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Saw II (2005)
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Clever, Well-Thought Out Sequel to the Original..., 28 October 2005

I am such a huge fan of the original 'Saw' movie and I had been excited to watch 'Saw II' for about a year. I started watching it and from the first minute, I knew that this movie would shock me.

As you go along through Jigsaw's newest game, you become shocked with the new traps he has set up, which I will not go into. They were just too incredible and sick to imagine. The entire game itself was very well thought out by the filmmakers.

Every character in the film has an interesting personality, role, or background that helps add plot and spice to the movie. Although the original 'Saw' was more mysterious and original than the sequel, 'Saw II' is still worth watching because it definitely gives you a new perspective outlook of the original.

I must warn you though, the ending leaves you questioning and confused. I know it did to me. But taking some time into it helped me understand more of the film and appreciate it. So I'm not saying to not see 'Saw II'. Go see it! 'Saw' fans won't be disappointed because it's just like Jigsaw promised - "Oh, yes. There will be blood."

After watching it, I felt glad for director Darrne Lynn Bousman for his fine work as directing a major motion picture for the first time. I will expect another surprise from any other sequel in the future and you won't be disappointed.

Saw (2004)
One of the Only Horror Stories Able to Chill Your Blood, Numb Your Legs, and Quicken Your Pulse, 7 August 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Released in theaters nationwide on October 29, 2004. I figured my dad and I would watch it just in time for Halloween. It occurred to us that this would be another entertaining thriller, living up to our expectations. 'Saw' unleashed something far more on the contrary than what we expected.

Simply, it's about two men held hostage by a madman in a room with a dead body between them. They must find a way out while one of them has been given the burden to murder the other. Throughout the film, you understand what the so-called 'Jigsaw killer' has done to other people. He forces them to play lethal games of survival to appreciate life. Not many of them live to tell the tale, so you can understand how mad Jigsaw really is. Conflicts arise between the two men in the room as they struggle to stay alive and outwit their kidnapper.

You find out that the storyline and the 'title character' Jigsaw are far different than ordinary thrillers. Jigsaw's killing techniques are much more unique since he does not in fact do the killings personally. If you're open minded enough, you might appreciate the effort that the producers did to film such a unique picture.

Although it's entirely graphic and maybe unbearable to watch, it helps you to get an idea of how the victims in the film felt. 'Saw' put so much adrenaline into me, I couldn't believe that the filmmakers were able to pull off something like that. This horror/thriller is worth watching and sharing over and over because of its many surprises and twists. Even today, 'Saw' chills my blood with fear, numbs my legs with shock, and quickens my pulse with excitement. Many audiences have criticized this movie for the many questions the film leaves behind at the end. But that's why 'Saw II' is nearly completed in production.

I hope this comment was useful to some of you. I completely recommend watching it; you won't be disappointed. The ending will no doubt leave you speechless. 'Saw' helps you understand how far off the edge desperate people can be pushed to...and most of the time the solution involves shedding blood.

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A Poor Boy Wins An Opportunity, A Strange Man's Imagination Takes Candy As Its Form, An Artist Sits In The Director's Chair, This Film Cannot Go Wrong...And It Didn't, 28 July 2005

After I heard the news that Tim Burton and Johnny Depp were working together again on a film called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I knew that this film could not fail audiences; particularly myself.

I'm sure most of you know the story of the film from its musical originator, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory from 1971; so I won't bother giving you an idea of this story's plot. I very much enjoyed the story of the film, where director Tim Burton added a few things to make it more fun to watch; which I won't say.

I have an opinion on both leading roles of the film. Like everyone says, the film was very quirky and Johnny Depp's interpretation of the fabulous chocolatier Willy Wonka was thought by many to be creepy. In my opinion, Depp's vision as Wonka was far more original than I'd thought it would be. The new Wonka was more eccentric, childlike, emotional, and above all more quirky.

The second leading actor, Freddie Highmore as Charlie Bucket, impressed me a little more on a different level. Highmore's portrayal of the title character was also far more original that I had expected. His character had very much of a heart of gold and Highmore was talented enough to make all of Charlie's feelings and intentions genuine. I am impressed by these acting skills from a boy his age.

