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SPOILERS INSIDE If these films were people they would have the collective intelligence of the entire NASCAR fanbase (placing them somewhere between Corky Thatcher and a potato). Don't get me wrong, liking one or two of these atrocities doesn't automatically make you an idiot, nobody's perfect. That being said, if you find a lot of your favorites in here you should probably contact Social Services, they have care facilities for people like you. I have assembled before you some of the worst films to stain the history cinema. Feel free to express negativity in the comment section, for every comment I get, a 20 dollar donation is made to the I Don't Give A F@ck Foundation.
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The screens have been flooded with men of super human skill and ability performing heroic feats in gay costumes lately. It's time for a new type of comic book film, one set entirely from the prospective of the villain. What happens when the bastions of hope, justice, and freedom are the antagonists ? What sort of perverse, yet exciting adventure would we find ourselves on ? All these questions and more will be answered when the brutal, blood curdling, bone chilling, motion picture Legion of Doom hits theaters in mid 2013. Check back for updates, plot summaries, and character descriptions, which should arrive on a bi-weekly basis.