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My personal favorites in (very) approximated order.
a list of 86 titles
Only movies I've given 7 or higher are included.

Years not covered yet:
-20, 22, 23, 29
30, 32, 34, 35
42, 43, 49
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a list of 10 titles
a list of 10 titles
a list of 10 titles
My personal favorites from 2012
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This is a list of movies I've seen that have less than 10,000 votes here on IMDB and that I've given a rating of 7 or higher.
a list of 36 characters
Main cast only. From my most favourite to least favourite character
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Based, of course, only on my very personal opinion.
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note: all my knowledge of the characters comes from the 1968 movie, I've never read the original comics.
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Poison Fire should also be on this list but I can't find on IMDB. But it can be found on and youtube, go check it out! :)
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Average rating: 7
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Average rating: 7,75
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Average rating 6,33
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I've rated over 1,000 movies here on IMDB and there are only three of those that I've given the bottom score of 1/10.
a list of 25 characters

This list contains spoilers for Alien 1&2, The Thirteenth Floor and Mass Effect.
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Not all of these had a profile here at IMDB. Those who didn't gets to be representeded by Bugs Bunny on this list. I write in the description who he's representing every time he apears. Extended universe not included.

I've now changed the list to reversed order, counting down from #100.
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