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jovovich flexes her muscles in popular gamer zombie flick, 1 January 2013

I think the first thing to understand about Resident Evil, is that it is not a horror film, despite the title. It is closer to a sci-fi action genre, which, to its credit, is reflective of its game origin.

This movie, though it does have some scary moments (it of course involves zombies), is more a zombie mash-up, as the central characters smash their way through the vast hoard of the undead, which inhabit the Scientific laboratory which is know as the hive.

The movie centres around the character of Alice (Milla Jovovich), who appears to be some kind of special ops soldier, but has a spate of amnesia, so only begins to realise this, once she has kicked some zombie ass. Alice seems to be equipped with some top-notch fighting skills and great Physical strength to match. She is joined by an "elite" military unit, which includes a Michelle Rodriguez, who plays a tough-nut military chick, but who actually spends the majority of the film with a permanent grimace, and kinda grant outs her predictable lines.

But that doesn't matter, because this is Jovovich's ride, and she does glow, throwing great energy into the role. She just seems perfect to play the ass-kicking heroine Alice, with her striking looks and killer body to fit. The male fans will be particularly pleased with the Alice Attire, which includes the short mini skirt, giving Jovovich the opportunity to parade her long dazzling, lean legs through out. She also demonstrates their strength, with a variety of bone crunching kicks and stamps. She even unleashes the devastating muscle of her inner thighs, on one unsuspecting zombie, rapidly crushing his neck, with their brutal force.

So with Jovovich proving to be a real hit, this will provide an enjoyable experience to watch, and remains the best film in the franchise.

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Pretty much get what you expect, 11 March 2012

Any body that rents this movie, will not be looking for Oscar winning performances, clever plot twist, or a harrowing or moving narrative. - No, those that rent this movie want to see Trish Status looking hot and kicking butt, thats what the poster suggests and thats exactly what you get.

It would have to be noted though, that the acting and scripting in this movie are particularly below par (Classic B-Movie stuff here. The two male bounty hunters who accompany miss Stratus through the story, are certainly not in it to advertise their acting talents. One of which is supposed to provide a comic element, but only irritates throughout.

However the acting and the "plot" always feels irrelevant and second fiddle to the movies main agenda - which is to get Trish (ex wwe wrestler), looking fit and fighting fit - and its here where the film does deliver.

Stratus is also not looking for any acting Oscars here, but is looking to show off her fighting talents gained from her wrestling background. It has to be said, the fight sequences are decent, and Stratus does put a lot of energy in to them.

In summary not a good film by any means, but Trish does squeeze a guy unconscious with her thighs, which is probably why I give this film a generous 5 out of 10.

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Decent Video Game to Movie effort, 4 December 2011

To be fair, this is one of the better transitions of Video Games to Movie's, and doesn't ever really take its self to seriously.

It sticks close to the game, which is good, and includes all the main characters, so you do not get short changed there. Its miles better than than Van-Dams dreadful Streetfighter, as it is fairly entertaining.

Christopher Lambert is supposed to be the star, but true to form, is pretty wooden as the "God", Raiden. Lui Kang is OK, if not a little annoying. Jonny Cage is sometimes entertaining, and Bridgette Wilson makes a quite gorgeous Sonja Blade.

The fight sequences are mostly fast, and well choreographed, the dialogue is pretty weak though through out.

The best fight is probably between Sonja Blade and her nemesis Kano. Its a real grudge match, which is quite aggressive. Bridgette Wilson puts a lot of energy in to this one, and has her immensely strong legs to thank, for the victory, breaking the much larger Kano's neck with her Calves.

All in All, a pretty good effort, and also better than slight below par sequel.

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Deliberately Silly Swords and Sorcery yawn, 16 January 2011

Okay, this film doesn't really take itself seriously, so you can forgive it for the bad acting, dialogue, music and special effects. The first film was pretty bad also, so this one did not have much to live up to.

The plot being, boy wizard with help of mentor and "great" warrior take on three evil Wizards and therefore three large armies of men, is at least quite straight forward to follow.

Most of the film involves some quite ridiculous sword fight scenes, where the "Dark One" Warrior (Played by David Caridine)kills loads and loads of soldiers, with out breaking a sweat. The guards and soldiers are treated as real goons in this particular film, and play a very stupid enemy.

There are some monsters that the boy wizard and the "dark one" also have to battle, but the effects are pretty bad, so these scenes do come across a but cheap and silly.

Despite the obvious negatives, the film does have quite an under-current of comedy attached, which does at times make it watchable.

The central characters are quite annoying. The boy wizard and his side kick old man wizard, spend a lot of time wandering around talking rubbish. The warrior princess that they meet played by Lana Clarkson, looks gorgeous, but has rubbish dialogue - though some good fight scenes. David Caradines "the Dark one" looks a bit embarrassed to be in the film, and his many sword fight scenes are very silly and predictable. The only character who is worth watching is the "Dark One's" Dancer wife Edun (Susan Lee Hoffman). Who is pretty and delicate but has immense physical strength. She gets the only really great scene in the film, where she tricks a guard into helping her down from a ledge. once perched on his shoulders, she crosses her legs and breaks the poor guys neck with her inner thigh muscles, all with a devilish smile on her face.

Unfortunately Eden and her strong legs are only a small part of the film, and the rest is very forgettable or just plain bad. I would only recommend it for a laugh, as you are unlikely to be captured by the story, script or the battle scenes.