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Boys, I know this is not your list but I never made this to please anyone ever. It's a personal preference which I think most of you if are genuine like me, will like it as well.

Rom-coms are something which in general are cliches, and at the same time are something you can watch just to get your mind off things! But here is a list of Rom-coms that being cliches are perhaps very well made avoiding the cliches of a typical rom-com. Hence, they are very atypical and fresh. One's boys can watch too without cribbing about it how 'girly' it gets.

Rom-coms are in general very formative like Horror films: Has a set background, situations, characters, characters caught in certain sorts of issues, miracle, happy endings!
I'm going to show you a bit of reality, honesty with a zing of freshness here.

The thing about me is that I can be very critical of a film-buff and go in depth and talk and criticize plots, characters, screenplays etc. But at the same time I have this very genuine part who understands and resonates to all you rom-com teens and not so teens out here.

Please do let me know how well do you like it. I'm going to put an individual assessment of each of them on my blog - turn by turn : " " - with extra links, comments on soundtracks, extra facts - did you knows, etc. Rom-com is Romantic Comedies by the way.

If you didn't get it by now, you definitely don't belong to this page.

Happy Movies!
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Just when you want to eat the popcorn and sip some coke pull out a blanket and get cozy in front of the screen. I'm putting down a list of movies i'd recommend to you guys which are mixed genres but I guess most of you should like it.