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"Dads" (2013)
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poor writing, 23 September 2013

i'm going to premise this with the fact that i'm very lenient with sitcoms. if they make me laugh, i don't mind the stupid, pointless, and empty plots. I actually kind of like seth green and a am a fan of some of his work. also, i'm gonna ignore the racism/ignorance, that's another story and not getting into that (again, sitcom). with that said, very poor writing, simply put,not funny. It wasn't even a problem with the acting. Somebody had an idea that sounded OK, and the network thought it sounded OK, but, they misjudged the writing. everyone makes mistakes, and this happens to be one of them. it's plain crap grade poor. this show needs to get off the air.

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Hilarious all the way, 24 June 2011

Just got back from a press screening. Horrible Bosses is an easy to relate to comedy that keeps you engaged and amused all the way. Some great scenes involving crude/sexual/racial humor that catch you off guard and have you rolling. The plot is a little forced, as was the ending, which is partially forgivable in the case of a comedy, as long as it makes you laugh. Seeing Kevin Spacey play asshole boss brought back fond memories (Swimming With Sharks), he pulls it off very well. Jennifer Aniston very outside her standard girly role, and it was awesome. Charlie Day was amazing, and resembles his character in always Sunny in Philly (personal fav). Overall, not quite for the collection, but definitely worthwhile a trip to the movie theater!