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I have been a Superman fan all my life - So here is my list in order of Best to not so great. As always, this is my opinion and I would love to hear from the other nerds out there on yours. Enjoy
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You know what I am talking about - the really great performance was over looked to honor a fellow nominee who was overlooked the year before or because an icon is up for one last time. Goes hand in hand with my latest list. Again, these are in no particular order.
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As Oscar time roles around you pretty much know who the winners are some years. And sometimes you are happy with this, but every once in a while a truly great performance was given by an actor or actress and they actually deserve the award. It is not just a make up award for missed years or a pity award or a life time achievement award. This list is for those special performances. This list is in no particular order.
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A list of the best Hollywood has offered us. This list is not based on a performance. For example: Phillip Seymore Hoffman was wonderful in Capote, but the movie was horrible. These movies are not necessarly my favorite but are classics in every way and should be mentioned. My favorite movie is The Outsiders - but that is because I used to think I was Ponyboy - but it does not earn a spot on this countdown. I realize I missed a few and the order was hard to determine, Let me know what you think. Enjoy!! (BTW - I couldn't choose which one to leave off so we have 51 titles)
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I listed the ladies, now the for the gents - These are my picks for the 50 actors who had the best careers and greatest talent.
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My list of the 50 most talented and gifted actresses of all time.