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Boring and seriously UN funny - Don't watch, 16 January 2011

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After reading some of the reviews on this film - I'm beginning to wonder how anyone can say that this film was hilarious. All I can think of is that they said that just because, maybe, like me, that sat through this pile of rubbish and wanted to get their own back on people.

I've watched 1000's of films, and believe me, I couldn't wait till this thing was over. Not funny at all, and worse still, the constant dialogue was just non-sensical verbal diarrhoea and extremely boring. Even my 12 year old grandson, who normally laughs at silly stuff, said the film was rubbish.

ALso, with a star cast like this, they all must have been hard up for cash. Now I know why Samuel L Jackson and Dwayne Johnson made such an early exit out this film, like after 10 minutes or so they are gone. No Wonder !!!! I'm just hoping that I can give this zero star rating because 1 star is too much.