As for director Tim Burton, I was just as impressed with his performance on the film's production than I was with Depp's. I've always thought that Burton's visions of his past films were very creative and inspiring. So it was no surprise that I'd count this as his best film up to date. I think that Burton visualized exactly what author Roald Dahl was thinking of when he wrote the children's novel. Heck, he might've been the only man on Earth able to do it! The chocolate factory was filled with adventure in every corner, the Oompa-Loompas were very animated, and everything was just incredible. Danny Elfman's musical score of this film was very powerful and the "heaviest notes" were very inspiring.

I am grateful that I got the chance to watch this at IMAX theaters. I most definitely recommend this mind-blowing and heart-warming film for the entire family. I certainly hope this review is helpful to you all.


J.C. Urbina

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Johnny Depp's Portrayal as J.M. Barrie Has Taught Me Something I Shall Never Forget, 10 December 2004

Peter Pan has always been a classic tale to me; as a matter of fact,a classic Disney tale is more of what i think of it. But what I didn't realize was that there had been another classic tale behind the Peter Pan tale; the tale of the man who imagined it all, Sir J.M. Barrie. Watching the imagination of J.M. Barrie on 1950's technicolor had warmed my heart with joy and eternal happiness. But to understand everything magical their is to know about the tale, you must experience the imagination of J.M. Barrie's mind. Johnny Depp, being one of my favorite actors, portrays one of his greatest roles of his career. Johnny Depp almost becomes J.M. Barrie himself in the film for all I know. What I can tell you is that J.M. Barrie (Johnny Depp) was a playwright who meets a beautiful widow (Kate Winslet) and her four boys. This family inspires J.M. Barrie to write his most well known play of his life, Peter Pan. Depp's performance has never let me down through the film. Another performance that I shall always remember would be the performance of child actor Freddie Highmore, who portrays one of the four boys and who happens to be the closest to J.M. Barrie while trying to learn how to see imagination through the eyes of J.M. Barrie. The London setting was shown beautifully, the costumes were made beautifully and what was the most beautiful of all from this movie was to see the reaction of both audiences on different sides of the screen; the audience of the film and the audience watching the film, including myself. A true classic and more than worthy enough of an Academy Award nomination or winner. I give this film a 10/10 because of the moral it tells me; there is a unique Neverland within all of our imaginations and they must be shared with the world. Johnny Depp's portrayal of the great playwright taught me that and as long as I shall live, I cannot ever forget that.

The Crow (1994)
A Wicked Tale of Vengeance, Power, Blood, and a Crow, 9 December 2004

The Crow is one of the best hero movies I have seen. I don't really know if the Crow is actually a super hero, but he plays a great one. This is one of the darkest movies I had ever seen. It has a dark sense of humor and plenty of knife-stabbing, gun-firing action. This a creepy tale of vengeance over a dead fiancée. A highly recommended film, however the subjects in this movie may be hazardous to the unstable. I gave this movie an 8. Perhaps a thrilling classic in film history. While there will be many seuqels to come, the original Crow will always be the best one. If you have any agreements or comments for me, please e-mail me at

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Stains Represent Stainboy...Stainboy Represents Tim Burton, 3 August 2004

Tim Burton has always impressed with his unique styles in filmmaking. I grew up loving his films, particularly The Nightmare Before Christmas. I had heard of Stainboy not too long ago, possibly a few months ago. At first I had no idea who Stainboy actually was. This may sound pretty silly, but I pictured Stainboy as a boy who kept wetting the bed or something like that. Well, now I know that he can wet his beds, but not with urine. Instead, with greasy stains. I also discovered that Stainboy is a superhero, whose only power is to stain. I found a link on to watch a video clip of Stainboy, which was titled The Birth of Stainboy. I enjoyed watching this short clip very much. In fact, I watched it over and over again. I thought that The Birth of Stainboy was partial to a long-length movie. Then I discovered that Stainboy was an Internet cartoon series. So I found the link to and I was stunned by the remaining five Stainboy cartoons I had missed. I was truly stunned by Stainboy's unique--and short--adventures. Then I heard that the characters from Stainboy were originally from Tim Burton's poetry book, The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories. I quickly became obsessed with Stainboy and quickly purchased The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories. I also took great interest to the other bizarre children that Stainboy encounters in the cartoon series and the bizarre children from Tim Burton's book. The book may possibly be a tad inappropriate for young children, but I am 14 and I know I love it. Tim Burton never ceases to amaze me and I cannot predict and wait for whatever else he has in store. Stainboy is unlike any other superhero, and that is one thing that makes him special. Every Tim Burton character is special. I love them all and I am glad that I introduced myself to Stainboy and Tim Burton's book. Believe it or not, I never knew that Tim Burton had written a book. If Tim Burton illustrated the pictures in his book, I must say he has powerful imagination. He's very artistic in anything he does. If there are future Stainboy episodes coming soon, I am eager to see them. Tim Burton is my hero for his inspiration to me. I recommend Stainboy very much. If you are thrilled by the short cartoon series, you will be even more thrilled by The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories.

