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Bronson (2008)
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Awesome film, 29 January 2013

The film is excellent and another great performance from Tom Hardy. He is such an amazing actor!! His performance is gripping and should get your heart pounding as there are no points at all which are boring.

The theme music is also amazing.

Again, I am annoyed how it gets a metascore of 71/100 and how the 'Guardian' review it. Do not listen to those completely rubbish reviews; this film is un missable!

I simply hate the reviews given by different people saying 'it is bad' when quite frankly, it is completely the opposite.

If you have not seen it yet, you must watch it!!

Another thing, please note that this was a low budget film but it 100% deserves more recognition.

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Un-missable, 20 January 2013

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This was the best way to end the Dark Knight Legend and is the best Batman movie ever made!

The story starts with Bruce Wayne being scarred and deeply injured whilst the dark knight has disappeared for 8 years, The Dark Knight finally returns as a new villain, Bane (Tom Hardy who is an excellent actor), terrorises Gotham City and wants to rip it apart.

Bane wears a mask to keep the pain at bay which happened in the 'pit' (prison) so he cannot use facial expressions to show different emotions. The amount of expressions he can do with solely his eyes is amazing!

I have watched this film 3 times and found it gripping and exciting each time. If you have not watched this film yet, go watch it now.

Also, how was this masterpiece not even nominated for an Oscar??

Please read!!, 12 December 2012

The main thing I want to say is ignore all the people who say this is a bad, OK or a good film

This film is awesome!!! Please do not pay attention to the stupid meta score because it is inaccurate. This film is definitely not 65 out of 100. I would give this film a strong 95/100. They could have made the film slightly longer but that is it. Overall this film is the best film I have ever seen

To summarize this film and give my opinion: There are no words to explain how exceptionally good this film is

Will Smith's acting in this film is epic as is the film. Watch this film right now no matter what genre you are into.

Will Smith = Best actor ever!

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Interesting, intriguing, funny, reality, 12 July 2011

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This film is about Jim Carey (Truman) in a reality show which was created from the day he was born. He goes though his life normally until a number of other actors want to tell him the truth that he is the star but he doesn't know.

The director creates this film intelligently. It is like you are in Jim Carey's position as the beginning is very confusing and you feel like Truman. When he starts uncovering the truth so do you. This film was thought of very cleverly and it kept me into the film from start to finish

I recommend this to EVERYONE!!