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Take a minute to momentarily quell your f@gg0try and forget about all that “art” and sh!t. I have recently seen every movie ever made and compiled a list of the best films in the entire world. I would add a few more, but I’m busy being awesome and stuff. If the movie your watching isn’t on this list, you’re probably wasting your f@ck!ng time.

People would have you believe there’s more to the world of film than this list has to offer. Those people should die and burn in hell where sexy devil midgets torture them sexually because they are lying. This list offers up murder, sex, mutants, strippers, drugs, torture, exposed pubic hair, alien rape, regular rape, badassery, chainsaws, explosions, guns, horrific deaths, pornography, necrophilia, evil undead midgets, mutilation, breasts, death, gun fights, exploding heads, killer robots, killer babies, killer homeless people, fat people, dead babies, racism, a guy using a severed head to blow himself, and other cool stuff.

Watch these films with your whole family and beat them if they look away from the screen.