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The classics of my life a.k.a Chicken Soup for Alexia's Soul.
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Started watching anime in 2014 at 23. This is me keeping track and sharing a slice of my perspective. Added in the order I watched them.
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I'm compiling a list of the movies I've seen and found outstanding , as well as those that seem promising. I'll be removing the ones I consider disappointing as I go along.
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All the shows I've watched. My rules: - Must have watched 2 seasons or at least 80% of the show. - Non Animated.
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a list of 29 titles
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I'm still reading, so I'll be adding as I go. Currently at 10%.
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Stunning movies and shows.
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based on the novel by Larry McMurthy.
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of all time. Not including anime or manga, and mostly suitable for children. Nothing after the Top 10 is in any particular order.
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Fan Cast, as far as I know there is no real film project as of yet.
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Actors whose next project I always anticipate. The best of our times. In no particular order.
When I write 'Best Overall Movie' (see below) I mean to say which is the best movie they've been in regardless of their performance. I don't include movies where their role was very small.
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Movies that will likely get nominated for Screen Actors Guild, Golden Globes and Oscar Academy Awards.
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Movies for and/or about teens. All decades. 70s 80s 90s 00s 10s
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Based on TV shows I've watched.
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That I've seen. Recommendations welcome.