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As a respond to my "Worst movies ever" may I introduce real stuff.
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As a respond to my list "People who should be ashamed of calling themselves actors". Let me introduce "The Elite". (not quite finished yet but you wanted my opinion of great actors).
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In no rank whatsoever...
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Movies that made ​​uncomfortable impressions.
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Volume 2 since the first obviously was erased. I'll be nice this time ;)

They who have passed this list by showing progress:
1. Abigail Breslin - average (thanks to New Year's Eve)
2. Paul Campbell - average (thanks to Almost heroes)
3. Robert Downey Jr - semi-pro (thanks to Sherlock Holmes 2)
4. Ryan Reynolds - average (thanks to Safe House)
5. Maggie Grace - average (thanks to Californication)
6. Freddie Highmore - average (thanks to Bates Motel)
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The actors or actresses with voices you can't get enough of. You could listen to them speaking 24/7.