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The ultimate personal list . Actors , Directors , cast members I just simply DISLIKES. yeah i gave it a try ,Yes i did understand the intentions , no i'm not a cynic . can I just analyze and think theyre bad , yup .thank you .
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A ”almost” complete movie-list from the year 2015
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Cinéma ma double vie , mon amant my love!

Une liste de quelques favoris constamment en changement
tout est pêle-mêle et sans ordre de préférence
A list of favorites one's in constant change
With no specifical order and all jumbled
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Cette liste ne contient pas tout le meilleurs du cinéma québecois c’est une sélection personnelle qui sera constamment en changement ! Les films québecois qui m’ont le plus marqués . pi c’est ça.

A Small selection of my favorites from home : Québec . This list do not contain all the great movies but a selection of the ones that had a ‘’ fabulous ’’ effect on me .It will constantly be changing . pi c’est ça !
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A ”almost” complete movie-list from the year 2014
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A List of immorals films and controversial tales

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Film that made me sick at the theater – a small memorium. yes I realise it – it’s a stupid list . Thank you
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A Swing list : The Jazzcadence or movies including swing dance .... ( may also include tap or ballroom moves. )

Swing dance present in scenes or taking the lead in movies. ( may include also some tap dances or balldance (not to confuse). Swing appeared with jazz rhythms in the 20 with a more charleston style . Though is has been popularize in cinema in the 30 and 40 mostly with the lindy hop form . It’s was a great entertainment to make profit . As a personal information : I didn’t watch all the movies yet – it’s a project I’m kind of working on. If you have suggestions or corrections the comments section is here !

YES IVE BEEN INFLUENCED BY ELECTRO SWING LATELY – strange I don’t particulary like dancing and I hate comedy musical so here the exeption to the rule .
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A selection of cyberpunk movies made from outer space , inner space or not
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A ”almost” complete movie-list from the year 2011