn McCormick has never been so vulnerable and so human.
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Murder, She Wrote: Snow White, Blood Red (1988)
Season 5, Episode 4
Tain't a fit night out for man nor beast
11 January 2018
This episode of Murder She Wrote has Angela Lansbury invited to a nice Colorado ski lodge along with several members of the US Olympic Skiing Team. The lodge is run by former skier John Laughlin and his wife Jamie Rose.

One of the ski champions is Eric Allan Kramer who is a serial womanizer and gets shot with a crossbow. No shortage of suspects for him, but later another skier Tony O'Dell is also found stabbed to death with a crossbow arrow in a shower. Everyone liked him though.

This one is closer to an Agatha Christie type mystery than most. The guests are trapped during a heavy snowstorm and law enforcement can't get to them. But Angela Lansbury is there and there's also Barry Newman who is a former NYPD detective.

Jessica Fletcher's instincts are more in need here than ever as this episode will show.
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Murder, She Wrote: Mr. Penroy's Vacation (1988)
Season 5, Episode 3
Cabot Cove gets a new sheriff
11 January 2018
This episode marks the debut on Ron Masak as Cabot Cove's new sheriff Mort Metzger who little realizes that he's going to the per capita murder capital of New England. And he also learns that he's got a great resource in Jessica Fletcher living right there for help in these cases.

Clearly somebody had in mind the Brewster sisters of Arsenic And Old Lace when writing this episode. Two slightly daft old spinster sisters are played by Teresa Wright and Joan Leslie have Henry Jones boarding with them. He goes and dies on them and the two instead of telling the law decide to bury them in their garden.

But even they're surprised when a second unexpected body turns up in the same garden.

It all has to do with a payroll robbery that both the deceaseds were part of. Though he's not sure why Ron Masak goes with the flow and gets official credit for solving another Brink's type robbery and two murders. Though the murders and the robbery have only a most tenuous connection.

Truth be told for concealing Jones both these yankee spinsters could have been prosecuted. But Masak has a heart and you would too after seeing Wright and Leslie in these roles.
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A pharmaceutical collage
11 January 2018
This episode has SVU catch a case from a special needs school. Two of the kids there, Conor Tague and Erin Wilhelmi are caught having sex and the cries of rape go up. As neither of these kids quite understand about consent the case is plainly unprosecutable.

But a consult from Tamara Tunie from the ME's office yields the fact that after a seizure Wilhelmi's body is a pharmaceutical collage and that this is what is giving her all the ailments she has that put her in need of special ed in the first place.

Some nice performances from Tague and Wilhelmi as the kids and George Sheffey and Dendrie Taylor as Wilhelmi's parents are noted in this SVU story. Also Carolyn McCormick as Dr. Elizabeth Olivet returns after a long absence.

Some parents are in need of some truly special education.
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Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Drumhead (1991)
Season 4, Episode 21
Treason aboard the Enterprise?
11 January 2018
Probably the biggest name guest star that ever appeared on TNG was Jean Simmons who gives a great performance a visiting admiral from what I guess is the equivalent of the Judge Advocate's office of Star Fleet.

She's brought an assignment and a pair of aides to possibly uncover treason aboard the Enterprise. They do in fact uncover a Klingon spy and that whets Simmons's appetite for more.

The focus is on a medical technician played by Spencer Garrett who is instead of one quarter Vulcan is in fact one quarter Romulan. Bloodlines however do not make for treason. Additionally an explosion in engineering is found to be accidental.

To Simmons's Joe McCarthy is Bruce French's Betazoid Roy Cohn. Just like Joe McCarthy, Simmons and French make innuendo and suspicion to paranoia a fine art.

It's a sad commentary that even four or five centuries later we still have Joe McCarthys and Donald Trumps ready to play on our insecurities. The bright side is we have Jean-Luc Picards ready to fight the good fight for decency.
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The bridge left standing
10 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Unlike it The Longest Day or Midway or Patton and MacArthur, The Bridge At Remagen will not give you any insights into the high command decisions involving the bridge left standing. The closest you will see to a general on the American side is E.G. Marshall and he's using an alias for a character based on J. Lawton Collins.

No this is about the GIs and the Wehrmacht soldiers who slugged it out on the ground. The bridge was the only one left standing on the Rhine an oversight because Hitler ordered them all to be blown.

But some on the scene wanted it left open so that several thousand German troops needed to defend The Fatherland could not be trapped in France. Then the Americans seeing it still not blown because of bad explosives used then wanted to capture it intact. The seesaw priorities provide a lot of drama.

Robert Vaughn plays the German major left in command of the 'troops' that are ill equipped and understaffed for their mission. The saddest sight to see is a Hitler youth firing on and killing a GI from a hotel window. Of course the squad led by Lt. George Segal finds and kills him. It was truly heartbreaking.

Segal and his men are those actually on the bridge trying to take and hold it and the battle scenes are intense. He's ably assisted by Segeant Ben Gazzara. He's also supervised by an officious major whom the audience I guaranteed wanted to punch out and he's played by Bradford Dillman.

For the story the GI story of our first troops into Nazi Germany, despite historical errors you can't go wrong with The Bridge At Remagen.
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Killing has to be done with finesse
10 January 2018
When you have a cast that employs as many familiar faces, never question the direction, the script, or the acting. Just sit back and enjoy a lot of old friends because that's what RKO did for you in Sing Your Worries Away.

Starring is Bert Lahr and he and cousin Dorothy Lovett stand to inherit a fortune. Lahr is a zany songwriter and Lovett a cigarette girl in Sam Levene's nightclub. Levene gets a hold of the information and he hatches a plan to kill Lahr and marry Lovett. By shotgun if he has to for the latter. He does however have June Havoc on the side plans to keep her there.

But somehow Levene just can't close the deal. Lahr is helped by new found friend Buddy Ebsen and also by Patsy Kelly who gets her share of wisecracks in. It's almost a contest between Havoc and Kelly as to who got the most zingers in the script.

Havoc, Ebsen, Lahr, and Alvino Rey's Orchestra with the King Sisters get in a few serviceable musical numbers. Ebsen has a freewheeling dance number with one of the King Sisters.

All in all very pleasant entertainment from a lot of familiar professionals.
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