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I do love those movies. Some of them touched my soul..some of them are just good action entertaiment...some just so funny..or just silly. I love to go back to them and have them on..sometimes watch them sometimes as a great backround. I do hope many of you will find your top movies in here also.
Not in particular order!
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This is my list of people which in my opinion are sidetracked by Hollywood. Given mostly second supporting roles or not given roles up to their talents.. In some cases I think they just don't realize what talent they have on their hands and what to do with it..or for whatever reason. People I would love to see more.
I have some foreign actors and actresses too. Many of them were in Hollywood productions. would love to see more of them.
I hope you'll agree with my choices and I will add more names soon.
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My list of actresses which for me have a great personality. They steal the screen the moment they show up. I hope many of you will agree with my choices. Actors list coming up..
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What's interesting character is all about. What's a good acting is all about. When you can feel the power of personality, acting and story. (My own list based on my own opinions....this is why your prefered character is not on it).
50 at the moment..more to come as there is sooo many greatness out there...
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My own list of actors with great screen personality. They just take over any scene or any movie.
P.S. To answer to some comments. Jack Nicholson is 51.