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Making a new one of this because my other one was dead long and had loads of people and wasn't actually that good of a list, as internet bellends liked to repeatedly inform me. So yeah feel free to comment and stuff... (Not really in any order btw =) ) Tried to mainly keep it to actors of modern cinema, gonna do a classic Hollwood list as well at some point.
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I know I've missed alot of amazing ones out, but these are the ones that I not only think are great, but I absolutely love watching over and over again, due to the amazing performances of these terrific actors.
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Re-doing this list with images. Personal opinion and all that, but I think these people are *beep* gorgeous! Some of them, you might just think I'm mental but hey, I have an 'acquired' taste. ;) Also there were some people on here that IMDB don't have pictures of on their profiles, which is a disgrace!! So this list should also include: Acey Slade, Brody Dalle, Christina Scabbia, Izzy Stradlin, Kate Bush, Marc Bolan, Michael Monroe and Sebastian Bach.
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I just like their voices. They make me feel contented. Some are godly, some are just soothing. Clearly, I have too much spare time. XD
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These are the coolest people born on the 22nd of July (I may have accidentally missed a few that I'm unaware of). There were some that were a bit rubbish so I deliberately missed them out so I can live in denial about any crap people born on my birthday.
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Does what it says on the tin really, I've tried to order it into those I love best, but I change my mind alot so this is probably only my true order of favourites at the moment I created the list, and might not correspond to how I'd order it at a later date. Anyways, enjoy!
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My opinion- don't judge me!! XD Unless it's positive judgement, then judge away in that case.
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Some of my favourite sitcoms that I can just watch over and over again.
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Not that I'm like a massive feminist as such, but I think it's refreshing to see films where the women actually do something interesting instead of just being in terrible rom-coms that make me vomit. I'm not saying that ALL romantic comedies are terrible by the way, but quite a few are. This list is dedicated to films with women who show either mental or physical strength against others and basically own. No specific order. :P
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No real order, there's not many TV shows that I can be bothered watching all the way through, but here are some that have kept even me engaged. Some of them I watched until they ended- which is impressive for me.
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I pity anyone who dislikes the Bond films; here's a list of my favourites- enjoy. Arguably, I'm pretty biased towards Sean Connery, but everyone knows he's the best Bond, and anyone who disagrees is just in denial. XD
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My personal favourite Disney films; I purposely haven't included any Pixar ones because I think they're so good that they deserve their own list, separate from Disney which I might make at a later date.