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I've probably forgot an awful lot of films though...
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Have you ever got your anal penetrated by a massive boner? No, me neither - but I can imagine it would feel quite a lot like seeing these movies. It hurts like hell, and once you're through - you never wanna experience that feeling ever again. And that's exactly how I felt watching these excruciatingly poor films. I've always loved life, but I kinda felt like I wanted to kill myself when seeing this garbage.
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Everything I saw this year.
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I love lists but I hate doing them. I never get completely pleased. Still though, even if I occasionally will change my mind on this list, it's at least a pretty good view on who some of my favourite actors are. Totally depends on the role though. There's no actor I like in every single movie.
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It's needless to say that this is a highly subjective list and something I had massively difficult to do. Not necessarily to pick out the 50 characters - but to order them. Because how do you compare them? What you felt emotionally for them? Their charisma? How much their presence positively affected the movie? Many factors to take into consideration, and this is how it came out to be...
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Attempting to categorize movies you've seen into a Top 100 list is not exactly the easiest of things. Just to remember everything you've seen is challenging enough and then it becomes a matter of comparing movies to each other - movies that can be of complete different genres but have an appeal in their own unique way. Truth of the matter is that despite the massive amount I've seen - probably somewhere between 1000-2000 movies - it's rare for me to find something that I truly love.

But then again. There are always exceptions...

P.S. I'm not as pleased with the latter part of the list. It became clear that I had run out of movies that I really loved and had to concentrate on movies I liked instead.

P.P.S. I have to take some time and go through this list again some time. I have more movies seen that were brilliant that needs a place in this list. Update to come...
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Finally! A brand new year with new possibilities. Will it be my best movie year ever? Let's hope.
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Movie Rating 2012: Like - OK - Not Like: 39-99-74
Like: More than 'okay' - Not Like: Less than 'okay'
The Best Movie of the Year: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The year of 2012 is now over and I can officially say that it sucked movie wise! I truly with I was less picky and more appreciative - but most movies I see are simply not my taste. And it's not like I'm picking random titles, I really do try to find all kinds of flicks - from small independent movies to the big blockbusters. But what can I say? Different strokes for different folks.

Nonetheless, I did find a few I really enjoyed and the top 15 in this list are the only ones sorted, my favorite ones of the year if you wish.
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Experimental list. 50 of these women were ranked as the most beautiful actresses of 2011 by IMDB voters, and the other 50 of these women were put here by me. A lot of these women's IMDB pics aren't in sync with their real beauty, but try rank your top 10 anyway.
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If you haven't seen these movies - you're missing something.
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I saw 124 movies in the year of 2011. All of these were marked with either a + or - to see whether the good or bad movies would be in a majority in the end. Unfortunately, the negative pole won with 64-60.

The good news is that even though most sucked, there were indeed some that not only managed to become my top movies of the year, but even went straight into my Top 100 Movies Of All Time list.

I've only sorted my top 10 movies in this list. The rest is ranked by the order I saw them during the year.
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These are all pieces of meat I wouldn't mind getting a taste of.