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly..., 8 July 2004

No words can explain this film's brilliance and supremacy. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly is one of the greatest films I have ever seen. The performances of the good, the bad, and the ugly characters. Clint Eastwood shines in this classic western as he and Sergio Leone have done it again! The most impressive Man with No Name western, without a doubt. There is plenty of action going on in this western, be it gunfights or Civil War battles. Three gunslingers go on a hunt for $200,000, and let me tell you: this expedition for money has been the most entertaining journey I've seen. Twists and turns everywhere, anybody would love this classic. Unfortunately, this is the conclusion of the adventures of Clint Eastwood's character, the Man with No Name. But the conclusion has been his greatest adventure of the trilogy. I give this film a score of 10/10. Classic western beauty as Eastwood travels through the western frontier in search of priceless cash. There is also a bit of humor in this film, for those who seek mirth in western films. This movie has been a very inspiring film to me and I'm positive that it will inspire many other audiences in the future. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly is an immortal classic that will stay as a classic for generations to come. Bravo, once again, Eastwood and Leone. Bravo.

The Last Crusade...The Hunt For The Holy Grail, 3 July 2004

In my opinion, the Last Crusade is truly the best Indiana Jones adventure of the trilogy. In his latest adventure, Indiana Jones is on the hunt for the one and only Holy Grail, using clues that his father, played by Sean Connery, left behind. Once again, Indiana Jones has to fight off the Germans, who want their hands on the Holy Grail. Like all the other Indiana Jones films, the Last Crusade contains a sense of humor and in this case between father and son. My favorite scenes is the tank battle in the desert and inside the temple that holds the Holy Grail. Indiana Jones faces three intelligently made booby traps that his father had figured out with clues. If you don't believe me, watch the Last Crusade! The acting is once again brilliant and the work of Spielberg and Lucas are fantastic. I give this film an 11/10. Although this may be a long movie, it is definitely worth watching and no Indiana Jones fan should miss. Harrison Ford is once again the courageous and funny archaeologist who teams up with his explorer father, Professor Henry Jones. Truly the best adventure yet, the Last Crusade will amaze audiences everywhere. I have seen the conclusion of the current Indiana Jones adventures and I wish Spielberg, Lucas, Ford good luck on the fourth installment!

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Hang 'Em High introduces Eastwood into American westerns, 3 July 2004

As Clint Eastwood's first American western, it was no surprise that Hang 'Em High would be a thrilling western. This proves that Eastwood is capable of acting in great westerns without the help of legendary Italian director, Sergio Leone, and Hang 'Em High was not a bad try for a beginner in American westerns, if you understand what I mean. I give this film an 8/10 and I recommend this western to any Eastwood fan. Eastwood becomes Marshal Cooper as he hunts down outlaws that tried to hang Cooper. I congratulate Eastwood on his first try on an American western and that this was the start of a dawn of future westerns that would sure become classics. Good job, Clint.

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Eastwood Is Always An Inspiring Western Figure...This Time It's The Outlaw Josey Wales!, 3 July 2004

I have no clue on how to describe this wondrous western. While I was watching Hang 'Em High on TV, I noticed that after that movie, The Outlaw Josey Wales would be showing, as well. Since I am a Clint Eastwood, I couldn't say no to this great western, especially one that Eastwood personally directed and personally acted out the role of Josey Wales, a Missouri farmer who becomes a wanted outlaw. Josey Wales makes friends along the way of running away from Fletcher's gang. After watching how impressive Eastwood did in Unforgiven, being both an actor and director, I knew that I wouldn't be disappointed watching Josey Wales. Many men hunt down Josey Wales for the money he's worth, but Josey always manages to defeat them. Be it alive or dead. I give this movie a score of 10/10. Truly one of Eastwood's greatest American westerns. Eastwood's performance is once again inspiring and there is a bit of a sense of humor now and then in the movie. Any western or Eastwood fan would be proud of this film as I am myself. I congratulate Eastwood once again as he becomes a triumphant western figure in every western he stars in. In this case, he is the Outlaw Josey Wales!

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