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A True Leader, 13 June 2003

Gregory Peck created one of the true USAF (Army Air Corps) leadership and mentor roles in 12 O'Clock High. His grasp of the need for a strong leader in the stressful times of the B-17 Bomb raids from England to Germany during WWII was a classic representation of the story behind the Bomber fleet. As a B-52 G/H crewmember I can relate to that movie better then any other; co-equal only Jimmy Stuart in Strategic Air Command.

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One of General Stuarts Best!, 13 June 2003

For those of us that lived the Air Force SAC lifestyle Strategic Air Command is exactly how it was. There were no cheap thrills. It was a tough, long hours, world wide, land at the same base, and pull alert away from your family every 3 weeks lifestyle. Jimmy Stuart did an excellent job telling it like it was. If you want cheap Hollywood thrills its not the movie for you but if you like history and want to see truth and reality on the Big Screen this movie is it.