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Maybe these movies didn't mean to be funny but they somehow made me laugh.
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So hard to choose which one of them is the worst!
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I mean common', what the hell were they thinking??
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I used to love these shows in the past, back when I was 16-18ish.
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Probably not... But just in case...
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Credit to worldcinemania for creating the following list
(All of the movies in my list are from there, I just wanted to create a watchlist)
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Movies that I really want to watch. The sooner the better.
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Each and every one of them is awesome, in my opinion.
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List Order: Epic to Awesome.
I really loved every single one of these.

PS: Please don't be upset with my personal taste in movies.
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These are not my most favorite but I loved watching them.
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some of them were intended to be comedy, some of them were not... but yet managed to be funny.
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This is a list of movies that didn't scare me at all.
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I loved every single one of them :)

I'll add more once I watch the movies on my watchlist.
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no particular order
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I thought the movies below were going to be good but turned out to be worse.
If I see more disappointing movies like this then I'dd add them to the list of course.